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  1. if I go back to the original skin, my schedule goes away though xd
  2. Very informative post thank you. I am not also just upgrading for FM. I do play a lot of CS:GO as well at high refresh rate (240hz...), and the 3900x and 9900k are almost identical when it comes to CS:GO and high refresh rates. Getting those last frames out of CSGO does matter to me, and I am just undecided about those two CPU's atm.
  3. I'm terribly undecided on what way to go with my next pc upgrade, especially since it's impossible to find good benchmarks on FM and the new 3900x Does anyone know how FM handles it?
  4. So apps for devices that needs big clunky buttons, for touch stuff, uses it. Got it. FM is one of, if not the biggest management game. So no surprise a lot look the way of FM for a template to design things around. Doesn't change that I feel like it gets worse almost every year UI wise. Really it has very little relevance for me.
  5. This is such a great example, and there is many more examples of this in almost every screen. So much easier to get an overview over, you can see most of the things you need to know easily and so on. Compared to the new one, and it's just miles apart in quality.
  6. I have no doubt they have people hired just for the UI. But sadly I still think it the last many years has been getting worse and worse, with FM18 being the absolutely worst of them all from a UI standpoint. Still after hours and hours of the game, I feel like it's extremely unintuitive. You have to click several times to see stuff you saw on one screen before, many things are big and ugly, lots of wasted space.... Just feels like a huge mess.
  7. I always got Daemon Tools opened and I sure as hell got a legal copy of FM so stop accusing people just becuase of that.
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