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  1. Going in a slightly different direction, I thought I would mention a couple of frees who absolutely did the job for me. Started with FC St. Pauli and my most creative player had his head turned by Southampton straight away, so while he moaned I needed some spark from midfield. Cue Morten Gamst Pedersen. Immobile, but when pressing the opposition back he just slings passes out from DLPd, and turns set pieces up to 11. Speaking of set pieces, I wanted to try a double striker system but both my big men were out on long term injuries. Free market again: Philip Haglund, who has rubbish finishing but ended up as my top goalscorer via point blank blasts and tons of headers. Bullied defenders up and down the 2. BuLi, and was awesome in building up play. Great personality although not as good of a mentor as MGP, but can also play as a midfielder for added utility! MGP left after a season and Haglund is now a reserve (I'm actually leading the BuLi now, having gotten promoted in the first season) but they got me through those early bumps in the road.
  2. I tried this a little bit with my St. Pauli save when 5-3-2 wasn't clicking, and my problem was that the target men were a bit too ponderous in possession for my liking, sitting on the ball for far too long and not laying it off fast enough to really create, and letting the defense organise. Of course, that could be down to the (poor) quality of my target men in terms of passing, vision and decisions. I had a lot more success with a quick, high pressing game using a split block and a PFa. It's actually working a treat in the bundesliga now as well immediately after promotion, positive and imo risky tactic but drew Bayern away and creamed Dortmund at home with great output from the PFa. Edit to add: most of my goals have come from close range headers, the PFa is the target man sort. He has had one on one chances because of teams attacking us, and his pace is not terrible (Borys Tachy) but I don't think any of my strikers have scored a one on one yet in a season and a quarter.
  3. Thanks for reading, guys! Here's a quick screen cap of what I had in mind - don't mind all the red, those players are mostly out of position.
  4. Hi folks! So, I've returned to the FM series after a three year hiatus, and quite enjoying the new version. I've started a save with FC St. Pauli and am leading the 2. BuLi quite comfortably playing a 4-4-2 of my own design, but I've got one eye on how to take on the Bundesliga when and indeed if I do get promoted. It should be obvious that what works in the second league won't work against the likes of Dortmund, but at the same time there are a few other considerations for why I want to switch things up aside from wanting to do something funky: - Christian Conteh, my supposed star wide man, is in my opinion rather crap. He is somehow effective, but I can't see that holding true with the big boys as he's reliant on his physicals and dribbling - Waldemar Sobota, my other star wide man, is getting on a bit and isn't going to be quick anymore next year - My left and right wingbacks seem decent in comparison to what's going in Germany, at least the starting ones, and they have heaps of pace and stamina - My most interesting player, Marvin Knoll, looks like a rolls royce of a defender from a technical standpoint (okay, 2. BuLi, he's at least a nicely tuned Opel), but has 10/10 in jumping and heading. Aggression and bravery notwithstanding, he's going to get bullied as a Bundesliga BPD in a two; as it is our main weakness is aerial - My midfielders seem quite run of the mill - not too much real ballwinning talent there, but they all seem to have decent passing, decent vision and work rate, average tackling, and the like. Nothing special, aside from Finn Becker who is on the higher end of all of that, but he's gotten his head turned by a bunch of big clubs and I hope to develop him next year while he sits and sulks this year - I've not been able to do much in the transfer market yet, just made a couple of immediate term signings to ensure a good shot at promotion like Philip Haglund (free, both my other target men started with long term injuries), Morten Gamst Pedersen (free, when I need a big set piece late in the game, and for mentoring) and Curtis Jones on loan (just cuz.) So, the plan: a little Guardiola inspiration here, absolutely overload the centre of the park to try and hog the ball, but ensure there's movement to make use of it. As such, we will line up in a 5-3-2 defensively, the flankers in the WB strata and with attack duty as they will stretch the field and provide that wide threat all the way up the pitch. Up top, a two-striker partnership, TBD but I don't anticipate problems there. And herein lies the rub: First thing, Marvin Knoll as a libero. To be fair, this is all probably going to fall through and I'll use him as a holding midfielder, but hey, a guy can dream. What I want is for him to, in possession, push in front of his centreback partners and try and dictate the game a little, like a DLP. Simply using him as a DLP is probably the way to go, but again, I'm a dreamer. What I need to figure out is what to do with the three centre mids to create the space for the libero to behave like I want. My current thinking with the three is that the middle one gets CMa, effectively to both vacate the spinal space for the libero to thrive in and to provide a third presence in the box for the wingbacks to aim at. Alternately, APa to drive the team forward in the buildup and get around the D when the ball goes wide, either way vacating bunches of space for the libero. Likewise, I would like the two other centre mids to vacate the middle a bit, taking inspiration from Wijnaldum and Henderson from Liverpool - winning second balls, crunching counters dead, jumping into the press, offering an outlet for the wings, and recycling the ball - switching play, cutting in and having a pop or crossing from deep would be a bit much to hope for at the stage, but maybe one day or if Becker bucks up. The hell do I do here? Carillero, or CMs with instructions and traits? I considered BWM, but my fellows just seem a bit too stately for that, although if it's the way to make it work then I'll do it. What I want, basically, is wingbacks, strikers and middle CM providing the real attacking threat, the other CM's linking, recycling and generally making themselves useful, while the libero functions as a DLP would, with the centre backs able to sit back and watch the fun, defensive shape being 5-3-2 but attacking shape being 2-3-5. Any advice on setting up, especially with player roles and instructions for the CM's and libero, would be appreciated. :)
