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  1. Looking at Ander Herrera, I can't be the only one who thinks he'd make an excellent RB can I?
  2. Hmmm, should I loan out Tuanzebe? I have a few offers, from Championship teams and PL ones.
  3. Can someone do me a favor please (I dont have the game) and tell me which Man Utd players got their abilities changed? Also id like to know how mental Messi's abilities are, so id like to see a screenshot. I will be very thankful to whoever does this.
  4. Ori

    Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    Wow nice to see this story finally updated!! I wonder what John will want from RR, surely this cant be good? Im waiting to see the next chapters 10-3
  5. Ori

    Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    Incredible Story, it's simply getting better. And who could have wrote the note? I have an idea that it's Winthrop, but could have stefan raised from the dead? Continune the Good work 10-3
  6. Fellas, it's been a while that someone posted here is this thread, so i guess everyone here is just a bit too much lazy So, Fast forward to july 2012 and i can officially say that now my weight is just below 200 pounds (193 pounds to be accurate ) Still, need to get rid of those last 20 pounds...
  7. Ori

    Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    Cant imagine that this victory will do badly for RR's mind a couple of days before his D-Day. Fantastic post yet again 10-3
  8. Ori

    The annual its getting hot thread

    Bunch of pussies, you consider 20C hot FFS Try living in Israel where all days bewween May and October are above 30C... That is what I call Hot...
  9. Ori

    Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    This story is like wine - The older it is, the better it gets. Patty's last actions only make me even more sure that there is something going on between her and Steven. And if my imaginary () gf would wake up beside me wearing nothing but a santa hat - I'd do her so many dirty things!!! Top top story 10-3!
  10. Ori

    FM12: Looking For Thread

    Club: Peterborough United Budget: 2M Pounds (dont have problems paying with 48 month payments) Looking for: ST, LB With: Wide Array of abilities Other: Salarys not more than 10K per week Season:July 2011 Loyalty Bonus: Any Agent Fee:Any
  11. Ori

    Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    Did you just describe Emiliani as RR's arch nemesis?! Everybody knows that he was RR's secret lover!!! so another journalist from Italy goes to cover reading... Do they want him back so badly? Keep up the good work 10-3
  12. Ori

    Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    What the hell peter plans now?! cant wait for the moment the dairy gets to the new year! Well done 10-3! Keep it up!!!
  13. Ori

    Rob Ridgway's "Rat Pack"

    Just caught up with the story. How you didnt win the nobel prize for literature is beyond my knowledge. Keep up with the good work 10-3