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  1. That was an incredible second season higgins. Great OP too.
  2. Like Robert the Spud i'm doing a twin save with Napoli so I have something a bit less restricted to keep me occupied. For the first season I made my few transfers over 48 months, didn't want to go over the top with any signings so just strengthened the full back positions and added Lukaku as i've not signed him this year, Bouy is one for the future and is coming along pretty well in the youth team with Migilaccio tutoring him. I played with the default 4-3-1-2 formation but tweaked the settings to attacking/fluid/narrow/push up/play offside and we had a fairly good season with it, the main problem was we conceded too many goals so this season i'm playing counter to try and rectify it a bit. Despite that we finished second in the league We was top by 3 points with 2 games to play but Pastore was ruled out for the season a few weeks earlier so we were limping along by that time. Not too ashamed to finish second, we played good football in the main and with some cover in central and attacking midfield I think we'd have at least got the extra point. Europe went well until the second knockout round where I played Celtic, unfortunately I had Roma, Inter and Juve in the same time period and with my squad size the league took priority so we went out 2-1 on aggregate. The Coppa Italia however was never a distraction as I intended to play reserves in every game and they did well to get to the final (though bar the semi's against Roma it was an easy route to be fair) that game proved one step too far though as we played Inter No doubt they deserved the win but to be within one clearance of taking them to penalties was a bit tough. All my ins (bar one) for the 2011-12 season were done in January after being given an extra £7M to spend. Roderick Miranda £2M Pichu Atienza £2M Davide Santon free Clement Grenier free Yannis Tafer free Blaise Matuidi free Jerome Roussillon free Zacharie Boucher free Thiago free I felt most of those would add the depth I lacked last season and considering the majority were free I had nothing to lose. Out went a lot of players who came back from loans ect, mostly for fees, unfortunately Bacinovic had a fit after being fined for getting sent off midway through the 1st season and the damage was beyond repair so he went for £4M with 20% of his next fee coming to me. Including Cavani's £14M I brought in a total of £35M on full time, loan and co-ownership deals which gives me £45M to spend (not that I am planning on it as I feel I have enough players to do the job this year) This lad has come in to my youth system with a 4 star rating Hopefully he will become a good player for us. I'm already in to season 2 but will post about that later on.
  3. The stadium is a slight problem but it really was a fun save if you're willing to put time and effort in (and be prepared for a bit of failure in Europe at least ) The CL is obviously the main target, if you can get to the group stage in your first season then that sets you up for the rest of the save imo. Myself and Col (I think it was) were the 2 to manage it within 3 seasons thanks to getting that early spot. Non EU players only take 3 years to become Bulgarian citizens too which makes up for there only being a total of 5 non EU in your match day squad. If you would rather have the larger stadium then there is a CSKA thread too which is wonderfully done. I'm sure if the Litex thread wasn't already busy there'd have been more posters in there. Good luck with whichever you go for
  4. The £14M went from my account on July 1st 2011, as did the £1.8M for Fernandez. I am going to give the title a shot, only picked the expectation of mid table just to ease the pressure off me a bit with the board The squad is deep enough I feel now with a player for each position. What is handy with the Criscito signing is i'll be able to play wing backs in the bigger games if I feel I need to.
