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  1. I got a no Brexit save on my Liverpool game Tempted to restart
  2. If you don't discipline your players though they will come to believe that missing 30 chances is acceptable and not try harder. Potentially losing the dressing room because of your lax attitude to poor performance. By constantly restarting you want to win each "coin flip" by sheer luck rather than try to influence the game through making changes to win. Reminds me of those folks who want a second referendum.
  3. I'm not sure implying someone would want to be deaf and blind is the kind of message you want to be sending out. I don't think I have ever played with the sound on.
  4. The real lesson is that there are no restarts in life. Learn to accept the loss and move on. If you are restarting each loss to get a win/draw it isn't any different to adding a manager to each opponent and playing all of their players out of position to win.
  5. I wasn't even aware this was an issue. Surely, as others have said. Take the player to one side and explain you have rejected the bid because it wasn't right.
  6. That would be hugely appreciated mate thanks.
  7. Sounds a lot like Spurs, Arsenal or Man U this season. Dominating games but one mistake and it's all for nowt.
  8. Which as mentioned above they have acknowledged and a fix will come when it is ready. Not a great first post.
  9. ?? No mate that's been my sig on many forums for well over 10 years now
  10. The problem there old son is that in my 20+ years of playing MMO's, PC games and such. Those communities seem to have a group of "fans" trapped in a bubble dominated by the loudest, most unrepresentative voices; an infinitesimally small minority of a minority which, deaf to reason and the opinions of others, deludes itself that somehow it is the voice of the majority. An infinite echo chamber of shrieking, witless banality. Who all seem to be independent game designers with degrees in how they could do it better than the Dev team of that particular game.
  11. What a load of self-centered, condescending rubbish. I can only assume you were referencing your own post.
  12. I have always when offered purchased as soon as the pre-order is made available. I've followed and played the game since it was CM 3. It has been part of my life for longer than my children or my wife.
  13. Probably the same averages over the boxed non steam versions as well. I had more time back then.
  14. Dragan Bakula - i set his nickname to Dracula
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