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  1. Seems like a cool idea to me. FM might be the first game to offer any kind of simulation of the effects of Brexit - shame this wasn't available before the referendum... It'll be fun to see how people's saves go after Brexit - will it make the UK leagues stronger, will UK players improve and/or go up in value? Conversely, perhaps it kills the popularity of the English league as star players prefer or have to play elsewhere, and the Premier league disappears into obscurity. There seem like many scenarios that could eventually play out.
  2. On this point, I think you can use a VPN to at least activate the game on Steam - I'm not certain if you would have to VPN all the time after that, or I guess you could run offline in steam.
  3. I'm in China but get mine through steam using a UK credit card - not a solution you can use I guess. I've used a website called G2A before to get steam keys - they claim to have FM 2017 here https://www.g2a.com/football-manager-2017-steam-cd-key-preorder-global.html However, while I've used that site I do so with caution because it is a key reselling website and there may be dodgy dealers. I think there are steam store gift cards - can you purchase though through an online seller and apply them to your UK steam account? Amazon.com seems to accept international credit cards or try one of the reputable card reselling sites - they usually work but you may have to pay a commission on the purchase. I've used http://www.pcgamesupply.com/Gift-Cards/Steam-Gift-Card/ before and they seem reliable but may take a while to accept your credit card. Good Luck!
  4. you could probably use a VPN too - that encrypts all data from your machine so they wouldn't know what you were running. But the offline mode is the easiest way of course.
  5. It is a tricky one to go to a rival team as a manager. Once I get a few players with me as a favoured person, moving on does become a bit tougher. However, since I play almost exclusively as a Journeyman, I tend to change teams early in the first few seasons until I get to a "decent" team. Often I'll start in a small foreign league, take a team and try and do well - first season over, move to a bigger team, one or two seasons jump again etc. Once I get into a team in one of the top leagues (having earned my way there I like to think) then I'll settle at a club and try to move to a continuous development role and hope to eventually get a shot at a major country national manager. So, I guess in your situation I wouldn't have stayed as long at Oxford in the first place but as things stand, I wouldn't move from Oxford to Reading - I'd hold out (or perhaps even start sniffing around for) a Premiership team or perhaps look to the continent for a top side to manage.
  6. Steam is used for the vast majority of game releases now. If it wasn't Steam, it'd be something like it since all the major publishers use a digital content delivery system. Why is it that way? Piracy. Also, steam doesn't cause any of those problems - it's something else on your system.
  7. I don't understand.... My scout shows the player personality and right below it the squad personality. That's all that's required isn't it? The text around those words in FM12 is just boilerplate as far as I remember.
  8. The game itself is quite complicated because there are so many aspects much of which can be micromanaged. The biggest conceptual difference from US sports when looking at football in Europe, is that there is no protectionism and Capitalism rules - that is to say, players sign contracts with a club to play for, they aren't drafted. If another club wants a player, they pay the player's club money to buy them out of the contract (the transfer fee and associated clauses), once that deal is done, the prospective club talks direct to the player direct about the wage deal and associated fees so transfers are a 2step process. So compared to say the MLS or other US sports, the draft system is missing and is replaced with rules about how many foreigners, under 21s etc you may have and when you may conduct transfers and so on. When you start the game it's these rules you'll run into first. You can get an idea of the rules of the league you're in by checking the team Registration page btw. The tactical side can play itself if you just use default formations, but you may not get optimal results from this. In terms of other bits of the game, if you hire staff (even bad ones) in the various roles, you can automate much of what happens anyway, leaving you free to focus on the bits you want to understand. Get an Assisitant Manager and Director of Football to deal with the media, team talks and transfers for example. Get a Head scout to send your scouts on assignment. I wouldn't worry about the quality of the personnel initially - if you start with a low club, they'll be pretty poor anyway. Then you can focus on playing the games and maybe cherry picking some players that you like to fill out your formation.
  9. I'm seeing quite a lot of sackings but then again I guess it depends on how many leagues you've got running.
  10. I recommend the Australian League. Firstly it's not really fair to describe it as LLM - just a league with less status than the Euro ones. However, the season is short (only 27 games for the main part), the teams are pretty even, there are limits on what players you can have any way so being cash strapped won't necessarily leave you stuck. Despite the limits on players you can still dabble in the transfer market, get decent backroom staff and try out pretty much every aspect of the game without much in the way of consequences even if you do fairly bad - well you might get sacked I guess. Finally, if you happen to do well, you gain a disproportionate amount of rep from it - as a journeyman manager I have jumped from there to decent clubs in europe and brought a good rep with me. Certainly a good place to learn the game and with so few matches, a season can be compelted quickly too.
  11. The boxed versions still have a code. You don't need to use the disk.
  12. You think this poll would show a negative response? For every post here where someone complains there are several where people address those complaints. Add to that that there are enough people lurking who don't have an axe to grind but are looking around for data.... I'd expect a positive poll personally.
  13. I see the player personality and the squad personality for comparison on the scout report page. EDIT : Whoops was actually responding to this comment "I was previously told that scouting for a longer period would bring more detail but it doesn't. Now, we only get the personality description (balanced / professional / ambitious / etc) whereas we would previously get a comparison between the player and your squad, e.g. your squad is of an ambitious nature and x player would fit in well."
  14. You said "My tactic seems to lose all shape away from home, while my players lose all their individual attributes." So um, well yeah. Anyway good luck fella.
  15. You don't play a different tactic away than at home? Even in the hallowed 2012, that was a no-no.
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