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  1. China and Vietnam are producing some of the world's greatest players in my save.
  2. The correlation here should be pretty clear. The players that you deliberately choose for special treatment are the best players, and by extension, the greatest goal scoring threat. The players who score are also the best players and, by extension, the greatest goalscoring threat. Just because you 'specifically marked' them does not make them any less talented. For example, you could set instructions to always tightly mark Messi, but he would probably still score. Also not all instructions are useful for all players. 'Always' closing down an agile player with good dribbling will probably lead to your defenders being shown up by a good touch.
  3. Hi, In previous versions of FM there was a neat little feature on the player's personal information page that state the days that he has spent in the current - and any past nation. It would also display how many days were needed to apply for citizenship, and also if they had to be consecutive. I can't find this information in a player's profile in FM14 - does anybody know where it is? Thank you for your help
  4. Hey, how exactly do you use this feature? Thanks
  5. This is very true. At the level that I play at, I have been part of numerous matches in which a keeper has made a ridiculous decision and been red carded: basically, as the keepers get worse, they do more stupid stuff.
  6. I find it disappointing that you would devote time to developing this - I would just like a better game, not a simplified one.
  7. This happened in my save. Luckily for him, he ended up having a really sucessful career managing Torquay - salvation is just around the corner Andy!
  8. It is notoriously hard to predict at 18 how good a player will become. They may show all the signs of promise, but never develop that last killer edge. This is just how it works in real life, otherwise every academy player at Man United would become a first teamer (as they would never take the ones that wouldn't make the cut). As it stands, most young players that show potential early in their careers never actually come good on the investment that the club makes. At that point, it becomes a game of averages: you must sign a whole load of players of a potentially good calibre, in the hope that a small few will break through and make it all the way. It makes finding and developing that special player all the more rewarding.
  9. No Walcott is not faster than 10.08, not a chance. This just highlights the fact that FM ratings are biased toward upper league teams in terms of physicals. He should be 20 for acceleration, having seem a couple of his starts.
  10. Ok so surely the PA system is in fact an admission that potential is not decided at birth. All these factors about how you could be amazing if you had all the coaching in the world at age 0 is nice. In FOOTBALL MANAGER, the regens enter the game at 14-18. By this time, they are not zero and thus have had a significant amount of time in their life. Think of PA as a reflection of what has happened in those 14-18 years in terms of coaching, mindset etc... E.g. a sixteen year old with 140 PA obviously didnt work as hard/get coached as well in the 14 years earlier than a youngster with 180 PA...
  11. I think it's a nice touch, especially since in most of the games in which I've had players on a hat-trick it has been either: a) A striker or attacking player with the goals, and thus not a problem that they take the penalty as they have at least some aptitude b) I am already in a good position due to previous goals and so it isnt imperative that the penalty is scored. But i can see how it could be annoying. Perhaps you could clarify it to the team in tactics, or fine players after the match for disobeying your explicit instructions?
  12. Taytaz

    Women's Super League

    I agree with the notion, but practically it just doesn't make sense. In effect, nobody would really be buying the game on the basis of new women's leagues compared to the amount of people attracted by introducing more mainstream new features like a better match engine. Furthermore, of the existing fanbase, the top priority seems to be fixing/improving game fundamentals rather than adding in female leagues. A good option that caters to those who really want it would be the one mentioned previously involving the editor. I don't believe it would be particlarly hard for SI to allow editing of female players and leagues, even if they didn't need to create those leagues themselves. If the community amassed the requisite support, then it could provide those women's leagues for those who wanted it.
  13. No the game does not do this on purpose. Try analysing what type of chances are being created, for example, 25 shots from outside the box means nothing if the opposition is converting good chances close to the goal.
  14. What exactly is your problem? A club isn't required to agree to all offers of their asking price....
  15. I believe the location is important, in that a Turk playing in Germany can be signed by an EU club, but I am fairly sure that EU nationals can be signed by an EU nation regardless of whether they reside in the EU, at least if they are part of the Economic Zone (though I may be confusing this with how work permits are handled in the game)