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  1. 2 minutes ago, 2feet said:

    If everyone downloads the beta at the same time does that reduce the download speed?

    This reminds me of a freak incident a few years ago where me and my wife's cards were blocked by our banks because by some miracle I'd purchased something on Amazon at exactly the same time she had bought something in the CO-OP. Her card was the main payment option on Amazon and obviously you can't be using the same card in two places at once. Both transactions were declined and we couldn't work out what had happened. 

  2. Just now, Rascanuvols said:

    What are the lore implications of this?

    That depends .... was it;


    No lie. It’s going to happen. It’s going to happen really freakin’, like, eventually. But it will happen!


    It’s official! We have given consideration to a possible date and we now have several possibilities!


    We’ve narrowed the date down to something within the calendar year!


    No really, we have a date now! It’s even penciled in on a calendar somewhere!

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