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  1. have you made further changes to the 451 TC for the new patch (beyond RWB for MCR?). I am having mixed results with it since the new patch but not using as a plug and play.
  2. thanks man will give it a shot soon. have a good xmas!
  3. knap have you got another download link, cant get the current one to work at al.
  4. ive played a few more games and got some wins. changed DR/L and AML/R to tight man marking to stop AI wingers/ full backs running riot. otherwise is 100% TC. what other changes did you make for new patch?
  5. knap you have retested the original 451 you did since the recent update? its a lot less effective for me post-update (esp when playing defensive away) wonder if you have found it the same?
  6. Did you test the 451 with a DLF and inside forwards? Curious as to whether you think Wingers and AF work better on this patch. I have unticked width so it adjusts with mentality changes and results are still good.
  7. yes, although i downloaded it from post 1043 a while back, but post 1115 is more recent so go with that.
  8. i tried the 451 as a plug and play with bad results. i have since tried using the tactic with the following strategies with excellent results, taking my shrewsbury side from bottom of the league into a playoff spot in february: away large underdogs- rigid/ defensive away slight underdogs- rigid/ defensive away large favourites- rigid/ counter home large favourites- balanced/attacking home slight favourites- rigid/ attacking or balanced (depending on oppo strength) home slight underdogs- balanced/ standard. I just realised that there is a fixed width and have unticked this so that width
  9. Only just downloaded the 4-5-1 and will test tonight. If i use shouts will let you know how i get on with them. In FMC i’ve found morale a struggle (no team talks/interaction/press) and keep missing chances/ conceding basic goals. Will be interesting to see if your tactic changes that.
  10. Keep the TC tactics coming for those of us playing FMC (classic don’t work in FMC)!!
  11. Is it possible to preload shouts into a tactic in FMC? If it is I cant see the option?
  12. Yes- loversleaper mentioned it in his "Implementing...." thread.
  13. Is it possible to play FM and also see your windows toolbar, so you could just minimise FM and go back to desktop, then return to FM? (i think i have seen screenshots where people have this). If so, how do you do it??
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