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  1. Rank: Owner,Chairman etc... Abramovich aint Chairman, he is Owner of Chelsea. There should be better modelling of board structures.
  2. I think SI should do this eg: Chelsea FC Owner: Roman Abramovich Chairman: Bruce Buck Chief Executive: Peter Kenyon Man Utd Owner: Malcolm Glazer Chief Executive: David Gill Non-Executive Directors: Joel Glazer etc... It would make it more realistic gameplay.
  3. Ok, I'm stoppin argument now, I apologise if I offend anyone. I think Money League would be interesting to add. What you think?
  4. if you say no.2 is stupid, where does money go to when we manage a club? When we were offer contract by club, we must have something to do with money like club use money to buy, sell etc... No.4 we not doing this, club doing this. No.5 we just ask chairman or owner to expansion stadium. No.10 fake sponsorship or real
  5. You cannot beat Football Manager by playing T.C.M, but T.C.M isn't that good as Football Manager, so I just giving ideas in FM 2007. T.C.M is boring to Football Manager
  6. 1. Scouts (realistic) 2. Manager (T.C.M Style buy your own house, car, own club etc.. If don't want this and ask why? where the money go to when we manage club?) 3. Ranks ( Roman Abramovich isn't chairman he's owner, so I think - Owner, Chairman, etc... 4. Finances ( T.C.M style borrow money, investment in bank, etc... 5. Stadium (Adding 3D stadium in game will bring new levels. T.C.M style add seats, etc... 6. Youth (T.C.M style, youth camps everywhere in the world like feeder club. 7. Leagues (More leagues outside europe, more english leagues like Kent League.) 8. Media (T.C.M style, after the match the media talk to you at Press Conference. 9. Money League (Like Real Madrid are now richest team in the world, then Man Utd etc... 10. Sponsorship (There should be sponsors for clubs and players like Beckham, he's got Adidas and etc...
  7. I think it better if Total Club Manager, Championship Manager, LMA Manager and Football Manager roll into 1, will be the best game ever!
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