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  1. Gui Assulin

    Great talent if Nurtured right and can reach Messi's level from what i've seen
  2. Obviously already knew but good tutorial for newbies
  3. real fixtures 08/09

    Only licensed leagues have the real fixtures.
  4. Competition Game Times?

    Nope, pretty sure there's not.
  5. National Managerial Positions

    Go to manager options then make him control the under 21's
  6. All-Nighter Thread!!

    Warning for next time stevie J want you to put **PLAYER NAMING** in the title
  7. All nighter thread thought.

    I said "i see your point" ok im sorry if you got upset
  8. All nighter thread thought.

    i said i SEE HIS POINT but it is a bit petty compared with other things in the world
  9. All nighter thread thought.

    My previous post says it all
  10. All nighter thread thought.

    No offense but this a bit "petty" I see what you mean but Player Naming dissapointing you is rather bizzare.
  11. Sabbatical?

    To sum it up: Players can leave due to tiredness, not settling in and "personel" reasons REAL player can't leave due to a serious illness like cancer or say the death of a family member that kind of personel reason
  12. Default Style, Cut Out Facepacks

    Great contribution, this thread may not be stickyed but I for one say Thanks A Lot
  13. Sabbatical?

    Yes I know i've said that, Im saying they could'nt leave because "a death of a family member" or "A serious illness like cancer"
  14. ???

    Title is a bit "Myserious" and also he means Database and What database was it and have you done it before?
  15. Sabbatical?

    Read my previous post