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  1. I was thinking of a few random ideas for FM: New Features: Player linking I think they should incorporate something in the tactics screen where you can link play between certain players, like a full back and a winger or two central midfielders or a gerrard-torres type thing, because that often happens alot Continent battle Although not common in the real world, I like different competitions in my game of FM. I love it when the domestic league is near the end and it's all to play for, I love the champions league and europe playoffs and my fav is of course the world cup and euro cups but this doesn't come by quickly. I was thinking FM should do something in the middle or end of a season, something like a continent battle where the best go at it .. Western Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Asia .. would be fun games to see Features to update: Transfers I like to see my competition is on the same level as me. So would be nice for the transfer part to be more realistic. For example, a top team would obviously need a goalkeeper or a right back but don't even bother buying one Keepers I noticed in my old game. As I got to season 2020 or something, the players would still be good but keepers abilities would drop down :< Realism I really hope they fix the bug where top teams play alot of youngsters vs bad opponents and end up losing, quite annoying and lame way to lose a title New Do something new and exciting with the news! A sky sports theme? Audio recordings? Trying to think of other stuff atm Interested to see other suggestions aswell though I hope this is read some time :]
  2. Was thinking of a couple of things to improve the game and make it more realistic.. - Allow more on the spot tactic making, instead of ticking boxes etc, allow links between the 11 players on the pitch by dragging them onto each other in the tactic screen with a red line or something showing the link, so they will link with each other more in game (1-2's etc, useful for a playmaker with a striker or a full back with a winger or both central mids) and allow like a maximum of 3 links a team or something. We all know real managers use a white board and draw on it with a marker! - A proper news section for scores etc. For example, FM's own implementation of Sky Sports News with up to date scores and main news including transfer rumours for the day, which could get exciting when the transfer deadline approaches. - Allow more options to talk with your player, rather than just about his form or to recommend a signing, ask him how he feels since he signed for the club, for example. Maybe allow an option to talk to the referee too Makes it more realistic at least. - And of course, aswell as adding things, other things could be removed such as the long wait when viewing the match in 3d mode for key highlights and you wait so long and nothing even happens or annoying amount of wanted players your team always has but other teams never seem to have the same :[
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