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  1. Well after patch something strange happened to me - I got sacked. I was 13 in Ligue 1 after 10 matches (expectations to qualify to european cups), and I was second in champions league group after 3 matches. I finished last season at 2nd place, and club was in perfect financial condition. I checked patience of my chairman in fmrte - it is 10, so not bad. I know 13th place is not perfect, but I were in far worse positions and nothing so drastic happened.
  2. It is my most successive tactic for previous FMs, but roles where a bit different. I had more offensive wingbacks, which I suppose won't work in this version, as leaving too much space on the wings is suicidal. One of my strikers had supportive role, and I liked to put deep lying playmaker in DM slot, between BWM and defenders. Haven't tried it in this version though, as I lacked capable players so far.
  3. I am quite content with positioning. Even if wing back is dragged away, side defender comes instead. Unfortunately preventing attacking player from delivering cross, or marking wider players seems really difficult. I think I will drop this 5 man defence, and try something with dmc and 4 man defence. I just can't make this system work . I hope I can make side defenders a bit more offensive, not only focusing them on stopping these overpowered crosses.
  4. My current team settings: And typical situation (I lost another similar goal in that match): My full-wing back is behind attacking player: Although opponent is mediocre player, he easily goes by and crosses deadly ball: Covering defender goes nuts:
  5. My teams are simply terrible at defending, no matter what setup I choose. The biggest problem is what is called 'float crosses' in tactics setup, so these far post crosses. They are just tearing up my defence. Goalkeeper often misses them, and wingbacks/fullbacks are late. I tried man marking/zonal marking, man marking on wingers, approaches from defensive to attacking - same problem. Best counter I found out is to beat opponent with same weapon, but it can be so frustrating if your best wingers are injured, or striker has worse day. Generally defending in this FM is really difficult.
  6. Actually after finishing whole season, I don't find that match engine as bad as some people state. The biggest drawback IMHO is that players like Messi, or Ronaldo score much less than in real life. It just breaks immersion and illusion of realism .
  7. Bought the game yesterday, my first thoughts after half a season: 1) I have already seen a half-pitch goal, and few way-too-light passes from defender to goalkeeper ending with goal. I haven't seen this throughout about 30 seasons of FM 2012. 2) Penalties seem much more varied. 3) Amount of goals from crosses is very high, compared to previous version! I remember having top-class striker in FM 2012 with jumping about 14 and heading 16, playing for me through many seasons. Altought I used both wingers and wing-backs, he almost never scored a header. Now I play Sampdoria, which is quite mediocre team, but with decent target man, pacey wingers and capable wing-backs I can easily get good results. I would consider this as a ME flaw. 4) Same as in FM 2012, Messi and Ronaldo score ridiculously low amount of goals.
  8. Shouldn't they also know how tactical instructions EXACTLY work in a game scenario? I know they were discussed at great lengths, but it is spread in various places and based rather on feelings than knowledge of match engine.
  9. The Project 2012 is great source on information about attributes, but it lacks section focused on tactical instructions. For example I have always wondered what counter-attacking tick-box exactly does. Manual says it makes team sit back and wait for opponent's mistake, but I read here and there that it is not accurate - it just temporary inclines team to play more direct under specific circumstances, like intercepting ball from defenders etc. What is the true effect of counter-attacking option?
  10. In the real world you have this problem too, new records overwrite the old ones without considering inflation. Some random inflation with normal distribution and mean about 3 would be a nice step towards realism.
  11. Sneijder has good attributes because of very high ca, and he is has only 16 at weaker foot if I remember well. I have made some tests, and difference between 1 and 20 at weaker foot at striker or midfielder means around 1 point less at technical-mental skills and 1-2 points (!) less at physical skills. Looking at http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/254710-Your-most-prolific-striker?highlight=prolific+striker thread, you may see that one footed forwards are way better.
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