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    Played CM/FM since CM 3, passionate about media interactions being a vital part of the game. Stay at home father of 3, priceless missus who loves gaming as much as I do and works term time ;)

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    Slough, UK


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    FM, Film, Stephen King, Star Wars and retro gaming.

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  1. you hurt my feelings.... I created him from my best selfie.... Took me ages to get the angle right
  2. Is there a way to disable the song that deafens me when starting up the game?
  3. First, we need much more info, what tactics are you using? Secondly Best asking in the Tactics and Training forum
  4. I'll be honest, I was disappointed to open this thread and not find offers on fresh fruit and veg....
  5. Whatever happened to making ones own informed opinions? Why do people now need to be sat down and told what to think without even bothering to try and find out for themselves... I despair sometimes. Attitudes like this are why out of 318m people the USA only has two nuggets to choose from. Nobody knows any better because they are happy being told.
  6. And with good reason, people have offered resolutions to his issues and the op responds with another complaint. He said he has bought the game biannually (sic) since 2009 and yet isn't clear on where to find the most recent features added nor if the demo would be a "full version" that he could continue with, despite this being offered for quite a few years now. He wants folks to do the work for him.
  7. Caught the sun there mate, need some sunscreen
  8. The problem with discussions like this is that it always ends up in a slinging match, as each side tries to convince the other of the merits of each version. Play how you want for the reasons that are important to you.
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