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  1. Cheers Lower Leagues Rule, I put forward the quickest time a division was won in a 30 game season http://i749.photobucket.com/albums/xx132/S_M_P_L/Litex/Litex%202nd%20save/recordtime.jpg Is that enough? I've also got the longest unbeaten league run, will do that once it's over though
  2. Quick question (once answered i'll edit the post) in previous years we had number of unbeaten games in the league, most goals scored and quickest time a title was won. If we're doing this again I have screenshots to prove it and i'd also upload my save if need be.
  3. Garra Dembele for your forward (about £2M) also look if Thiago is available on a free from Barca for a midfielder, or Pereyra if he's not already moved on as would Seb Coates would be for a cheap CB
  4. I've been playing 4-3-3 wingers and 4-4-2 wingers this season Hopey. He's also able to play on the wings, don't know if that is how he is at the start or Lyon did that to him, but once you see my injury list you'll realise why i'm glad he can play those roles
  5. Ait Fana is a good signing. I've got him for my Lens team after always wanting to snap him up. He's actually played upfront more than than the wing for me and he still gets a good amount of goals there. I have a few questions, how easy is Lyon from the start? And has anyone got any screenies of Grenier 4-5 years in please as i've got him on a bosman for Lens and also which is his best role? Thanks.
  6. Israel never seems to get a mention, but on just about every game I've had there's always 3-4 quality Israelis that are produced.
  7. I'm happy for you to use my Bari guide if you think it's good enough
  8. I've not quite done as well with Cambridge as Stephanie McMahon\'s Secret Lover has, but i've not done badly at all. Season 2014-15 My aim for the second season in league two was the play offs after staying in the division comfortably last season. I brought in a fair few new faces either after having them on trail or had been chasing them for a while before they'd eventually come to me. The best coup here was Paul Pogba, who was my driving force in midfield. An easy F.A cup run took me to round four where I was given a money spinning tie at Old Trafford. After changing from a normal 4-4-2 to a narrow 4-2-1-3 for this tie it completely changed my results around for the better. The replay was a close affair which I got the better of. On to round five and I was drawn at home to Spurs, again it was a tight game and Pogba's goal was the difference. I was going really well in the league and looking at a comfortable play off position by the time Man City came to the City Ground in round six. How I ever won this game still baffles me, Robinho and Adebayor could have had a hat trick each on a better day. On to the semi final and my dreams were crushed after a 4-0 defeat against Villa, my only defeat after the change of tactic. This run meant i'd gone from tenth at christmas to sneaking third place and automatic promotion. Season 2015-16 My scouting network was expanded to Europe and so came my first cash signing and a number of leading league 1/championship level players. Crnic was probably the star with 22 goals and 18 assists from AM in a season where I blitzed the league No such FA cup run this year with Spurs gaining revenge in round four. My first season in the championship is going well so far with me not far off the play offs, i'll write a report once i'm done. Cambridge City [left] 2010/11 Blue Square North 9th None 2011/12 Blue Square North 1st Promoted as champions 2012/13 Blue Square Premier 4th Promoted via the play offs 2013/14 Coca Cola League 2 18th None 2014/15 Coca Cola League 2 3rd Promoted via league position 2015/16 Coca Cola League 1 1st Promoted as champions[/left]
  9. Unfortunately I had to restart my game so I took charge at Cambridge City. In the first season I achieved what I set out to do by ending with a mid table finish, nothing notable in the cups but a few good transfers with Dow, Alston, Toshney and Tolmie staying for a couple of years. The second season I was under no pressure to finish higher than above the relegation places but surpassed that by going up as champions. I only brought in three players for this season as I was struggling financially and apart from a right back and another forward didn't really feel the need to bring much in (Thanks for the forumista who tipped Vasilev and Grasser btw, both served me well) I started life in the conference really well, I was leading the table at Christmas but a horrific injury list in the new year and no leeway with budgets I had to throw in the rubbish from the youth team and two average players in on loan. By the end of February when the injuries cleared up I was well out of the title race, I did manage to pick things up though and get promoted via the playoffs. I was really pleased with some of my signings, Casalinuovo being a particularly good capture after three years of trying to get him even though he didn't have a club. Tanzyna and Weilj (a Polish trailist) have also served me well. In to the fourth season and as I expected it was a struggle to keep up with pace the whole season with a thin squad and no money and from an outside chance of the playoffs with 10 games to injury struck to my keeper and I only managed 2 points in that time which meant I slipped to 18th. I was able to attract a better standard of players on the whole though and after trawling through the released players in Poland I managed to get 25 players in on trail of which I took 6 on. I also managed to finally get out of the red thanks to an FA cup run where in rounds 1,2 and 3 the ties all went to replays and then a very good away tie at Aston Villa that although ended up in a 5-1 defeat netted me just shy of £500k which has helped me afford a few better players for the season I am currently in.
