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  1. And I would have no problem making pictures of all players
  2. As you can see by wkdsoul's post, I've had lot of interest in seeing/doing/playing a wrestling-database, so if you're serious about doing this then I would be glad to assist i any way that I can
  3. And right you are Thanks! By the way, I personally think that it would've been great if you had done new pics for the current players you've kept in the game as a younger version, like Lampard, Rooney, Gerrard etc, and also Alex Ferguson Also, as a Dane I've noticed a couple of things regarding Danish players... Some players are in the database twice. Michael Laudrup, Thomas Helveg, and Morten Olsen some of them. Brøndby/Liverpool legend Daniel Agger is missing, along with a bunch of other Danish players who could've been in the game. Flemming Povlsen (Dortmund), Ebbe Sand (Brøndby/Schalke), Lars Olsen (Brøndby - National Team Captain for years), John Jensen (Brøndby/Arsenal), Dennis Rommedahl (PSV), Martin Jørgensen (Fiorentina/Udinese), Thomas Sørensen (Sunderland/Aston Villa), Christian Poulsen (Schalke), Jesper Grønkjær (Aab, Chelsea), Thomas Gravesen (Everton), Frank Arnesen (Ajax), Allan Nielsen (Totteham/Watford), Jesper Olsen (Manchester United/Ajax), Stig Tøfting (AGF), and of course also the player who has the record of national team goals Poul Nielsen (FC Copenhagen) And lastly, Jose Maria Bakero from Barcelona has some German guy's picture, and Roberto Carlos from Real Madrid has no picture
  4. I really like te database in itself, but as others have brought up the facepack is out of order/place. I haven't seen one single player whos pic fits :/
  5. I would love to see some Danish teams in this database, and I'll be happy to help
  6. Well I meant that I haven't tried creating a league with a structure etc before. But I've watched a couple of "how to" videos now, and yeah it seems simple
  7. Yeah I guess it's pretty simple if you know how I've never done anything in editor besides the besic stuff like transfers, adding players and teams, etc. I've never added a new nation or anything like that.
  8. Also sounds interesting Would you be interested in doing it as a seperate thing? That way there could be added a bunch of other promotions like New Japan, Lucha Underground, and so on. And maybe even add UFC to the mix.
  9. You should add a Wrestling League as well, with teams like WWE RAW, WWE SmackDown, NXT, Ring of Honor, TNA, etc Would be happy to help!
  10. Same here... Killian Luka player one or two more matches for FNS the whole season, than he did for the Irish U-21 squad... :-O And half of them probably was Cup games.
  11. Time for The Flamingos to get their bids in! David Gerr - 400.000 Effo Chaumberyang - 8M Joe Hurt - 400.000 Pete-Harper Wood - 3M Question: Instead of sacking players, can we perhaps auction a player off or sell him to another team in this league if someone wants to buy?
  12. Hmm.... Maybe that'll work?! :O Well that was actualy kind of the point If there's any way to secure that players from for example Premier League can't get bought/signed by any other league, then that's how I vision it But then again, don't really know which way would work the best since it would be a shame for 75% of players around the World not to get to play again, and if you leave a club then your career is done.... So what would actually be the best solution? No transfer dates? A transfer embargo? Or just let it flow naturally like in the real world, and see how things work out?
  13. But then how about just implementing kits and logos to the teams for those of us who have taken our time to make them?
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