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  1. Welcome to the FM family then It's not quite as simple as formation A > Formation B, so having backroom staff suggesting diffeent formations for each match wouldn't really mean anything. That's why the focus is instead on pointing out the other clubs strengths - working out how to counter those has led to literally thousands of tactical discussions both on this forum and others. As a new user to FM i'd certainly recommend taking a look at the Tacticla Forum here, as well as some of the other community sites that have built up alongside FM. FM- Britain, Los Wonderkids, etc.
  2. Your exactly the type of person this is designed for. And don't worry there are many people suffering from 'tactical ineptitude', although most don't realise it;) There are already plans to further develop the system in later incarnations of the game, but your input after using it for a while will be invaluable.
  3. I can't speak for the FM Handbook, but in terms of having access to the best and most up to date information on the changes coming and how best to use them i would highly recommend some fo the following: The FML Online Manual A constantly updated source guide for all the features in FML, that will also apply the shared features with FM. The Online Manual Forum The ideal forum to ask about or highlight areas of the manual that are incomplete or unclear. GameWorldOne Probably the best overseeing website concerning FML that also has great input (and regular clarifications) from some of those involved with developing the new tactics creator. FM-Britan One of the better sites for all information about FM - certain that there will be plenty of information available there on all the new changes coming in FM'10
  4. At risk of flaring things up again, although i'd say this is turning into one of the most constructive threads i've seen for some time. I do have a question though. Much of the discussion above refers to zonal marking and a player picking up the opposition which enters there area, which is fine. But, what about when 2 opponents enter that players zone ? Isn't that where man marking would tend to kick in, in reference to which of the two he would more closely follow ? Even given that another defender would abandon his zone to come in support, there's still an issue of who picks up who - does anyone know how the ME sorts that issue ?
  5. It doesn't really go into the why, but the new system highlights a number of attributes for each position and these change dependant on the role and duty selected within. Hopefully this gives people an indication of which position/role/duty best suit the player they want to place there. They should also assist in defining what the role is about through the changing emphasis on different attributes.
  6. Yes it's available in FML now, not the full version as it's continued to develop and more will be available after the next update (1.3) to FML. But certainly enough to give you a clear picture of what it is and how it can be used. No offense taken It's not a matter of not understanding the rest of your post, i just didn't see it as relevant. wwfan has itemised a response though so i'll leave it at that. But i disagree with your assertion the 'wizard' is TT&F, it's based on those principles but it goes beyond them with the freedom it allows you.
  7. It does make sense, and this is what the new tactical interface and wizard offer you. Not sure what you were on about with the rest of your post, but the paragraph i've quoted pretty much sums up how the new system works. I think there is a lot of confusion in this thread about what TT&F is all about. I don't agree with wwfan on exactly how any formation should be worked, like Rashidi posted above, we have our different views on player roles on specific settings, etc. But as a holistic approach to develoiping an initial tactic TT&F works - more than that it makes sense. What a lot of people in this thread appear to be ignoring is that the new system doesn't develop a TT&F style tactic for you - it just gives you a base and options designed around the underlying tenets of TT&F.
  8. I use 5 basic tactics under the new system, covering 3 different formations (with options for which players i choose for a specific match) and none of them have free role's assigned !
