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  1. Where do you start?

    I usually just start unemployed with semi-pro rep as I usually just have 1 journeyman save and then a small, fast mls save as a backup for when I get bored of my main.
  2. Hey, I'll start off by saying I love your thread and have followed it for a while. I am new to FM and the little FM I have played has been with larger teams but i decided to start a journeyman save starting with lower league clubs, much like your Iceland club. I was just wondering how you found all these good players that you signed on Frees and the players from places like Africa. Do you look for them yourself or what? Thanks for the help
  3. FM10: Mario Balotelli

    Is he any good on the right wing? I need someone to either replace SWP or be in a rotation with SWP.
  4. I'm in 11/12 season with City in my save and I'm undecided on buying Sanchez or not. My scouts say he is not very great, but does he still perform great on the right wing?
  5. So basically the club will never go bankrupted? I lose money almost every month due to player wages but he seems to have an unending supply of investments for the club.
  6. So I'm in 2011 with Man City and were doing good, were in 2nd behind Liverpool who has 1 point on us. I wasn't really paying attention to how liverpool was doing the last few weeks, but I noticed we were in first by a couple of points. I checked Liverpools fixtures and they had lost their last 4 games to Blackburn, Burnley, Hull, and Everton without scoring any goals in those 4 games. I then checked their Tactics to see if anyone was injured, and there were no major injuries, but then I noticed the whole starting lineup was players from the reserves. Gerrard, Torres, Mascherano, Kuyt, and many more great players weren't even being played as subs. In fact, the team only had 2 subs. Anyone had any similar experiences or know whats going on? BTW, Rafa Benitez is still their manager.
  7. Yeah, but most of the time even if I offer the club loads of money, they will decline it because they want to keep their star player.
  8. How are you guys signing players like Messi and Aguero? I just took over City but none of these big names are interested in joining, and if they are interested their club won't let them go.
  9. Mr Hough 10.3 Tactics

    Why during the game does it switch my center back with one of my strikers? And despite how many times I switch it, it just changes back?
  10. Regen United

    Is the game fun when almost all the real players are gone? It seems fun but it seems a lot harder.
  11. From the US and I have a couple friends that play it.
  12. Gutting CL Final :(

    I've only been to one CL final with Valencia against Real Madrid. Was 1-1 up until the added time (was approx. 106th min) and Alexis Sanchez put one away off a corner. The funny thing is, that there was only supposed to be 3 minutes of added time but somehow the ref stretched that to 6 minutes!
  13. 10.3 - should I bother?

    What about for me, I haven't played in quite a while but am coming back and I wish to continue my career. Should I update, or will it not allow me to play my old saves after I do?
  14. Clarification on club badges - league table

    ya the fm09 super packs work with 10
  15. Editor Problem

    Thx alot now it works