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  1. My game has been running fine since i purchased it on Monday and then this evening I was in a game with Arsenal, winning 2-1. They went on a attack scored and the game froze and was unresponsive. a few minutes later it unfroze, it was full time and Arsenal had won 3-1. About an hour later, I am getting hammered by Chelsea, they score their 4th goal and my game freezes again but doesn't seem like it will unfreeze this time. I am running my game on a Macbook Pro which is about 9 months old...
  2. Thanks guys. I will have a play around to see if there is something i can do. I want a high press, passing approach.
  3. These are the two latest ones I am trying with. I seem to waste a lot of goalscoring chances also. Create loads and don't score BUT the defensive side of things bother me a lot more. Id rather be solid and win games by 1 or 2 goals than win 5-4.
  4. I am in my second season with Aston Villa and regardless of what formation I play, I concede far too many goals and it is really frustrating me now. During my first season, I played a 5-2-2-1 WB formation on Gegenpress. I only conceded 11 goals in the first half of the season. Since then i ship goals for fun. I ended up conceding 65 in total. And so far this season i have let in 8 in four games. Formations used (and i use them for more than one game): 5-2-2-1 WB, 5-2-2-1, 4-2-3-1, 4-1-2-3 Wide, 5-3-2. Here is a picture of my squad:
  5. Morning, I like to play my game in the windowed mode. Every time I change it, it gives you the popup saying if you don't confirm within 15 seconds then it will go back to normal full screen mode on the next step up so I have repeatedly pressed within 5-6 seconds. Problem is, regardless of what i do, on startup it returns back to full screen mode. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks mate. Will give them all a scout. It says Fernandez would fail to get a work permit?
  7. I need some help. I have been scouting and looking for another striker for my Aston Villa save. I want someone that will settle relatively quickly, and add something different to my current option of Wesley. I have a budget of around £15M and a wage budget of around £50k. I have one week before the transfer deadline at the start of the game. I did look at players like Odsonne Eduard at Celtic but his wage demands are crazy. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. I am currently doing a save with Newcastle where I can only sign homegrown players and must have a full homegrown squad by the start of season 3. Homegrown players tend to come at a premium so can anyone recommend any bargain gems?
  9. Been a while since I have updated. I have been busy so haven't been able to play as much as I would have liked. The deadline has just closed, a week before season two. Here is my business. I have been busy - I just hope players are able to settle. So I will be going in the Premiership season looking like this:
  10. Haha - My defeats came against the bottom sides bizzarly! Best of luck!
  11. So I opted to try and get rid of one of Kodjia or Hogan - Neither had much interest on the permanent route so I allowed Hogan to join Sunderland on a loan deal with them covering all of his £35k wages. Other notable transfers in January: And the departures: At the end of the season, I won the title, quite comfortably in the end. Below is the league table and the player stats: Now the hard work begins..
  12. Well done! Every save I see posted Villa struggle. So strange or not seeing as who the manager is.
  13. ASTON VILLA MID-SEASON UPDATE It has been a decent first half of the season. Sitting top of the table despite a few frustrating defeats. The Squad I have a week left until the January window is over and I am unsure if I should try and bring a few more faces in just in case of injuries. In an ideal world, I would bring in another striker and offload one of Kodjia or Hogan. Opinions? Transfers
  14. Nope. My unbeaten run is up :(. I am still top of the league 13 games in. W10, D1, L2. A point clear of Wolves in 2nd and 8 clear of Reading in third. Hogan returned from injury and then did his ligaments in training so hasn't actually played a game for me yet. My other strikers have done the following: Grabban: P 8 Gls: 3 Ass: 4 Kodjia: P7 Gls: 1 Ass: 3 Davis: P18 Gls: 8 Ass: 2 As you can see Davis is enjoying himself but I dominate a lot of games and I find that my shots to shots on target rate is poor and also shots to goals.
  15. I tried 2-3 times but he wanted 80-90k which I wasn't prepared to pay and then I went back in on deadline day and he agreed a much lower pay. Only a 5% increase if we get promotion also. How is Cutrone for you? May have to look at that option in January if its possible as Grabban keeps picking up injuries, Kodjia just isn't firing. Hogan is close to fitness so will be interesting to see if he can do a job next to Davis.
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