  5. I'm sure a lot of other folks will pop on here have more detailed thoughts but I feel your pain, and here are a couple of things that popped up for me when I look at that setup. 1. That's a whole ton of TI's, batman! The big thing that I'm seeing here is that you have a fairly narrow formation (2 cm's, 3 amc's, stc) which is being told to play narrower still. A control formation would also narrow things up further. So your entire attacking unit is probably grouping up near the D and falling over each other. So while you're trying to thread those little through balls in, there's no -space- to do so. 2. Taking chances - given the amount of congestion in the central area, I'm not sure your players have the time they need to settle and finish chances. I play a fairly congested tactic too and miss a few dollies, but I find that when my guys have more space (and defenders aren't on top of them) they take their time and slot their chances. 3. With all those players in close, that super-short passing game does make sense. But, do I see tempo set at max? See my time point above - in older FM's, when my strikers would miss dollies, I'd try and drop tempo and hope that they took their time rather than snatch at it, and it kinda worked. 4. If that's a DLPd I see in your MC line (sorry, the letters are a bit small) or a midfielder with more direct passing instructions, where does he go? The main pass option I see for him is to the fullbacks, who will then be isolated on the flanks as everyone else is ganging up centrally. So if your deeper MC dwells on the ball and loses it, or if those fullbacks get pressed and lose it, I'm seeing teams rip away on the counter. So, TLDR - I'm not expert, but based on my understanding of football I would try and spread players out a bit more to create space both for them to do their thing, but also to work through the defense. Clearing off those TI's and letting the approach do the talking makes sense. Control shortens passing, plays a bit slower etc, attack is pressy, high and direct; just pick individual TI's like 'prevent short distribution' if you want. Keep it simple!
  6. I did have a look at that, yes, and the lack of images are a slight issue when trying to figure out the roles and then match that to the following analysis. So far I'm quite liking the libero, but he's just not getting far enough forward. Defensively, huge contribution in terms of intercepting balls both slightly in front of and behind the defense, and he's doing a lot of aggressive tackling as well. Very sweet while playing a high line. But, he's just not getting forward the way I want. Had a situation where WB(a) playing in FB strata had the ball almost by the corner flag and was whipping the ball in, even the CM strata BWM(d) pair were on the edge of the box but the L(a) stuck back halfway, in line with the two DCs - the oppo had everyone collapsed as well, save for a lone striker marked by one of the DCs. In that situation with an open centre I'd have expected him to lurk around 30 yards out, not 50. So, defensively he's doing his job and bringing quality in with distribution from the D-line, but is just not getting up the pitch at all.
  7. There are a few ways to get the best out of that creaky old genius, to be sure, but lately I've got a setup in my head that I'd really love to try and make work. The player I'm looking at here is Steven Gerrard because he has a slight complication - the Gets forward whenever possible PPM. While that worked out very well when he had the legs for it, his age, current stamina and natural fitness (along with a decent work rate) make him a perpetual candidate for a first substitution. Plus, that PPM also makes him a little difficult to handle in a holding or deep role because he simply barges out of position. Given his all-round technical ability, athleticism, PPMs and most importantly his strong mentals, I'm thinking Libero might just be the way to go! His versatility ought to help with the whole 'old dog, new tricks' issue. I've not had much time to test the setup (and it's friday evening, won't have time until hangover o clock on the morrow) so I'd like to get a few thoughts and, if possible, a little input from people who've used the libero with success in the past. I'm using my 14.1.3 save which is now essentially a throwaway (new patch, new save!) - but is a wonderful point to start testing, leading the league by a full ten points and a mostly fit squad with high morale. This came because I got very annoyed at the 14.1.3 ME and went with my interpretation of gegenpressing: since the defensive line previously dropped so deep, I focused on forcing the opposition back, not allowing them forward. It worked, since that iteration wasn't sure what a through ball was. The main question I have is, what sort of midfield and wide defense combination work best with an attacking libero - both to provide the right linkage, and allow the libero space to get forward? In defensive situations I'd like him to sweep things up and lend a little composure to the backline, but my side takes control of the ball and moves into the final third, he needs to get up into the MC line and provide a recycling outlet as well as take the occasional risky shot/pass - which Esteban can do, we know. Ideally I'd be bringing Xabi Alonso back as backup - but essentially, this tells you what I want from my Libero - to be the team's most cultured distributor in attacking situations, most probably used in home games or easier away ones. I've attached a screenshot of my vision below. Choosing control because that ought to give the libero the time to amble up higher, and rigid because I've got the specialists here and there, and I want the libero to focus on the A duty - very open to changing since this is a new idea. The attacking three is a topic for another time, but to anyone that's curious - it worked well in the one game I have played using the setup. Linkup between the DLFs and the SS on the DLF's preferred side was excellent but the other side wasn't, so refinement is needed. Still, I was ignoring result, subs, everything else other than the positioning of the Libero in that game (W Ham away) but was a little disappointed. The Libero stayed very deep, even with changing roles and strata of the WB's and CMd's. I toyed with using BWM's to spread the midfield duo apart, play wider, but the libero (even with the get further forward shout and his PPM) didn't really look to push on. When the WB's were as shown the CD's split wide and so the L had to sit deep to cover the centre like in a normal back three. When I pulled the WB's into the FB position the CD's were in a better position to allow the L forward but he didn't really advance all that much. It could be because Wham used a lone striker with an AMC behind - in fact, that's probably why, and I need to test the formation against teams with two up front (and one game is far from enough), but don't have the time as yet so I'm putting this out there. Edit: I can't seem to upload a screenie so here's the setup: ------------DLF(s)------------- ------SS(a)-------SS(a)------- ------MC(d)-------MC(d)------- --WB(a)--------------WB(a)--- --------CD(d)---CD(d)--------- -------------L(a)-------------- -------------GK(d)------------- Thoughts welcomed!
