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  1. I'm not doing that great Was 3rd until January with my own 4-4-2, have used the Eagle and V6 for the last 4 months and am now 6th.. record is something like 5-4-7 have put the players who all have 15+ in the attributes mentioned in OP, not really working for me
  2. wait, u re telling me to buy the best players in FM2009? is that how the tactic works? come on I was 3rd using my own tactic so they cant be so bad.. I was thinking this tactic would get the best from my players, buying new players is not wot I m looking for so any feedback on the actual tactic from someone with more common sense please
  3. Hi all, been using the formation for a few matches - started off very well for 3 games, now I haven't won in 5 matches.. Eagle formation.. i think I m playing the right players (for what I have).. any feedback?
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