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  1. Is it rubbish? Not played full fat FM for years but thought this always looked like a cool feature...
  2. Will squad dynamics be included in this release? Surprised if it’s in mobile and not in touch...
  3. Yeah works great on my iPad. I really prefer this skin to the purple. As a workaround I batch darkened all my stadium backgrounds but it was a bit of a faff and took a while so if you could get the transparency to work that would be ace
  4. How would I decrease the transparency (make the background more opaque) on the tablet version so I can use the stadium backgrounds. Currently there isn’t any opacity whatsoever and I can’t read any text.
  5. I agree it should be revealed by scouting. Seems reasonable to think they could add a tab to the scout report for it...
  6. It’s displayed in the development tab and only for your own players. You can’t currently see preferred moves for players at other clubs
  7. Yeah it was recently updated to use the full iPad real estate. I have the 12.9 Pro and its excellent. I recommend the pencil as well as I find it awkward to use my finger on some of the screens (like the tiny arrows on the player positions on the tactics screen)
  8. Great work! Does this work with the SUSIE Real names and german national team fixes file for FM14?
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