  5. Sorry in advance for the long post... For those looking for a few good players at the end of season 1, depending on if you are only signing Italian/Argies or not Tafer can be signed for free in Jan as can Gassama from Lyon. Italians that can be signed are Thiago like Robert the Spud said. Petrucci from United, Santon sometimes doesn't sign a new deal with Inter, though he won't be interested until he is actually released so as soon as July but it's worth a look (unfortunately he did renew on mine which is a pain as I was going to train him to be a natural RM if he was available. He'd have been perfect backup for Maggio this year then a starter next) Ilsinho from Sao Paulo is another freebie who has Italian nationality. Whilst not as good as Maggio his versatility is handy and he has decent determination which will be handy for tutoring. On to my game. I've still not worked out if the way we finished the season is good or bad. Table going to the last game looked like this Inter and Udinese played each other whilst I had Lazio away. We drew 1-1 at Lazio with a 94th minute goal saving us from defeat. This is the final table Winning it would have been nice but I'm not overly happy with losing 8 games so in that respect we probably didn't deserve to win it. The other thing to take in to consideration is the game at Inter I mentioned earlier where we were missing a lot of players that 7-1 in effect gave them a 12 goal boost in the goal difference. I'm convinced we'd have given them a game with a full squad as we were in good form at the time and as proved by the 4-0 against AC the next game we can beat anyone. We were given a £22M budget for a mid table finish (could have been £30M for Europe but I decided not to put the pressure on myself) Quagilarella refused to move to Juventus, so I offered him out for £20M (hoping to get £15M) and as you can see Everton paid the whole £17M upfront. Also I forgot about Fernandez coming in this season so the regen I posted earlier didn't join due to the non EU rule. The problem combining this and last years transfer screens and Cavani and Fernandez's arranged transfers makes it look like i've spent more than I actually have. It was £37M that I paid and brought in around £55M so i've still got the £22M start of season budget untouched if need be. My main intent with my ins and outs was also to get the team having the more traditional Italian/South American feel to it that most of the other posters on here have gone for. I'm pretty happy with the squad now bar being a striker light. I tried for Macheda on loan but he refused and I couldn't agree a fee with Atalanta for Guido Marilungo unfortunately. I'll probably try for either again later on in the year, until then Vela and El Shaarawy will be the back up. Been handed the worst CL group possible, Man Utd, Athletico and Sporting too, i'll have more of an idea on how that is going once this third round of games are out of the way.
  6. What has been surprising for me is just how good Maggio performs. At the start of the game I was planning to sell him next season but he's been fantastic for me on the right of midfield (winger, attack duty) I know it's been mentioned on the thread a few times but Hamsik's fitness is a problem. I've been playing him at AMC like has been suggested in the thread but even there with an attack duty he's knackered after 65 mins or so. Has anyone had any success improving his stamina via the individual training? I have 4 and half and 5 star fitness coaches for each section, then a third a coach to take the load of (he's 4 and half star too if he only took one section) I've just started him on it now, but the fact his physicals are pretty good makes the situation odd.
  7. Quick update from me. I think the players are starting to settle in to the formation a lot better since christmas. We did have one shocking result at Inter though where we had injuries/suspensions and a lot of tired players after a hectic 2-3 weeks so I played mostly a reserve team as I didn't expect to win there anyway, unfortunately we played a lot worse than expected and got a 7-1 hammering. A fully fit squad more than made up for it the following game though as we hammered AC 4-0, I think not giving the players a telling off after the Inter game helped a bit as the players morale didn't suffer too badly after the game. I added a few more players in January after multiple checks and glowing reports especially with Labyad. With that and the Situ deal taking most of the budget I decided to pay Eriksen's fee over 48 months. That will be covered by the monthly instalments coming my way for Dossena and Vitale otherwise i'd not have gone down that route. Also incoming for next season is a young forward called Braz. As you can see from the screenshot and the report £3.5M could be the bargain of the century. He'll join in July. Currently we are 2nd in the table with 6 games to go, we're 2 points behind Inter but only 5 ahead of Juventus in 5th place. The league is really tight at the top but luckily there is a 13 point gap between us and Fiorentina in 7th so we should be in the Europa league at least, which was my target anyway due to the amount of kids i've brought in. Anything after that is a bonus.
  8. I've put both Lamela and Shaqiri on extra crossing work in training. I don't expect much from either this year but they will certainly be getting Europa and cup starts. Like you i'd always wanted to try Eriksen, couldn't afford Ganso (i'd love to sign him at some point too on another save) Pastore (never signed him either) was too much as well so having Eriksen seemed the next best to try for. My 3-4-1-2 isn't too bad so far. It's been solid but the one criticism is we're not scoring enough. Maybe gelling is still playing a part as I try and play Witsel and Eriksen in the center as often as I can.
