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  1. I was thinking about a periodic table joke but all the best ones argon.
  2. Please keep in mind; the measurements below are highly accurate (as are their relationships to each other). However, the descriptions are for entertainment purposes only. I have no real idea when it will arrive. Unless you win money, then you owe me 10%. NOW! Never gonna happen! At some point in the future (also; At some point) We’re in pure Nostradamus territory here. We have a magic 8 ball and even it said, “Ask again later”. In the future This isn’t going to happen during any variety of soon you care to use. In fact, it’s pretty far out there. Not as far as ‘at
  3. Ok thank you very much. Sorry for wasting your time. Better safe than sorry though I thought.
  4. I don't I'm afraid as I panicked and changed me passwords immediately. It was an alert similar to this one though. When I clicked on the alert the sigames site was one that was listed.
  5. I've just had an alert when logging into the site from Google telling me that my password had been included in a data breach for the site. I've gone ahead and changed my password. Just thought I would let you know.
  6. It's a meagre price knowing that I'll sink well over 1000 hours into it. Given that most AAA games are at least £60 these days and upwards of £80 for some of them, especially those with "ultimate editions" such as Watch Dogs: Legion which is retailing at £91.99. I think Football Manager is once of the best value for money purchases you'll find out there for a game.
  7. By all means share your opinion but having the same discussion over and over in multiple threads is a bit redundant and dilutes any points you're trying to make. A number of similar threads have appeared in light of the "ME Fix" and those that use it don't seem to like being told that it is not actually a fix. Posting the same things over and over trashing the current ME is not constructive at all.
  8. You're joking right? How many posts and threads are there on this very subject. You keep posting the same thing over and over and over.
  9. Are you saying that if you manually set all of a players attributes to 20 that the game should set them lower? If so what would be the point in setting them to 20 in the first place?
  10. Slough average "large" Pizza is £17, if you're lucky it will be around £15.
  11. I just can't understand it. The price is less than I'll pay for a takeaway night that we have has a family on a weekend when we sit around and play board games. If I'm prepared to pay £35-40 for two pizzas I've no qualms at all paying it for a game i'll reap at least 1000 hours out of.
  12. Surely you can do this by giving yourself a nickname in game.
  13. Surely we should be congratulating SI on the quick turn around in fixing these recent issues with online games rather than complaining.
  14. Post like yours go a long way to contribute to that toxicity. SI have a long history of actively engaging with players and trying to help them understand that there is no malicious coding or script that suddenly turns your tactics and wonder squad into amateurs overnight.
  15. It still amazes me to this day that after almost 30 years people still think that some hitherto unknown godlike AI is somehow working against them to "keep it interesting" or "scripted" or "Wonder Keeper" and other similar stories. I think I've finally found the reason why. In almost any other game there will be data miners, pro's or other person who will tear a game down to it's bare bones basics and come up with a foolproof way to beat the system it's only numbers after all. Because you can't do that with Football Manager people assume their must be some hard coded system to stop you from cr
  16. Without fail. Always have and always will. It's cheaper than a night out in Slough or a takeaway for my family of five. For well over 1000 hours worth of entertainment.
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