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  1. First season in spain. I have 13 players. They all are running on fumes because they have to play everything. And 2nd division teams come sniffing around for my 20 yr old ST who is the only one of the bunch that actually performs. Fun times lol First seasons in these challenges are tough
  2. Over Allready And we are allready done...... The board still has faith in me, for some reason. But i'm throwing the towel here. I did not expect this to be this hard. Oh well, on to the next I suppose.
  3. Manager Profile | Save Setup A bit late to the party but I'm diving into this challenge. Let's see how far I can get with ijsselmeervogels
  4. Well. I got fired by Manisaspor during the first season. lack of depth really cost us as we got a injury wave. after six loses in a row saw me drop to bottomm the board was through with me. I'll be back for a retry at this challenge, but will do a different save in between.
  5. The first season with Manisaspor is a struggle. the players have hated me since day one and results so far haven't really given them reason to warm up to me.
  6. Manisaspor 20/21 Start of Challenge Manisaspor hire inexperienced manager Kaan Tahanci I'm looking forward to try this challenge finally. There were some Transfers done before I took over. which is just as well. with those 7 in I have a total of 19 players for next season. Also there isn't any staff in the club. So I might have an interesting first season
  7. Great stuff. you sort off set the expectation to win the league in the first year too A question about your tactic: do you tweak it much during games/during the season, or do you use it as plug and play?
  8. Many fm’s ago the general rule of thumb was that you shouldnt loan out players to a league tou hadn’t loaded. is this still true for fm19?
  9. Thanks for the update @mrt90, Great work as always. I've just started a new save with Barcelona all the way down in the Campeonato Paulista - Série B. Let's see if I can surpas that catalonia team. Are there plans to include more lower divisions for the other states?
  10. speaking of enjoyment. It might have been a mistake to move to Ivory coast. I can't get any staff signed and barely any players. I did win the first cup though, so that's good. further results have been more inconsistent. All in all, it's more of a grind than other countries so far.
  11. Well, it's not the job I was hoping for, but it's something. After three years without a NT job I'm now taking over for the micronesian team as they prepare for the mini pacific games. Hopefully this will lead to other, more prestegious jobs in the future
  12. Southern UTD Season review 2024-25 The the 2024-25 season was all about the O-League. and the regular season was more of a pre season. This didn't mean I wasn't going for the domestic throphies. Just not all-inn. First game was the Charity shield against Auckland. It was a tight game, but they won it deservedly 2-1. Our league form was eratic as expected. We never were in danger off falling out of the playoff spots, though. In the end we finished second, three points behind Auckland. We stepped up our game in the Semi final. Unfortunately, so did the oposition. 2-2 after r
  13. The rejections aren't very informative either, I've found. If there was just a line about why they are rejecting me, it would help. "We think you're not experienced enough." "We don't like that you'll combine club and NT duties." etc. I then could work on those categories.
  14. Is it just me, or is it harder this edition to land National team jobs? Since leaving Congo I've been applying practically non stop. So far I've been laughed away at all of them
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