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  1. Unfortunately I don't have a save prior and currently am a season further. I did gave other french players a trail again and offered a contract without the board blocking, so prior case might be an oddity? If I encounter others I will update you. Could you inform if the French player requirement for a Belgium team is a possible bug or intended? In previous season it made it difficult to get enough home grown players at times.
  2. Hello, I am playing Cercle Brugge and for an odd reason they want me to sign French Players and Players based in France. This is odd to start with since the club is a Belgian club and they reject me signing Belgian players despite struggling to find home grown players which are required to have 8 of in the active selection. Since they blocked me I gave a trail to a promises French GK that's young and only played in France. I decided to give him a contract, only for the board to reject it because "I haven't brought in enough players from France." Which must be a bug. The French GK adheres to all three signing requests: - French Players - Based in French - Under the age of 21 for the future Now I'm unsure how I'll manage to get in (decent) transfers or have a squad with enough home grown players for coming seasons (second year). I've added a screenshot. I did save my game too if desired. *edit* I have uploaded the save to the cloud as Arne69 Transfer bug save.fm
  3. This might be a bit trivial; but I would like the director of football to hunt down staff members and approach them (which is in the game) BUT I would like to be the one who finalizes the deal; just like signings for the first team for example.
  4. Hah! I use the browser refresh button with my mouse! The joke is on you!
  5. According to kinguin, where I bought the game from it will be tomorrow: http://www.kinguin.net/category/10661/football-manager-2015-2-weeks-early-access-pre-order-steam-key/
  6. Thank you for the update. Are those few loose ends hard nuts to crack or can you say almost with certainty the update will arrive next week? Sorry I'm fishing here. Gonna go back to my game as it's going pretty well now.
  7. I'd love to have a slap player option in FM. Not a hard slap, just a tiny, not that violent slap.
  8. Will do next match I see it happen. On another note: I've seen 2-3 times when a player gets injured and is down the ground and can't continue the players just keep playing instead of kicking the ball outside (and then returning it by passing it the the keeper of the opponent). In FM13 this happend a lot. Also best to upload a PKM and make a topic in the bug thread? (maybe I should upload anyway for another reason (graphical); the player goes to the ball, stands still; slaps his hands in his face and falls down injured. So pretty weird)
  9. Bump since it got lost in all the off topic chats here. A debate even about how much professional testers earn? Goes a bit too far.
  10. Determination, amongst others, often has a big influence on how a youngster will reach it's potential.
  11. I'm wondering if anyone else noticed the same: But in game I often notice if a player passes it often seems there is a lack of power in passing. When a player starts passing it starts good but then it suddely slows down a lot like it's barely gonna arrive on place, like there is no power. I don't think it's really a bug. Might just the graphics that are still a bit awkward. Who knows, might even just a feeling that I've. But I wonder: does anyone else think the same?
  12. Is that referee still alive? On a serious note: I always heard with chances like that referees gotta wait 'till the chance is finished. Did I hear wrong?
  13. Refs don't blow their whistle in the midst of a chance/goal. They wait for it to pass. (which is the case here if it's a graphical bug as Ackter said)
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