  8. I've been thinking of a lot of things lately during those waits between continues that accent my daily existence and it's no coincidence that a lot of them apply to FM! While I think it's an awesome game (though FM09 has been rather frustrating with its many issues) I do think there are a lot of things that can be added on a minor scale. Basically, little things to introduce a bit more of a fun factor and randomness in between the daily adjustments of tactical slider bars, passing ranges and marking schemes. Now, bear in mind that I don't know too much about the internal workings of the game, but I assume that most things run formulaic checks on various data fields, both hidden and visible, to compute a result or whatchamacallit. Like, finishing plus decision making plus composure equals GOOOOOAAAAL!! GOL GOL GOL ... digressed. Okay, here goes. For this opening suggestion, assume you are interested in signing a player. For argument's and an example's sake, let's name him Johnny Foreigner. He's a pacy, versatile, ambitious right winger who would, if he agrees to join you, be the star player of your mid-table club. So, you send out your best scout to check him out, and he reports back to you with information about the players strengths and weaknesses, personality and that's he's a quality player. Fine. You want him, and you make a bid. His club negotiates, and finally accepts an offer. Excellent. Now comes the meat of it. What I'd like is for the signing process to be expanded. In place of just a simple, vanilla contract offer and your only negotiating tools being a big contract, squad status and clauses, introduce a dialogue with the player or his agent! (I think someone has said something like this further up, but I'm expanding on the idea.) You could go into a series of Q/A, or a conversation of sorts, in a similar vein to the press conference mechanism. Your answers should check off against the player's personality and his ability. A couple of examples: So, suppose you check off number one... that means you show ambition, but are looking to punch above your weight (linked to media prediction, board expectation etc?). So, he'll have to be a bit of a blindly ambitious type to accept this answer as the best one. His ambition, pressure, determination, decisions etc can be linked to this, positively or negatively. Likewise for the others, players will different personalities or mental stats or ability level will prefer certain answers. Essentially, a series of questions related to the club's ambition, the player's expectations of fitting in with the club/team mentality etc can be asked. The whole point? The manager can, with his answers, either positively or negatively shift the player's impression and willingness to sign with his answers, as well as perhaps affect your relationship with the player to some extent. This might help in signing a player perhaps a tiny bit too good for the club, for instance... if all goes well, perhaps he can be convinced to take a slight wage cut! Anyway, I think this could be really fun to have, as it also means you may not be guaranteed to get every player you go after! The above really lays down the framework for the majority of my other ideas, all of which are essentially tied to players, managers and clubs, using attributes both hidden and visible, to present the player with 'choice' scenarios. Similar to 'random events' that are used in other games (off the top of my head, Fifa 06 onwards manager mode, the Sims 2, Civilization 4 etc - the trend is that they're all simulation games of a sort, and FM is as well... and these 'events' introduce a really fun aspect of spontaneity. They can get tedious and recurring, however, but I feel FM can implement them very well in a dynamic way, because no two players have the same stats, no two clubs have the same reputation, the list goes on. There are no hard right or wronganswers, but instead all are subjective shades of gray!) So, aside from pre-transfer chats with players? Well, random events of course! They could be every week, two weeks. They could be after rival games or cup games, big games, wins, losses, even on days when nothing happens. There will need to be a lot of them, though! Still, I don't think it's an unreasonable amount of work, because even if an event does recur over the course of a season, it could use a different player for example. I'd like to see things like basic interaction with players related to training, praising or complimenting them in a certain way. Something that happens in the pub after a good local win, or a swanky night out in the city's best nightclub after a Champions' League tie! Essentially, I'd love a lot more interaction with players that allows you to get a bit more 'personal' with them, and I think the framework is already in place since they already have so many numeric attributes, personality-related ones included! I'd provide more examples, but this post is already gargantuan. Hope this appeals!
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