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  1. Post-Match Press Conference Press: Mr. Henno are you happy with how your team has performed in the first 3 games of the season? Chairman: Yes, of course. I believe C.Ancelotti is doing a very good job with the limited ammount of players available to him. Press: You decided to draft M.Harewood to your squad and he managed to score in his debut. Are you happy with his performance? Chairman: M.Harewood is a great player and he is determined to do his best for our team. Press: Your team seems to play very attacking football. Would you say that it's the strongest point of your team? Chairman: We are leading the league in goals scored and I'm certain it's because our team is perfectly balanced in every aspect of the game. Press: Thank you for answering to these questions. Chairman: No problem at all.
  2. Saku FC drafts Marlon Harewood.
  3. Another win for Saku!! Too bad we dropped out of the league cup so early though:(
  4. Yes!!! 5-3!!! I knew I could trust Suarez to do the goalscoring for my team. The last goal was brilliant!
  5. Great!! I'm the starting mc now.
  6. Will you post each players profile individually to see how they have improved?
  7. Can't believe my manager hasn't signed anyone yet... Maybe he will in august?
  8. Great!! I played in 1 game...
  9. First Name: Oskar Last Name: Henno Common Name: Full Name: Oskar Henno D.O.B.: 13.05 City: Tallinn Nation: Estonia Preferred Number: 99 Position: GK 5 Primary Attributes: Aerial ability, one on ones, reflexes, penalty taking, positioning 3 Secondary Attributes: determination, composure, concentration 7 Tertiary Attributes: agility, anticipation, jumping, natural fitness, communication, rushing out, handling PPM (Max 2): Personal Survey: G.Buffon
  10. Sure, I'll make a new sign-up form in a minute.
  11. First name: Oskar Last Name: Henno Full Name: Oskar Henno D.O.B: (Day and month only, because all players will be 16 year old) 13.05 Nationality: Estonia Town: Tallinn Preferred Number: 13 Position: DM Secondary Position: M© 6 Highest (main) Attributes: decisions, technique, flair, work rate, stamina, passing 6 Secondary Attributes: marking, tackling, teamwork, determination, decisions, concentration Weight: 80 Height: 180
  12. First Name: Oskar Last Name: Henno Common Name: Full Name: Oskar Henno D.O.B.: 13.05 City: Tallinn Nation: Estonia Preferred Number: 4 Position: DR 5 Primary Attributes: positioning, determination, technique, flair, composure 3 Secondary Attributes: marking, crossing, pace 7 Tertiary Attributes: acceleration, stamina, work rate, teamwork, passing, heading, decisions PPM (Max 2): runs with ball down right flank, gets forward whenever possible Personal Survey: Roberto Carlos
  13. fergysafc, how much do you want for marcelo??
  14. Cornwall with another half table finish in the 3rd division....
  15. Confirmed.