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  1. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    Post-Match Press Conference Press: Mr. Henno are you happy with how your team has performed in the first 3 games of the season? Chairman: Yes, of course. I believe C.Ancelotti is doing a very good job with the limited ammount of players available to him. Press: You decided to draft M.Harewood to your squad and he managed to score in his debut. Are you happy with his performance? Chairman: M.Harewood is a great player and he is determined to do his best for our team. Press: Your team seems to play very attacking football. Would you say that it's the strongest point of your team? Chairman: We are leading the league in goals scored and I'm certain it's because our team is perfectly balanced in every aspect of the game. Press: Thank you for answering to these questions. Chairman: No problem at all.
  2. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    Saku FC drafts Marlon Harewood.
  3. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    Another win for Saku!! Too bad we dropped out of the league cup so early though:(
  4. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    Yes!!! 5-3!!! I knew I could trust Suarez to do the goalscoring for my team. The last goal was brilliant!
  5. The Rise To Glory !

    Great!! I'm the starting mc now.
  6. The Rise To Glory !

    Will you post each players profile individually to see how they have improved?
  7. SPORTS.tv presents: Top2Bottom (FM11)

    Can't believe my manager hasn't signed anyone yet... Maybe he will in august?
  8. Great!! I played in 1 game...
  9. First Name: Oskar Last Name: Henno Common Name: Full Name: Oskar Henno D.O.B.: 13.05 City: Tallinn Nation: Estonia Preferred Number: 99 Position: GK 5 Primary Attributes: Aerial ability, one on ones, reflexes, penalty taking, positioning 3 Secondary Attributes: determination, composure, concentration 7 Tertiary Attributes: agility, anticipation, jumping, natural fitness, communication, rushing out, handling PPM (Max 2): Personal Survey: G.Buffon
  10. Sure, I'll make a new sign-up form in a minute.
  11. The Rise To Glory !

    First name: Oskar Last Name: Henno Full Name: Oskar Henno D.O.B: (Day and month only, because all players will be 16 year old) 13.05 Nationality: Estonia Town: Tallinn Preferred Number: 13 Position: DM Secondary Position: M© 6 Highest (main) Attributes: decisions, technique, flair, work rate, stamina, passing 6 Secondary Attributes: marking, tackling, teamwork, determination, decisions, concentration Weight: 80 Height: 180
  12. First Name: Oskar Last Name: Henno Common Name: Full Name: Oskar Henno D.O.B.: 13.05 City: Tallinn Nation: Estonia Preferred Number: 4 Position: DR 5 Primary Attributes: positioning, determination, technique, flair, composure 3 Secondary Attributes: marking, crossing, pace 7 Tertiary Attributes: acceleration, stamina, work rate, teamwork, passing, heading, decisions PPM (Max 2): runs with ball down right flank, gets forward whenever possible Personal Survey: Roberto Carlos
  13. FM11: Top2Bottom

    fergysafc, how much do you want for marcelo??
  14. Cornwall with another half table finish in the 3rd division....
  15. FM11: Top2Bottom