  9. Just loaded up, only in October so far my ins and outs All offered out for as much as I could and all payments were upfront bar £1.6M of Varane's fee. I still have £8M left to spend if need be though i'm trying to save it for either Macheda or Poloschi. Eriksen has a £12M or £13M future fee agreed, so I think bar a decent sub keeper i've strengthened each area that needed it most. I'm playing 3-4-1-2 as I felt Lavezzi is too good to be a reserve and Cavani would be wasted out wide or as an AMC. The only disappointing thing with my ins was the lack of Italians/Argentines brought in but funds dictated in the end after giving it a huge amount of thought
  10. I've found it hard to get South Americans with Italian nationality which is a pain with only being able to sign 1 non EU. Munoz and Forlin both concerned me as my scout said they are both vulnerable to injuries so gave them a miss. Toloi is pretty cheap though. When offering players out my aim was to get rid of Santacroce (he tires too easily for my liking) Bayern will offer £8M for him. If you're playing without full/wing backs you can get £7-7.5M for Dossena, £5-6 for Vitale, Zuniga can fetch £5.75M if you offer him out for £6M, get rid of the oldies for what you can and then you'll end up with a healthy £24M (ish) to play with. I've not got my save loaded at the minute but i'll be posting transfers ect; in a little while.
  11. Some good performances put in lads. I just couldn't get back in to another Litex save at this moment so got a Hertha one on the go (I always planned a save with them this season anyway) and will come back to the club once i've had enough of that:) Did sign Yurchenko for them Got Rob Friend tutoring him so if Yurckenko picks up the PPM's as well as the 17 determination he could be a real beast Anyway, i'll be keeping an eye on the thread up until my return, it was by far my best save in a few years, so good luck everyone
  12. Bliop Litex is addictive, have a bit of patience and it's worth it Decided I can't switch to the enemy now I started in Feb 11 (Belarus loaded) with transfers not allowed, we are top luckily. Hoping this late start works in my favour a little so I have longer to scout, if it doesn't work like I hope then i'll just switch to the original start date
  13. Well done again Ronaldo. I've not been active in the thread the last few days because my save (amongst other stuff) has gone. Without going in to detail leaving your laptop on and leaving the room when your 5 year old nephew is about isn't the best idea to have :( I was on 104 unbeaten in the league at the time and haven't had the heart to even play FM at all until this morning, let alone restart this. It's loading now but as it is doing so i'm starting to get tempted to do CSKA Will report back
  14. £45m turnover last season (every penny profit we made was prize money) Lisandro was a one off (unless Messi or Ronaldo fancy a change ) tv money is up to £650k, one of our sponsorship deals went up to £1.5M as a one year thing, so that and our main one is up at the end of the season, we probably only need a quarter place this year to get a big increase on both. If we win the WCC again i'll get a financial feeder club in too, so we are looking healthy as I always make sure there's money there and potential money coming in too to keep a club I manage running long term. I'm planning on a 35 year stint at least before I leave so got to be careful in everything I do
  15. This is what I have, with top division players in all continents. Even though this is a good laptop it was running slow on the 1st save which was part of the reason I restarted with just Bulgaria as playable. I never swap team as like Tom it doesn't feel the same once you get a few years in. Obviously starting again helped me get the better players at the start too and ensure I could get the likes of Tom to stay from day 1 whilst I found replacements (which seemed to be the biggest problem for everyone) Lisandro was a lot in terms of wages, but after being a bit tight with my money I thought I had done enough to treat myself/the club to a big name (even though he's getting on) and we still have all this to play with which equals £32M and £300k wages if I max the transfer money out, so i'm not putting the club in any danger. Unlucky on that draw Tom, I still think you should get 2nd though, RE. non EU, i'd get them in early and then loan them out if they aren't good enough to start. I had a year of problems but now only have 2 in the squad after moving the kids about/rotating the side to fit them in every other game. You sorted your replacement Ronaldo? I find Africa is the cheapest option. The amount of class players my scouts have found there is unbelievable. If I had more leeway with the non EU (ie like Germany/France) I think the whole team would have been Africans by 2012
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