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  1. love the game layout new features etc just the match engine letting it down now highscoring poor keeper mistakes etc bla bla bla everything everyone as already moaned and complained about, not playing it until its patched again ruining my season, quite happy to wait for the next patch/update. although finding out that my son was generated into the game from the youth intake which I haven't seen before haha, just a pitty he is terrible with hardly any potential.
  2. no you don't i am using the graphics and face packs from 14 on the beta so just move the files across, also done competition name fix too
  3. Wonderkids ?

    i have just started a new game with the 9.0.3 update i am aston villa, lookin to buy some youngsters to train up, anyone got any suggestions ?
  4. steam updated my football manager 2009 to 9.0.3 and now it just crashes when i try start a new game my old games can no longer be loaded and also i get a xml parsing error i tried what it says above but it just says file name and somet are differant hope anyone can help thank you