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  1. Has any 1 tried using a formation like 3-2-2-1-2 with 3 centerbacks, 2 wingbacks, 2 mid 1 of which a bwm the other a playmaker i.e eriksen then one behind the strikers as a teriquista i.e Townsend/chadli then play lamela upfront as a teriqusita with kane/soldado as a comp forward/advanced forward on the right side or him.
  2. dino yeah same think have about a balance of 80mil they said they had been able to build the stadium without extra loan financing partly due to stadium sponsership total cost was about 220mil i think 75 from selling WHL then around 150 from sponsership so i thought great no loan repayments but the current balance shows 80 in the bank they gave me 120mil to spend on players finances are rich yet, i have sponsership payments of around 70/80 a season not including any cup win bonuses/tv bonuses so am at least making a decent profit, have made a + 30 mil over 3 seasons based on buying and selling, yet my projected balance for this season is 75 mil in the red which i cant work out. Is it beacuse of the stadium being built?
  3. yeah thats what i thought enders, as luck would have it was able to pick up sterling for just under 4 unhappy with liverpool not getting played so thanks enders ill def sell him then
  4. so jan window of 2nd season and utd bid 14.5mil for townsend, now utd have come back with a 18.5mil bid which seems insane to me currently only have carrol, townsend, Rose who i have as howngrown club and i have smith as my 4th so what do i do, sell on townsend or keep hold of him for another season end of 15/16 which is when i would have 4 players becoming club based homegrown
  5. he does for me, real immense there first season he was getting used to it but played 40 scored 10 set up 15 with 5 mom. 68% pass ratio, 7 fouls but 78 against avged 7.16, this season hes played 5 scored 4 and has 1 assist so if he keeps it up i think he may do real well oh and i play him as a if (a) played him with support for most of 1st season did ok nothing special changed it to attack and for me he started scoring more and assisting more, found him to work real well with rose on that left he tends to pull back inside when rose moves up giving him space to either shoot and usually score or pass it across to others
  6. end of season one and dortmund have bid 19mil (full amount) for holtby and shakatar 24.5 mil (full amount) do i take the money and run ? Also of the 2 goalkeepers butland 10+4 future and casteels 3.7 who would u recommend can afford to get both as have around 70mil to spend not inc holtby's sale, was thinking of taking and picking up kovacic but i already have pogba who i rotate with dembele atm carrol will do a few games there so im abit stumped atm on what to do
  7. i would keep him matty he's homegrown as well as club so thats 1 less player u need but thats my opinion
  8. currently have 4 club based players cple coming back from loan, and have 8 trained in nation so do i get 1 or the other or both, only have lloris and archer atm Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Butland Your Team: Tottenham Buyer/Seller: Stoke Player's Value: £2 million Offer: 10 million with further 4 in bonuses Transfer/Wage Budget: 77mil Patch: Latest Season: 2nd season start or Buying/Selling: buying Player Name: Koen Casteels Your Team: Tottenham Buyer/Seller: Hoffenheim Player's Value: £1.4 million Offer: 3.7 million Transfer/Wage Budget: 77,7 Patch: Latest Season: 2nd
  9. i wanted to play around with the formations that i normally use and ended up trying a 4-3-1-2 with lloris-walker-kaboul-vert-A.sandro-dembele-pogba-sandro-eriksen-soldado-lamela using attacking, balanced and run at defence, exploit the middle, more direct passing, lower tempo, get stuck in and hassle opponents lloris/Friedel - G/D walker/Naughten - FB/Auto A.Sandro/Rose - FB/Auto Verto/Dawson - CD/D Kaboul/Chiri - CD/D Pogba/Siggy/Chadli - DLP/S Dembele/Paulinho - BBM/S Sando/Capoue - DLP/D Eriksen/Siggy/Chadli - AP/A Soldado/Defoe/Werner - AF/A Lamela/Lambert/Werner - P/A Lambert im finding is great for this formation, i wanted to have the mid three with people that could tackle yet also have good passing ability and im liking the way they move, plenty of space, was a friendly against madrid and even though the midfield was apparntly outnumbered they kept the ball well and caused madrid alot of problems going forward, as i felt that my 2 strikers were moving wide and back to support the attacking play more. Sold - Lennon 14.5 mil to madrid and townsend 9.5mil to monaco, used that money to pick up alex sandro, rickie lambert, paul pogba, and timo werner still cant sell gomes or ade on any of my games yet either which is annoying.
  10. im finding it to be a real good flexible squad this year, with only a few areas that need to be looked at imo, 3rd striker one that will become 1st choice, a left back and a young keeper to have lloris mentor and develop
  11. took me awhile to come up with a tactic i enjoyed myself. started with picking up shaw/balanta/damiao tried to sell on gomes and ade , gomes went no 1 wanted ade at all tried low offers nothing in end he got loaned out. playing a 4-1-2-2-1 and a 4-1-1-3-1 with the defensive mid just infront of the left or right central defender depending on who i have playing. play counter - balanced with stay on feet, hassle opponents, be more expressive, higher tempo, run at defence, shoot on sight, retain possesion and push higher up. for my 4-1-2-2-1 its usally lloris/friedel, walker/naughton, shaw//balanta/rose, kaboul/dawson/chiri/vert/balanta, capoue/sandro, dembele/paulinho, erikson/holtby/siggy, chad/siggy/lennon/townsend, lamela/townsend, soldado/defoe/damiao sweeper keeper (support) Distribute to defenders wing back right (attack) cross more often, cross from deep, cross aim near post, close down more, shoot less often, run wide with ball wing back left (attack) no intructions 2 x cd (defend) no intructions dm (defend) pass it shorter, shoot less often bwm (support) usually shoot more often, close down more, dribble more ap (attack) roam from position, shoot more often aml winger (attack) hold up ball, shoot more often, cross near post amr inside forward (attack) get further forward, roam from position, shoot more often, dribble more advanced forward (attack) hold up ball, pass it shorter currently sitting top of prem undefeated with 7 wins, 2 draws and +15 after 9 games, inc wins with 10 man for 82 mins of the game 4-2 away at chelsea, a 1-1 draw with utd at old trafford with 10 men so tactic is working for me, but im not convinced with the defensive side of the game yet alot of the time the defence will just watch or run away and leave 2 man completly open, is this normal or should i tweak something other then that, im enjoying the passing although sometimes they do stupid passes or just kick it off for a goal kick/try to pass it back from inside the opponents defence when its better to shoot
  12. So with the capoue now being added to the transfers made by spurs this window both in and out so far what positions would you say still needs to be looked at. In Soldado Chadli Paulinho Capoue Out Dempsy Caulker
  13. i play a 433 fluid/control with 3 central mids 2 bwm's in sandro/demble/carrol/parker with siguradson and kovacic as ap, then bale/lenon/holtby as my inside forwards with soldado upfront with defoe and kane as backups took 3/4 months at start for them to get use to the tactic.
  14. So decided to give a spurs save a go, halfway through august, lennon got injured so decided to give holtby a chance there playing him as a inside forward (atk) doing brilliantly there, has any 1 else tried using him there? If so how did he do for you.
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