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  1. I love this. I've wanted some randomness into the game for a while and this delivers. At least in the UK. What I don't understand is that there doesn't apear to be anything to toggle it on or off. It should really be an option a the start of the game.
  2. I started this challenge when FM 16 came out but abandoned it after a few crash dumps. Haven't played much this year, but recently got back into it and I'm ready to try this again. Setup So let's meet the manager. Meet Dutchman Piet Hein. He's just 20 years old and ready to take on the world. Let's hope he can get the silverware he needs to become the ultimate football manager. So on to the job centre. Cameroon U-23 While most clubs laughed away my application there were several U-23 nat sides that were interested in my services. After some consideration I chose Cameroon. The first order of business was a tie against the DR Congo. The winner would qualify for the U-23 cup of nations. My first game in charge was successful as we won 3-2. We did get 2 away goals against, so the tie was far from done. We finished it at their place though, beating them again, this time 2-0. On to the U-23 cup of nations We were drawn in a group with South Africa, Senegal and Tunisia The first match was a bore 0-0 against Tunisia. The next game we won comfortable with 3-0 against Senegal This meant a draw would be enough to advance to the next round, and for a long time it looked like that would indeed happen but deep in injury time my team finally broke through the South African defense and slotted home the 1-0. We go to the Semifinal as group winners. There we played Nigeria. For an hour we absolutely demolished them going up 4-0, then we collapsed letting in 3 and they had good chances for their fourth but we managed to hang on. So there I was, only a few months into my career and in my first final. Ivory Coast was our opponent that day and they didn't put up the fight Nigeria was capable of: 4-1 We are the U-23 cup of nations Champs I know it counts for nothing for the challenge, but it still feels good. I assume Cameroon U-23 qualified for the Olympics with this result and I would really like to manage them there, unfortunately due to the nature of U-23 teams I was released soon after the tournament. I will reapply when the job comes up again. While we played the U-23 cup of nations I finally got some interviews at clubs. Dover was the first to offer me a contract and I accepted. They are currently in midtable. I'm hoping to get into the top half. We are already out of the FA cup but the FA trophy has yet to begin. There are some quality players here but we're a bit weak in midfield. I'll adress that in the upcoming transfer window. International 2015 U-23 Cameroon U-23 cup of nation winners Club 0/10 top domestic leagues 0/10 domestic cups 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments as a note, I set myself the additional goals of winning the olympics and the Oceania Nations cup. I won't put them in the list but it might explain some of the choices I make during the save
  3. I got a crash dump too. I simulated a season but cant get past 31may. I have no other database running with this. Any solution? I really like the setup
  4. Vikeologist If i remember correctly you can have 3 foreigners in the 1st division and 4/5 in the super league. i had tought finances would be better in the super league. TV income etc should increase. Lenzar Clubs do take your age in consideration. So its more difficult to land good jobs early on
  5. Season report 2016 Dalian Aerbin "][/url] Competitions We Finished last year strong but overall the board wasn't happy to be in the 1st division. So they gave me a bagfull of money and license to use it. I got a transfer budget of three million and my wage budget almost quintupled. First I renewed all the contracts of our best players. They wanted a big payraise which I just couldn't afford earlier. The team was allready strong and with a few good signings I felt confident for the upcoming season. We hit the ground running. Winning 5 in a row before drawing to Hainiu. Both Yanbian and Beikong tried to keep up with us but neither stood a chance. We eventually won the league with a margin of ten points. We are back in the Super league The cup was pretty straightforward. We won against lower league opposition in the 2nd round, same division team hainiu in the 3th, before falling to defeat against higher division Ghangzou. It was a tight game which they eventually won 2-1. Next season Staying up is the only goal I care about next year and it should be possible. We have a strong squad. Budgets stay the same but there is still plenty room there. I signed a one year extension just after the season ended. So next year will be (in all probability) my last year with Dalian. Unless we suddenly turn out to be title contenders, I want to move to richer pastures. Club Career Season Team league pos notes 2015 Dalian Aerbin Chinese 1st division 10th team was 15th when I took over 2016 Dalian Aerbin Chinese 1st division 1st Promoted. Out of cup in fourth round International Career Year Team Competition Result notes 2016 U23 Ivory coast Olympics 4th in group stage left after olympics
  6. Didn't get much playing time in last week but managed to finish my first full season. It seems I got lucky. Our losses aren't that severe and my chairman covers the losses. At least untill now
  7. "][/url] Table As always a few months before the Olympics start the nations start looking for managers. Thinking this would be a perfect opportunity to gain some international experience. Well, it certainly was an experience. Before the tournament we played to friendlies. The first we lost against Japan with 3-1. The players were obviously struggling with the new tactics I brought with me. We played better in the second friendly but couldn't convert that to goals as we drew 0-0 to the USA. Tournament time. The first game against Denmark was a disaster. Conceding in the 5th minute for the first of 3 times. we managed to get one back late in the game but the damage was done. Second game was even worse. 3-0 flattered us as Mexico destroyed us. But not all hope was lost. We could still qualify. We had to win against south Korea with 3 or more goals and Mexico had to lose woth 3 or more. Stranger things have happened in football, so we went into our third game, if not optimistic, at least hopefull. we went down quickly 2-0 to put an end to that line if tought. The second half we played our best football during my tenure. We managed to get two back and hung on to the draw. So we where out of the tournament and I was out Ivory coast. On my way back to China I got a polite but firm phonecall asking me not to come near Ivory coast again for the foreseeable future. Club Career Season Team league pos notes 2015 Dalian Aerbin Chinese 1st division 10th team was 15th when I took over International Career Year Team Competition Result notes 2016 U23 Ivory coast Olympics 4th in group stage
  8. did notice the U23 african cup of nations when I took over Ivory coast. Didn't know if it was new or that I just hadn't seen it before. Nice that they are adding more competitions. As TheEarl said a few actualy playable leagues would have been even better. Vikeologist I agree completely. FM 16 feels more like a polished version of 15 than a new game. Am still undecided if I should be happy to finally be playing a polished version or angry that it cost me 45euro to do so. Am enjoing my safe. so thats something
  9. thanks, I'll tinker with that then
  10. I'm taking my first steps in international management. Have agreed to manage the olympic squad of ivory coast
  11. for instance getting the teams that finished 13th to 20th in the premier league
  12. Can't seem to go on a course to learn chinese. Just checked. If you do the linguist one it might be fair to note how many languages you start with that are fluent. For example I'm dutch and according to the game that means i'm fluent in three languages allready. Others might start with only one
  13. europe is last on my list too. At least the 5 big countries. Might go for turkey and holland before that. Am really loving my stay at Dalian so far. They have such a good setup. I don't know how they managed to slip so far but I am greatfull. Don't think I could have started at a better club.
  14. I was wondering if I was the only one that likes to map out his career path. I barely started my second season and am allready thinking of where I want to manage my 2nd, 3th and even 4th team. I realise these plans won't survive past the first job offer, but still it's nice to plan ahead.
  15. Hi, Is it possible to make a cup that takes the last 8 of a competition rather than the top teams?