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  1. Just finished my first season. Tight race to the title all the way, only winning it by 3 points. Won the CL, highlight of this beating Barcelona 5-0 en route to the finals.
  2. Balanta - He's a bit inconsistent for me, but then again all my current defenders are. Don't have Umtiti but he's performing very well according to my scouts. I will try Balanta for 1 more season as I feel he is still developing. Valencia - Hardly featured for me in the first season and acts more like a backup for Ralphael and Di Maria for me. Januzai - Seems to perform better in the middle for me than on the wings.
  3. Sorry I thought my original screens were too big and I thought they could expand when u click on them :- Transfers Fixtures Final League Position
  4. Just finished my first season. Transfers : Most notable signing for me was Ruben Garcia, brought in to replace Ashley Young. 8 goals and 15 assists in 20(4) appearances. The other transfer story was Youri Tielemens... could only got him on loan before Jan before finally getting Anderlecht to agree to a reasonable price. Worst signing so far seems to be Valdes. I swear, Johnson is much better than him! Worst defeat of the season was 0-4 to Stoke with Valdes as keeper. Will see how he performs next season. As for this season, probably had the toughest first five games any manager will
  5. Manged to fixed it. Turns out I shouldn't renamed my old 2014 folder to 2015 straight away. I re-setup with a new folder and copied the files over. The white background is now grey
  6. Tom, this is a great skin! I'm having a bit of a trouble with it though : As you can see the values for the attribute threshold is in white and the background is in white as well. I run into the same problem in the "Contract Negotiation" screen as well. Anyway to fix this?
  7. Started a game with the new updated database and only major signing was Luke Shaw for $26m. Took a while before the team gelled but when they do, they produce magic like this :- [video=youtube_share;dOG3TNLgWmk]
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