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  1. Best version of football manager

    I've been away for a while, is FML really gone? Wasn't a player myself but it's still a shame. My favourite version has to be FM10 by far. Got FM11 in November but I've barely touched it, unfortunately life got in the way. I had my longest FM save ever with FM10, just couldn't put it down. It felt like the most complete and polished version of the game to me (bar the regen issues, no idea if they still exist).
  2. FM10: Nicolás Otamendi

    I'm only into my second season but he's costing me games all the time.
  3. I had the same problem when my 4 1/2 star rating dropped to 1/2 star. I restarted my laptop and it was back to 4 1/2 stars. Some program might be running in the background which is taking up processing power but I heard people saying the star system was dodgy anyway.
  4. Buying a laptop - advice please

    In fairness, people just want to be as sure as they can when making the decision. Not everyone is computer literate and a laptop or desktop is a HUGE investment for some people.
  5. 4 teams poll

    I find Argentina really good, its a bit different. Be Boca/River if you want to dominate but there are plenty of smaller teams you could be too.
  6. I think these would be terrific additions, simple, but effective.
  7. Sacked in FM2010

    I find it bizarre that some people are so against this idea. Nobody would have to use it but it would be a help for less experienced players. As I've heard mentioned many times on these forums, everyone is allowed to play the game how they like, so I would see this as a positive addition.(not that I would use it )
  8. Rodrigo Palacio, beast!
  9. I've broken a mouse before but that was when I realised I needed to calm down. I handle it much better now, usually only go as far as a bit of swearing.
  10. I'll start with either my favourite team, Arsenal, or the team I've fallen in love with, Boca Juniors. It will be an interesting challenge now that Palacio has gone to Genoa.
  11. What SEASON you up too?

    2013 with Boca at the moment. Furthest I've ever gotten to is 2015 I think.(I get bored easily:D)
  12. Anyone Still playing Fm 09

    Idiotic is a bit harsh, no? To answer the topic, yes I still play FM09.
  13. Help!!

    No, not at all.
  14. Arshavin needs to be upgraded-ALOT

    All I'm saying is that his performances last season deserve a slight improvement. I'm not demanding that he's made into the best player in the game but he is a better player than Fabregas(this coming from an Arsenal fan who loves Cesc )