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  1. Cus I like watching it but don't understand how to put it in to football manager.
  2. Has anyone ever implemented a Zeman like attacking system in football manager? Can anyone describe his system abit better so I can try to duplicate it?
  3. AC Milan almost blew their 4-0 lead away to Arsenal last year, they were down 3-0 in the first half at emirates if I remember right. And if Van Persie didnt blow that goal line chip it would have been a tie atleast. Stuff like this does happen
  4. Ok I'll try to do that! The other teams often get loads of breakaways from midfield, they just sky it over the bar or get chased down and stopped 99.9% of the time. My most ridiculous victory was 6-1 away at city, next time that crap happens I'll post up the game. Serbian league still isn't amazing, but because I've been doing so well in the CL other teams have gotten more money from CL spots and are bringing in 4.5 star quality regens for the past two years.
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/?5kcc6sabxvd0n68 ok this is from a game with alot of new guys I just bought and some 2nd and 3rd stringers.
  6. What's PKM, how do I find it and send it? Just beat real madrid for 4th straight european cup Ronaldo, Hulk, Schurlle, those players in the early rounds, all had 3-4 wide open runs from midfield they skied over the bar per game Opposing teams have their tactics set now where they got 3 attackers waiting at midfield line with my one defender. This should wind up loads of 3v1 breakaways but that happens maybe once every 5 games My DM is 19 tackling fast+good work rate, seems to win every 1v1, but it works when I put less strong DMs in too.
  7. The defensive wingers hug the touchline and provide the width that your wingbacks do, only they play higher up the field and provide more pressure. The team is set to play extremely narrow so the inside forwards start in the channels and then cut inside providing attacking runs for the target man to pass to. I experimented with more AMCs, but playing inside forwards instead I found lead to many more great goal scoring opportunities a match, thusly much higher scorelines, compared to when I used AMCs and they would just pass pass pass outside the box all game long. I experimented in the beginning with having a DLF/Trequartista who drops deep all the time like you described but too often it would just lead to millions of passes culminating in a shot outside the box. I stuck a good old fashioned physical target man up front instead and the formation just became unplayable for the AI seemingly. Just beat Jose Mourinho's Man City 5-0 in the Marakana. I have beaten man city 4 years in a row in the knockout rounds. This is abit ridiculous.
  8. on my red star I decided to make the most extreme attacking tactic possible because I was bored+too many amazing AMC regens coming in, so I created a 1-6-3 To my surprise instead of losing, my team got better. i have now won the European cup 3 times in a row using this tactic. and done a quadrouple 2 years in a row. It is --------------SK(A)----------------- ---------------DC(D)--------------- ---------------DM(D)-------------- DW(S)---------DLP(S)---------DW(S) -----------AM(A)---AP(S)----------- W(A)------------TM(A)---------IF(A) I dont play high work rate defenders in the DW positions, I play guys with all out winger stats and little defensive prowess. with short passing set on everyone, and little risks, DW hug touchline, W and IF cut inside. How can I describe this-the formation plays like barcelona only 3x as dominant, even against much more talented teams they are getting dominated. Surely a formation with one defender should get demolished, and yes the opposing team often gets 3-4 breakaways a game. However, the way the match engine works is for some reason if a play runs with the ball all they way from midfield they usually sky it over or miss the chance, no matter his stats or how easy the opportunity. My keeper is not godly. Aleksandar Kirovski is below average I'd say even, compared to other top Champions League keepers. Is this this a mistake in the engine? a 1-6-3 should be getting destroyed by everyone and instead the opposite is happening.
  9. Many a season. I never seen a team destroy a much stronger team one game and then get destroyed by a much weaker team the next. Never in my 22 years of living
  10. because if I can put in 6 against city in their own home while controlling the game, I assume I'd be able to do the same against a much weaker Partizan team.
  11. On my red star belgrade save, this bizarre results just happened. CL Quarterfinals second leg, first leg was 0-0 in the Marakana. This leg is City of Manchester and I'm sure I will lose anyway so I invent an extreme attacking tactic on the spot-my team has no preparation in this tactic with 2 strikers and 4 attacking midfielders and 3 in the back-We win 6-2 away to one of the richest most talented teams in Europe. WTF? So next game is against Partizan AWAY, I decide to use the same tactic, the one that just murdered manchester city in their own homes-and I lose 4-1. Um..how does this happen, that a tactic that kills one of the best teams in Europe can't even beat a mediocre Serbian League team?
  12. This guy is probably the greatest striker I have ever seen play the game (I'm only 22). Does anyone remember what his stats looked like on FM? 2 footed 18+anticipation and composure 17+off the ball 20 Finishing 20 first touch is what I'm guessing he must have been the perfect striker
  13. Ok last game was ridiculous, I had 3 injury substitutions and then two of the subs who came on got injured, this wound up with me ending the game with 9 men. 2 of those injuries are long term, 2 months long. Before that, my backup striker and AMC went down for 2 months. It's 2015, I never had injury problems like this before. It's october and I did my usual preseason routine of conditioning and they currently have light position training. What can I do to prevent all these injuries? My squad is not exactly huge-perhaps I need to rotate more?
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