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  1. I am asking for another manager game (MMO) which is very similar to FM but is not so active in terms of asking help there. I am looking forward to the moderator kindness to allow me to ask for generic football advise non game specific and answer it. I am aware the advise might be off, but it doesn't hurt to ask generic football principles: I have a team full of 27-31 year old players with great mental stats like: Anticipation, Composure, Decisions, Determination, Reading of Game, Teamwork, Tenacity, Vision, Work Rate etc... etc... While I am superior mentally, I am not lacking physically or technically. That said I am looking to take advantage of that mental advantage: Here are the sliders the game offers: Mentality: Defensive Normal Attacking Passing Style: Short mixed Direct Defensive Line: Deep normal High Width: Narrow normal Wide Philosophy: Rigid Normal Fluid Tackling: Cautious normal aggressive Closing Down: Back Normal Press Tempo: Slow Normal Fast As I said, I am looking to take advantage of that mental advantage over other teams. Thanks!
  2. Are you concerned that the reviews on FM17 are massively more negative than those in FM16, on all fansites? For a game with so much history and hype, are you becoming disconnected from your fanbase and alienating them? One particular review I find common and I fully agree on since several releases is: " Maybe it's me and I don't get it or I'm not good enough but it is too random. Regardless of whether it's tactics, injuries, transfers etc. I don't feel like I'm in control. Which is kind of a big deal in a management simulator. "
  3. Quick question, to save me a lot of time. In FM16, at first season of English Premier League, what is the exact date that clubs get their league money, for finishing first, second, 10th, last in the league etc?
  4. Only because they didn't analyse it enough. In football terms, FML had bags of potential. Regardless, on FM terms, FMO could be greatly greatly greatly enhanced. Will it be FM17? FM18? never? But don't say there is nothing left to add/do. That's plain wrong.
  5. One long long long long awaited feature, is some thorough analysis and design put on transforming single player FM to multiplayer FM and then eventually MMO FM. EDIT: To put that thought into further perspective a 3 full year analysis of a team of 30 experts from different areas, popular MMOs, popular RTS games, popular strategy games, popular MOBA games etc, real life veteran footballers, analysing aggressively the game and the market, would end up with a product that would break ALL records in video games. World of Warcraft's and League of Legend's success will be peanuts compared to what a well thought massive football game would be. If WoW has 10 million sales per expansion, FM could have 100 million. Football background and brand is unparalleled and without limits or competition compared to a fantasy world.
  6. Inspired by a radio program I was listening to, where famous ex footballers categorized football into two major styles: 1) defensive or park the bus for underdogs 2) creative football for favorites They claimed that underdogs or poor teams, start a defensive oriented lineup, and that's relative easy to get a result defending. On the contrary favorites have it harder, because they need to create chances. Creating chances is either due to brilliant passing like Barcelona, that they can pass their way into the net, or creative footballers that can beat their opponent one on one. That raised me questions for discussion: If you are underdogs and try to park the bus, how many defensive oriented players do you start up? 7? 8? 9? all 10 outfield players? How many creative attacking players? 1?2?3? If you are favorites, what is the minimum of defensive players you ought to have, in order not to be vulnerable at the back? 4? 5? 2? There are are more questions but let's start with those.
  7. herne79, isn't there something that teams in real life, or players in FM prefer who play narrow formations? Is there even a 1% slight margin in favor of short or direct?
  8. If you want to play a narrow formation like this: 2DC DR DL 3SC And variations of (1 DMC, 1 MC, 1 AMC) or 3MC or (2DMC 1 MC) or (2DMC 1AMC) you get the picture.... Do you want a short or direct passing style?
  9. in other words if your striker has reached PA, he might see an increase in finishing, but he might lose some pace to make up.
  10. I believe they can still grow. I assume they lose something and gain something else.
  11. I think you probably didn't read the original post carefully Barside. I am most certainly not valuing players based on their CA or stars. My indicator is going to be the average rating, which I already know it is going to be flawed. However what interests me, is how a statistician would approach this problem.
  12. Making the assumption, which I know is wrong, that average rating is influenced by our player attributes. Is it possible, and how exactly, to do a statistic regression to estimate what the average rating of any player is going to be? I am not interested in the accuracy of the prediction, because the predictions is more likely going to fail, because there are other factors influencing the outcome. What interests me, and I don't know if that makes the question off topic sub forum material is the how to. For example is it going to be a linear regression? Is it going to be a logistic regression? is it going to be an ordinal regression? If it is a linear regression how do we explain negative coefficients if there is no negative effect on attributes? How much data sample size do we need for such a regression? Eventually, it is not the average rating I want to predict, but to find a way to estimate Y to create a "score" or "rating" for any given player, if I know their attributes, so that I can say player A is most likely better than player B. Has anyone attempted anything similar? Give details.
  13. PandoraBox, Fernando Santos, is extremely famous and loved here in Greece. Especially tonight after that triumph. How is he regarded in Portugal? How is he regarded compared to other coaches like Jose Murinho? Finally what are the chances that a potential future defeat will turn the reception against him?
  14. Is it just me or did Portugal played a hell lot better without Ronaldo? Portugal was bad with Ronaldo in, and with sachez and nani changing positions, quaresma being better, and whole squad playing without the ill-influence of looking to pass to their superstar helped them.
  15. As in topic, how likely is to return to pre-Bossman ruling situations of English Premier League, work permits, etc?
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