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  1. I would like to discuss to option to ask the GM to negotiate a contract offer with a specific staff target. For example, when I look to add new staff, I would like an option where I ask the TD of the club to negotiate an offer with said staff target. Often I find great staff members I would like to add to my club, but I'm less interested or skilled at negotiation wages than my TD. I feel other players might feel similarly. A possibility is to extend the staff shortlist alike "Transfer Targets" by the GM where I specify a staff target I am eyeing and tell the TD what role I want the staff member in. Then the TD can start negotiations on that base.
  2. Right now the transparency is really high making it hard to read for some managers. I understand the reason why but wonder if there is any option to lower the transparency at the will of the manager? Some of us have better eyes than others so being able to customize the transparency would help a lot I believe.
  3. In FM20 I picked Dorking and also played Hungersford. Though it was never too particularly challenging as I promoted sequentially. For the beta of FM21, I selected Braintree Town. I accidentally started a create-a-club and noticed this version had some additional information. Braintree Town is the only team who has a Squad Budget less than $200,000. They also have the lowest Squad Size. Next to that, my quota for selecting a team were having not better than poor training and youth facilities, lowest youth coaching and recruitment and basic corporate facilities. Braintree does have a very good player in Alfie Payne. In the Beta I ended up 6th and promoting in the end in the first season. Thank you for the ideas of for example starting a newly promoted team. That might be interesting!
  4. I am looking for the most challenging team in Vanarama North/South that I want to bring all the way to the top. I am playing with settings in the Editor and was wondering what you all find the most challenging team. In the Editor I limited training and youth facilities, youth couching, youth recruitment to a maximum of 3. The contenders are (unless I am missing some): Braintree Town Concord Rangers Dorking Wanderers Hungerford Town Slough Town Tornbridge Angels
  5. I doubt it is hardware related. I use the exact same hardware as playing FM20. It might be related to database size. Maybe the optimizations are specific for smaller ones but I am just speculating.
  6. I play with big databases (bigger than Miles stated in his comparison). I do not expect a speedy game, but I feel there is a noticeable slower time on simulating time (hitting next). The matches are fine and the saves are indeed faster, just day-to-day is slower than FM20. This is however a beta, so I believe there might be further improvement.
  7. I loaded my previous uploaded file. It took some simulations to get the necessary win, but I got a save now right before the club vision meeting taking place. The save game uploaded is ArneH - Braintree - Vision-2.fm
  8. Same here. I promoted with Braintree playing an attacking high pressing soccer. Now the board wants me to continue play high pressing and possession, but also defensive which is highly contradictory to what I have been playing successfully. I was also unable to negotiate out of this. I do not have a save right before these negotiations. Closed I have is one match away from the promotion/ I have uploaded the save as ArneH - Braintree - Vision.fm
  9. You still can I believe. Before the match during the tactical meeting, before you click team selection. After the match it's in your inbox report, next to the weather icon.
  10. In addition, I think a very welcomed feature would to have a quick overview of the club finances (payroll budget, bank balance, ...)
  11. To my surprise when I selected "create a team mode" you could see information about "Squad budget" and "Squad size," next to "Information" and "History." This information is not available when starting a normal career game. I think it would be an easy implementation to add this information when selecting a team in normal career games. This would give us detailed focused persons more information selecting a team. For example I am looking for a team that is very bad off. Knowing which team has the lowest budget aids in that decision.
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