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    Played CM/FM since CM 3, passionate about media interactions being a vital part of the game. Stay at home father of 3, priceless missus who loves gaming as much as I do and works term time ;)

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    Look left, look right. If you can't see there's a bigot on either side, it's probably you.


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    FM, Film, Stephen King, Star Wars and retro gaming.

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  1. A nice collection of screenshots? Checking his/her camera works?
  2. We should use the time wisely and pick sides for the inevitable war about the match engine in the upcoming BETA feedback thread.
  3. As my good wife is fond of telling me a lot can happen in 5 minutes. It can be the difference between an "ooooh" and a "WTF"
  4. I got it for less that £26... Given that I can't get two large pizza's here in slough (£17ea), I think for the 1800 hours or so enjoyment I'll get from it I'll take my chances. Rather than listen to the ramblings of some random fella with 6 posts and nothing at all positive to say.
  5. This reminds me of a freak incident a few years ago where me and my wife's cards were blocked by our banks because by some miracle I'd purchased something on Amazon at exactly the same time she had bought something in the CO-OP. Her card was the main payment option on Amazon and obviously you can't be using the same card in two places at once. Both transactions were declined and we couldn't work out what had happened.
  6. That made me guffaw in a way I've not guffawed for quite a while. Thank you. Parental instinct kicked in and I grudgingly left the house to fight through the masses of parents.
  7. This time 24 hours ago I was debating on whether on not to pick my kids up or let them walk home alone while I got ready for the beta.
  8. I'll take a chicken triple. Co-op usually does a good chicken triple.
  9. Technically Asda does sell all of those things just not in the form of a sandwich. I read the post wrong. For a premade sandwich it has to be chicken and stuffing for me.
  10. Cup of Bovril and a bag of Salt and Vinegar Squares. Dunk them for added effect.
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