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  1. I hope so, to make sure it happens I've decided to throw him in the deep end as my starting MR, partly to see if he's good enough, and partly because I forgot to sign a new one.
  2. Real Salt Lake Having simmed through the season an ungodly amount of times to try and get Toronto FC once more, I've decided to use this table, so I am the new manager of Real Salt Lake. I haven't had as much time to play as I would like but I have played up to the Super Draft: Mark Miller(My big hope from the draftees) Jose Jones Kenneth Boateng Alex Motta Eric Martin Honore Nourou 10.3 seems to have added some serious quality to the drafts, this is the first draft I've had any player described as 'Quality' or even 'Good'
  3. Oh yeah, not last and a major trophy win, I'm officially average.
  4. First off congrats Ohanzee on completing the challenge, it was great to read your updates. Second, I'm starting this challenge again because, this was the first challenge I tried and god dammit it will be the first I finish, and because my New England save became mostly unplayable due to some rather terrible financial mismanagement on my part.
  5. What is your age?

    15, so younger than most.
  6. Arsene Wenger bipolar?

    Just make sure to mind your back when Fabregas is wearing a hoody.
  7. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    I've finally decided to start the best of the challenges, at the helm of Carshalton Athletic, because well they sound quite cool.
  8. I may have qualified for the NACL, I have been informed I've qualified for some competition or other for the past few years, but I've never actually taken part in one, I'm very confused about the whole thing. I have no idea why Garcia hasn't been called up yet, I also have no idea how he is American, I could have sworn he used to be Uruguayan.
  9. New England 2011 MLS Regular Season | Eastern Conference Semi Final I didn't think we'd do well this season, but I was wrong, while we didn't advance as far into the play-offs as we did last time we did get an all time high league position for the Revs, I'm proud of my squad and we can only improve, building the team around youngsters has really helped me in this challenge. US Cup 3rd Round While this seems and improvement on last year it's not, this was the first round we partook(that doesn't look right) in for some reason. Key Players GK: Pyatov MR: Serrato AM: Adamus ST: Garcia ST: Marosevic Transfers Top Scorer A surprise this year as a player came from nowhere to... No it was Garcia it always is. My Player of The Year Two years running now, as he also won supporters player of the year, I love this man. Awards Pyatov - Panasonic GK of the year again. Echavarria and Barnes took second and third respectivel in defender of the year, no less than they deserved. Burciaga JR took home goalof the year.
  10. New England 2011 MLS Regular Season | Eastern Conference Final We bounced back fantastically from our terrible season the year before, getting further into the play-offs than I ever managed with Toronto, but sadly our journey ended there cruelly knocked out in a penalty shoot-out. US Cup First Qualifying round Oh Dear Key Players GK: Pyatov AM: Adamus ST: Garcia ST: Marosevic Transfers Top Scorer Yet again he was fantastic, yet again he spent months out injured and yet again he became twice the player when he had Marosevic beside him, this is the third year in the row he's beaten his own goal scoring record. My Player of The Year Adamus was fantastic this year, getting called up to the full Polish squad at 18 and getting two MOMs in his only international appearances sows just how good he was this year. Awards Pyatov - Panasonic GK of the year, and Team of the year.
  11. A.C. Milan 1-2 Chelsea FC Bayern 3-1 Sao Paulo Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal Juventus 6-0 Melbourne Victory Al-Ahly 1-3 Barcelona Celtic 0-1 Anderlecht Tottenham 0-2 Everton Wellington Phoenix 1-1 Bunyodkor Toshkent Toronto FC 1-2 Defensor Sporting Sunderland 1-1 Malaga Newcastle 2-1 Hull Aberdeen 3-0 Wolves Swansea 2-0 Derry City Bristol City 1-2 Leicester Nottm Forest 4-0 Reading
  12. Portsmouth and Canada, I'm not going to get any points at all.
  13. New England 2011 MLS Regular Season It didn't go well, it didn't go well at all. If we hadn't gone on a run of 6 games unbeaten at the tail end of the season we would have done even worse. US Cup Quarter Finals We met them in the middle of our worst slump of the season, any other time and we would have beaten them. Key Players GK: Martinez(EX-Arsenal ) DM: Bejarano AM: Adamus ST: Garcia ST: Marosevic Transfers Top Scorer He was great at the start, bad in the middle and fantastic at the end, his return of 17 goals in the league set a new record for goals scored, but it was the arrival next him of Marosevic that turned him into a goal machine. My Player of The Year An unlikely pick for my player of the year but it was his change to a support striker next to Garcia that not only turned Garcia into a scoring machine but also allowed Marosevic to score 10 goals in the last 15 games of the season. Awards None, again.
  14. Official FM2010: Rate My Regen

    The Best Regen I've got at New England, I can't figure out how to play him though. http://i48.tinypic.com/2i9m59c.jpg
  15. New England 2011 MLS Regular Season | Eastern Conference Semi Final An average second season in charge of the Revolutionaries. We started fantastically sitting first for the first 13 weeks, but then as usual we hit terrible form, and towards the end it was looking like we wouldn't make it into the play-offs, however a last ditch effort against Seattle made sure we didn't miss out., although we did then do crap. US Cup 1st Qualifying Round Oh dear. Transfers Yes the David Beckham, and yes I know what your thinking, he was absolutely crap. Player Of The Year/Top Scorer/Fans Player of the Year Yeah, he was all right but I have a feeling he could do so much better, I just can't figure out how to get the best out of him. Awards None.