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  1. I've got all the four previous FM on steam and also tried to pre-order the new one, it says the same, it isn't available in Brazil for now, do you have any idea when are we are going to be able to purchase it? I mean, i'm going to pre-order it with or without the discount anyways, just wanted to buy it as soon as possible.
  2. I'm absolutely loving the last patch, most matches are being decided in slightly details. Right NOW i feel like this is the best FM i've played in the last few years. Well done SI!!
  3. I got a couple players on trial with my created club, since i got no money to spend, but i can't see their full stats, is this alright??
  4. Just played my first match, everything looks alright, i'm unsure about how the "team instructions" screen looks like, but i guess it's a matter of getting used to it. There's one thing bothering me though, which is the little circle thing showing player's condition during the match, i think it was easier to just keep using numbers.... yeah i know that if you let the cursor over the circle it is going to show you exaclty how fit the player is at the moment, but why complicate, just show the number already. My opinion anyways, other than that it's all good so far
  5. I had the exact same issue this season in my Milan save. After agreeded with a tour to Greece, all my other friendlies have been cancelled and no other dates were avaliable.
  6. Still waiting for a fix for the in the in-game windows getting maximized after a goal is scored. Really annoying.
  7. I'm pretty happy with the game, been playing since beta, almost everything is ok. Almost. The only thing that really bothers me is the player interaction. They are always unhappy with something, always moaning about not getting enough first team football (even when they play in most games)........ sometimes a player have an excelent game and then demands a new contract, even when he still have more 4 years of contract (this is actually funny, if they demand a new contract after having a good game, i think i should also be able to offer them a lower contract after they fail miserably after a certain match - yeah i'm just kidding, but that would be a good manager's revenge sort of thing) When they get unhappy, you have no chance to talk to them after that. Come on. I actually consider myself happy when they don't get other teammates unhappy aswell. For me personally, this, the player interaction, is by far the worst part of the game. I'm really looking forward for a patch to at least makes things less awfull. Yeah i know it was even worst during the beta, but this still needs to be fixed somehow.
  8. I haven't played any match so far, but i noticied a couple things. It seems like i'm unable to import my tactics from FM2014 to FM2015. It's not a problem anyways, i can just create them again, but it would be cool if we could do that. Also, it's taking a long time to save the game, much more than on FM2014. This is also not a major issue, i'm just pointing out. So far it seems interesting, it's going to take a while to get use to the new interface, but yeah i'm liking it.
  9. I'm checking Steam more often than i usually do so yeah.....i'm really excited about it
  10. This is highest valued player in my game, one of my top players, not much of a great goalscorer, but he's a beast in chances created. Finished last season with 7 goals and 31 assists in 30 matches played.
  11. Played a couple games and as far as i can see, the passing seems much much better, my players now would rather look for a through ball instead of shooting from long range. I'm seeing more goals from crossings too. The only bad thing that i noticied so far is that my GK seems to behave a little oddly sometimes. First, he conceded two goals by letting the ball pass under his feet, which is ok, that can happen in real life, but i've also seen him kick the ball to the sidelines a few times instead of kicking it to the middle of the pitch. That do also happens in real life, but i've never seen it before on FM.... But anyways, i'm happy with the patch, definitely an improvement!
  12. I had the EXACT same problem with this nvidia update from windows update. But in my case, i couldn't find any solution to revert the problem, considering that the screen went black everytime i started Windows. The only solutiuon was to format my pc and start all over again.
  13. I play him as an AMR, inside forward, cut inside, shoot more often, direct pass.........and so far so good, 5 goals and 1 assist in 10 matches. I'm sure he's going to do better in the near future though, considering i just recently signed him. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y253/Jader13Chucky13/SES.jpg
  14. It won't have any effect, it creates a new folder inside the "Sports Interactive". There, you going to have two folders, one called "Football Manager 2013" and another called "Football Manager 2014". At least for me it's like this....
  15. I'm feeling the same since the last patch. Everytime i play i keep thinking "superkeepers are back". You have like 20 shots on goal and you got to feel happy if you score one. The opposition shoots 3 or 4 times against you and score 2 or 3. I did feel at certain point that the beta version was a little easy, but NOW come on........like you said it's unfairly difficult. I do understand that the game is still being fixed, but at least FOR ME, this last patch is a kick on the teeth. And btw, i've been playing with the same tactics since FM07. Just saying. The game itself, as a whole, is a huge improvement over FM13, but in all honesty, i think i'm giving a pause on my save untill a new patch is released. Not feeling like smashing my keyboard any longer
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