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    I purchased football manger 2009 just after it was released. I activated it through steam and have been playing it ever since recently. It has stopped working. Everytime I try and load the game I keep getting the message SI intaller has stopped working. Then I get asked to type in my code which I do then A a message comes up saying the program football manager 2009 had to close. I have tried all the recomended things on the technical forums. I have un-installed all the game files of my computer then re-installed the game. But I keep getting the same message SI installer has stopped working. I have downloaded your football manager 2009 activate tool. But this has not solved the problem. I keep getting the error code 255. I have trawled through all your support forums and have not found a solution to this problem. I have rung Sega's support line twice only to be on hold for over an hour both times and give up on anybody answering me. I really enjoying playing this game online with my mate and I'm baffelled to why it has suddenly stopped working when I have been playing it ok since october November time. Please sort this out for me. When I pay £30 for a game I don't expect it to stop working after 6 months. I'm gutted. Rich. Rich.