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  1. Convert To Classic Tactics

    Same here, had a great game on 09 and just wanted to keep it going
  2. Has anyone else done this on FM10, I was chuffed when I saw that you could do this as I thought the new tactics were to fiddlely and time consuming and they wernt really working for me to be honest.
  3. Does the fact that no-one from SI commented on this mean it will never happen?!!
  4. My subs are: GK DR/L DC DM CM AM CF I always hover the cursor over the pause button in 2D. I always make sure squad numbers are the same as in real life, despite wanting to make my preffered first 11 numbered 1-11, it just feels wrong! I always make sure my 1st team squad isnt big enough that I have to scroll down to my strikers.
  5. Yeah, course, I just say won the play-offs but I finished 3rd so it's definetly realistic, I think its because of the money you get, thats what makes you favourites immediatly, amazingly though I got promoted without spending anything in League 1, I just got loads of free's and loans, then I spent big in the Championship, £29m! Still took me 2 seasons though. Ive brought in some quality players because of the budget I had, I got Gael Kakuta in League 2 for £700k and he's brilliant for me in the Prem still. The board do anything for you if you fly through the leagues
  6. You will mate, i've got a save going with Notts County and its gone really well. 09/10 Won League 2 10/11 Won League 1 play-offs 11/12 10th in C'ship 12/13 2nd in C'ship, conceded a 90th min goal which meant Fulham beat me to the title by a point! 13/14 17th in Prem, was in bottom 3 all season and ended with GD of -85, but beat Everton 3-1 on last day and overtook Fulham by a point after they drew 0-0 at home to already relegated Middlesbrough! You get loads of cash aswell, in pre-season 14/15 and just to stop up again they gave me £32m! £56m if I want to qualify for Europe!
  7. Is 10.3...

    Compatible with your saved games from 10.2? And also, can you change back to 10.2 if you dont like it. P.S. I hate the fact the Goal flash only last for like 2 seconds
  8. Facepack Problem

    Yes, it was the ones in the cut out pack that i'd downloaded.
  9. Facepack Problem

    I downloaded a cut-out face pack and was wondering if you could help me. I have followed the basic instruction, download to; MyDocs>SI>FM10>graphics, and ticked and un-ticked the right boxes, I did the same for FM08 and 09 and they worked fine, my skins and logo's work fine, but not my cut-out faces. But randomly the Wolves team faces are working, do you have any idea how to help please? Cheers Andy
  10. Fans Never Pleased?

    Same here mate, drew 1-1 away at Fulham and lost just 2-1 at Old Trafford with Sunderland and my fans were not happy
  11. A Steam Question

    Ive just logged into my Steam account at home and the demo I downloaded yesterday on another laptop isnt there, really dissapointed as I thought that that was the whole point of Steam, or am I totally missing the point here?
  12. A Steam Question

    I havnt started a game yet, still downloading. Ah thats **** news, at home I only have mobile broadband, nopoint even attempting to download it with that, god knows how much of my usage it will eat up.
  13. Ive downloaded the demo through my Steam account at my girlfriends house, when I go home and log into my Steam account on my laptop will the game be there to play as ive already downloaded it.
  14. FM 2010 freak