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  1. Nope that's not that problem... I've set the 'limit' to unlimited as well. I can go and put a reasonable offer in that gets accepted??
  2. My DOF is Cantona, I add players to the wanted list and he bids for them. I am getting daily news items saying that our bid has failed so I go onto the summary and he keeps offering £0 - no f**king wonder it's failed!!
  3. Hmmm cheers will check that out, didn't know Paypal don't allow gambling
  4. Cheers Yorkshire wolf, have posted on there too. It's a bit odd asking me to phone my bank as the payment request was through paypal (not directly from my debit card) and even if it's a gambling website why should this decline payment?
  5. Hi all, Tried to order FM2013 via GMG at the discounted price of £19.50 (as I was emailed a code) but when I attempt to complete checkout via paypal (after inputting my paypal password and clicking confirm) an error appeared saying the payment was declined as the bank thinks that GMG is a gambling website?? So I then tried to pay using my credit card and it came up with another error saying that payment could not be taken..... Anyone else had issues with their website? I've emailed their customer services for a response and to confirm that neither payment went through. Thanks
  6. ****! Didn't even know that was checked by default.... serves me right for not checking everything first!! The only transfers have been loans and free's....
  7. I'm in the 'full fat' version, but not sure what you mean by verifying the files? I input my code into Steam and downloaded it from there.....
  8. Anyone playing as Man U - Have you managed to sign anyone? My finance screen gives me a transfer budget of circa £26M but when I go to buy someone it says my transfer budget is £0! I've tried to sign several players and the transfer keeps delaying due to a lack of of funds! I've not signed anyone how can it be £0!?
  9. The button that matches current 'on game' screen doesn't seem to work....
  10. Also Fredy Guarin.... I know he is/was at Porto but should have 'made it' at a big club by now surely
  11. Ruci, are there any plans to edit agents?
  12. Are there any plans to add the ability to edit agents?
  13. Hi guys, have downloaded the Torrent for 4.0 (from scratch) in a little over an hour with no problems. Total files is 92,474, does that sound about right?
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