  10. Before I start my story I just want to say well done to the ones already doing this, after being stuck for a choice of challenge reading some of the suberb posts in this thread gave me some motivation to actually see a game through for more than a season without getting bored. I'll update my story a bit more reguarly in the future so sorry for the longer post this time, but as nothing much happened in season one (which I decided was mainly to consolodate) I thought i'd combine the second season too. Season 2010/2011 After spending ages trying to get FC United I eventually decided to give in and go for Cambridge. After reading how many people on here have struggled a bit financially I decided to make money the priority from the off and arranged 5 pre season league tournaments with the biggest clubs possible. Three of the tournaments ended up being shown on TV too which boosted my finances dramatically I scouted Scotland (mostly Rangers and Celtic like suggested earlier on here) and had a pretty good shortlist drawn up with two definate signings coming in, but no sooner had I reached July then a board takeover stopped me from signing anybody, the transfer embargo carried on right through July leaving me with almost the entire starting squad which to me wasn't good enough, but my hands were tied so I just had to carry on and try and get as many points on the board as possible. Eventually the consortium decided not to go ahead with the deal and I could complete my transfers although a lot of the players listed weren't the initial targets I had before the embargo, so after a bad start where we didn't win in the first 10 games of the season and then had another stutter around Christmas I was quite happy with our eventual finish of 13th place. Season 2011/2012 I'd already made my mind up early in season 1 that anybody whose contract was up would be allowed to leave at the end of the season which would free wages up to get some decent reserve players which I had been lacking last season. Again I raided the Scottish league for the best released players with my main goals being to get a laft winger who could actually create something and I wasn't disappointed with who popped up Luca Santonocito had been released by Dundee Utd and was a lot more effective on that side of the pitch than the three I'd tried the season before. Other notable additions were Tyrone Thomas and Gordon Dunbar who were the only other players from the summers transfer dealings who forced thier way in to my starting 11. What really surprised me this season was the sudden rise of two players who i'd brought in last season who massively underachieved. Michael D'Agostino brought in from Hereford the previous season was disappionting on the right flank, with only 4 goals and 7 assists from 40 games, so I decided to up his attacking and creative freedom a few notches and give him until January before deciding whether to keep him and it was a decision I didn't regret as he tore the league apart with 3 goals and 28 assists in 38 games which benefited last seasons other major flop Jordan Elverson who was another brought in from Dundee Utd. In the previous season he managed 10 goals and 3 assists from 31 games, but coinciding with D'Agostino's emergance and Santonocito's form on the left he became the leagues top scorer with a further 4 goals in the cups from 3 games. Again it was another slow start to the season for me, not winning in the first 6 games and lying 14 points off fifth place in mid November. I decided to change from a 4-4-2 counter, to 4-4-2 attack and it payed off straight away as I went on a 2 month winning streak and finished the season in to secure a playoff place. The playoff games themselves seen me play the semi final against Bylth where I salvaged a 3-3 draw at home in the first leg after being 3-0 down at half time and then going to Blyth and holding out for a 1-0 win. The final itself was a totally different affair where I played Tamworth. Jordan Elverson gave me the lead midway through the first half, picking the ball out wide on the right and cut inside evading a few challenges and finishing superbly at the near post. Santonocito put me 2-0 ahead just after half time, again with Elverson at the heart of it. Then in the final 10 minutes came the goal of the game and one that assured me of promotion. From a Tamworth corner the ball came out to Elverson just inside our half and he just ran through every challenge before unleashing a shot in to the top corner from 25 yards.
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