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  1. But what is the point of having a button that might as well say "make this player sulk". I am not complaining that it sometimes happens, I am complaining about it always happening. There is only one result of talking to the player that way and it's negative. If, for the players I mentioned, Alex Song got mopey, O'Brian ignored it and Kouyaté got happier, then it would be understandable. What is the point of having a button that always does the same thing?
  2. Going from regularly using what to not using what? I really don't understand... Do you mean this sentence: "Oh well, I guess I'll just ignore that option from now on?" Because I clearly state *from now on*
  3. I don't quite understand how I am "going from one extreme to the other"? I am saying that my players get annoyed at me complimenting them. I mentioned I clicked the automatic reputation, and then *increased* it by setting it to the highest previous experience, because you said it was related to reputation. That has resulted in having a continental reputation vs the players who, except for Alex Song, all have national or lower reputation.So what you are saying is that an international player who gets into management don't deserve respect from any of his players? I understand what you are saying about how the game works. I am saying that is very unrealistic. How many people do you know who'd get annoyed being complimented by their boss? Ignoring it would be ok, an occational bad reaction is fine, but not all of my players reacting badly.
  4. When I started the game I set the rep to be automatic for the club (West Ham), and then increased the mental part to former international player. I feel it's unrealistic that all the players get annoyed that their manager compliments them on a milestone in their career, and I if it's a problem with reputation it's very mismatched. One would think a former international footballer who manages a premier league team and has a continental reputation would "outrank" someone with a national or local reputation. So far I have gotten a negative response from all of the below: Joey O'Brien scoring his first goal for Ireland Alex Song scoring his first goal for Cameroon Cheikhou Kouyaté for scoring his first goal for Senegal Stephen Hendrie getting his debut for Scotland Nikolay Dmitrev getting his debut for Estonia, an 18 year old regen I can understand Alex Song might be condescending, but the others not so much. I still don't think many players would be annoyed that their manager complimented them in real life, at best they would just ignore it I would think. Oh well, I guess I'll just ignore that option from now on.
  5. So a few of my players have made debuts or scored first goals for their national teams, but when I compliment them their mood always get worse. I can accept that they might ignore it if they don't like me or something, but I can not imagine a player irl getting angry because their manager congratulate them for getting a national debut or scoring! Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? It has happend with four or five players so far...
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