  9. I wish it was, it was something i had been useing a for long time prior to the new tactical interface. Succesful in holding onto a 1-0 lead, but definitely not a match winner on it's own ! Interesting thread this, on the one hand it reminds me i should spend more time in this forum - then it reminds me why i don't So why am i here ? Some input on the new tactical interface, (for those that don't know) as a moderator in FML i've seen first hand why this new interface was needed, and what effect it's having. First up FML has shown the vast majority of people that play FM have very little idea on what they are doing tactically ! Not all, but many, people just don't understand the interplay required within the slider structure. This has the unpleasant effect of many people feeling lost when it comes to understanding why they lose matches - of course it can't be there tactics The biggest difference between FML and FM is the oppositions tactics, i think most here would agree that FM is reasonably predictable in terms of what the opposition will attempt on the pitch. FML is far from it, playing against real people using everything they can imagine creates a whole new range of situations to counter and react to - which brings on problem number two - most people simply don't know how to react in match. The new tactical interface tackles both of these issues, and has had some dramtic results in the short time since it was rolled out into live FML worlds. What does it do ? Contrary to much of the speculation in this thread, it doesn't limit your choices at all, it ensures your tactic starts of in a balanced and sensible manner. Of course you can still undo much of the balance, adapt every aspect to the way you wanted, but your tactic won't be unbalanced because of something of you didn't do ! It also encourages mid match interaction with the opposition, by presenting a range of easily identifiable "shouts" or touchline instructions, it makes it a more natural process of reacting to match situations - and for the most part the effects can be seen immediately. TT&F - A lot of nonsense in this thread about TT&F, and it's power to infiltrate the game. To clarify some of what's been said (and ignored) already, TT&F was chosen as the base (that is starting point) for this new system - because it makes sense ! That is TT&F as a fundamental philosophy that suggests 11 players on the pitch should play as a team, and not as 11 individual players. At it's core that's what TT&F is, and that's how it has been used in the new tactical interface. Beyond that the system has developed, with input from many people (a little of mine too ). So all the stuff about having to play vs wwfan,et al, is seriously nonsense, that would make the new FM far too easy ! One area touched on earlier in this thread which gives FM a "robotic" feel, the ME includes all information into any calculation of any situation to determine what may happen. A big part of this (and a large part of what makes FML so much harder) is the limitations of the AI in FM. By having the AI use this new system, and therefore giving it access to around 2 million tactical variations, hopefully it will create a greater degree of variation in both what happens on the pitch and in what you will need to do to succeed. Non-human teams have just been added to FML Beta so bit early to tell how successfully the AI can utilise the new system, but if it's as good as hoped it may be enough to get me to return to FM. For now though, nothing matches the tactical diversity seen in FML - but this new system could change all that. Some suggestions (concerns) raised regards the system being optional in terms of user created instructions and philosophies, and this was certainly considered when the idea was initially discussed. I've no doubt it will happen in some way in the future, but then i see this new interface as the beginnings of a revolution in the way FM/FML is played - not just a mask for the ME. Bottom line is it's been overwhelmingly accepted throughout FML, and i'm sure once you get to play with it most of you will agree - but for those that don't everything that's currently available is still there.
  10. Not sure what the usage is, but it's fairly minimum - will probably alter based on what activity you are performing within the game. One area that may be of concern is the client download, around 17mb for the client and 10mb for the skin. These need to be downloaded after each update, which can be frequent in early stages of an update.
  11. One of the suggestions for FML is to allow you to pre-set certain tactical changes, substitutions, etc. based on time of match or score line. While still just an idea at this stage if/when it comes to FML it could conceivably also be added to FM to give you more control over youth/reserve matches.
  12. An interesting thread so far, always good to see the passion people have for the game (FM or FML) even if it's occasionally misguided. Personally not overly interested in FM (since FML started) so i don't spend much time in this area of the forums, but now that FML and it's upgrades have become a topic for discussion here i thought i'd add my piece. The new tactical wizard for FML is a great innovation, brought about largely by the confusion many people have with understanding how the various tactical controls in the current system interact with each other. Any suggestion that it's some sort of power trip, or conspiracy from Richard and Millie is laughable at best. There desire to assist people understand the inner workings of the FM tactical system is obvious and stretches across many community forums. The TT&F is possibly the best guide around in terms of explaining how to make a consistent and sensible tactic, and the framework laid out within it is a very helpful clarification of what's happening when you make tactical adjustments. For those who haven't seen the Wizard (and it's obvious those attacking it here haven't) i'd strongly recommend you read the blog by Marc Duffy (linked above) and take Ov up on the offer of Beta testing. Essentially it's an improvement on default tactical design, using some fairly basic descriptive choices it allows anyone to create a sensibly constructed tactic for the style of play they would like their team to adopt. It doesn't replace any of the old tactical adjustments, it just offers a different way of accessing them (through language rather than sliders) and well done to who ever managed to code a 50 page guide into six short steps Again the criticisms in this thread are bizarre to say the least, at this stage it's an additional option - not a replacement, so i fail to see how it will negatively impact on anyone's FM experience. First up FML doesn't require the purchasing of any upgrades, it's all inclusive. How exactly the wizard affects the tactical skill system, and what parts if any are skill dependant is part of the Beta testing, and there are a range of opinions on both sides about how it should be implemented.
  13. In FML we pay our players daily - and this is the FML Forums !