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  1. Cheers Lower Leagues Rule, I put forward the quickest time a division was won in a 30 game season http://i749.photobucket.com/albums/xx132/S_M_P_L/Litex/Litex%202nd%20save/recordtime.jpg Is that enough? I've also got the longest unbeaten league run, will do that once it's over though
  2. Quick question (once answered i'll edit the post) in previous years we had number of unbeaten games in the league, most goals scored and quickest time a title was won. If we're doing this again I have screenshots to prove it and i'd also upload my save if need be.
  3. Garra Dembele for your forward (about £2M) also look if Thiago is available on a free from Barca for a midfielder, or Pereyra if he's not already moved on as would Seb Coates would be for a cheap CB
  4. I've been playing 4-3-3 wingers and 4-4-2 wingers this season Hopey. He's also able to play on the wings, don't know if that is how he is at the start or Lyon did that to him, but once you see my injury list you'll realise why i'm glad he can play those roles
  5. Ait Fana is a good signing. I've got him for my Lens team after always wanting to snap him up. He's actually played upfront more than than the wing for me and he still gets a good amount of goals there. I have a few questions, how easy is Lyon from the start? And has anyone got any screenies of Grenier 4-5 years in please as i've got him on a bosman for Lens and also which is his best role? Thanks.
  6. Israel never seems to get a mention, but on just about every game I've had there's always 3-4 quality Israelis that are produced.
  7. I'm happy for you to use my Bari guide if you think it's good enough
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