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  1. Yep, the nation youth rating, rep, etc and for the league it's 200 and the team are 10,000 rep but the players they create are poor quality and not well balanced in terms of their attributes like they'll have >15 pace, aggression and long shots but every other attribute is 10 or less.
  2. Hi guys, my question is this: I created a league in a non-playable country and i edited that country to be the best at everything so it would produce good players to make the league interesting. I also edited all of the clubs and gave them lots of money and state of the art academies and training facilities but every time i start a game, the created players are poor quality, why is this?
  3. AI Formations: A Visual Guide

    Excellent, very helpful!
  4. Co-Ownership

    Is it possible to have a newly created league use co-ownership like its done in Serie A?
  5. Yeah same here, would love to have a look at the DB.
  6. Which club has the best youth setup?

    Actually i think what happens is, after you choose a club, your board has to then go and negotiate a deal with that club. So if you've been given an option to choose a club and you go and pick Barca or a team with a high reputation more often than not they'll reject the deal!
  7. The Director of Football

    One of the benefits of this game style is that it is a lot faster which as you mention leads to good career games. I used to keep quitting in the middle of saves and starting new ones due to boredom but with this I've found I can stick to a save longer and progress further than I normally would. When it comes to picking your assistant, he is the main man so you need to get it right and constantly monitor little things like who plays regularly, how often he rotates, etc. In one save i found that i had an assistant who rarely rotated, and so the majority of the players i bought for him were not being played and therefore in poor spirits and having a negative effect on the whole team, the next season i sold players in order to have a smaller squad, and we had a surprisingly successful season with only 19 players making an appearance all season! Another thing i like about being a DoF is it forces you to be somewhat realistic in the way you sell players. For example in my Juve save, i tried to do what most people do and that is sell the likes of Iaquinta, Amauri, Pazienza, Grosso etc but was unable to so put them in the reserves until i could try to sell them again in January. What i found though, was that my assistant was using those player regularly in his team, with Iaquinta scoring 8 goals by January, so i left them and we won the title at seasons end and all of the above players had contributed to it, depsite me wanting to sell them!
  8. Hello all! I thought I'd share a game style that i've been experimenting with, namely playing as a Director of Football, or Sporting Director or whichever term you prefer. Now the idea behind this is that your assistant manager would handle all of the day to day footballing matters, including game days whereas you as the DoF would have a more overarching role. The ground rules that i've laid out for myself are as follows: 1~During the pre season i will be signing players and staff, while the assistant will be in charge of friendlies and match preparation. 2~During the season i will holiday to the first of every month, and play for only that day if possible. So when i check in on the 1st of October for example, i'd check our results and performance over the month of September, have a meeting with my backroom staff, see what the scouts have found etc, and then holiday to November 1st where i'd repeat the process. 3~The month of January is the only month during the season that i'll go through in full, but on match days during this month i will take a 1 day holiday so as not to interfere with the assistant manager. 4~ When i holiday i dont set a formation or a line up for the assistant, these must be his responsibilities. The assistant is in essence your manager and as such his hiring, and if need be firing, are your responsibility, so its imperative that you monitor the teams performance monthly so as to keep on top of whats going on with your club. When it comes to picking an assistant the key info to look for is his playing formation and style as this will set the foundations for your recruitment of players. --------------------------------------- Lets look at my assistant at Juve, Mr Valter Di Salvo. As you can see his preferred formation is a 4-4-2, his preferred style of pressing is closing down, he likes a balanced, passing style of play and he likes to use a zonal marking system. Now what does this mean to you? Well what it means is when you leave Mr Di Salvo to manage a game for you, he is going to use players in the following positions: GK,DR,DL,DC,DC,MR,ML,MC,MC,ST,ST. So your responsibility as a DoF is to identify which players already at your club can be used in this system and which cant. The players that can't, you need to sell in order to bring in players that can play in your system. When you look to bring in players you need to look beyond just their position, to see how they fit the ass man's style, so for instance at Juve i would need to bring in players who have good stamina and workrate as Di Salvo likes to close down a lot, i also need players who are comfortable passing the ball as he prefers a passing style. Different assistants will have different styles that you need to cater to in order to bring success to your club. In another save, i was at Palermo and my ass man was Mr Roberto Rizzo. As you can see Mr Rizzo is an adherent to the 4-3-3 formation so i would need to ensure that i have players who play in that formation and style Let me know if you'd like to try this out, or indeed if anyone has already tried this out let me know how you're getting on. Feel free to ask me any questions!
  9. FM12: Juventus FC - Welcome Home

    After leading all season long we unbelievably let an 8 point lead slip. I mean dropping points to Chievo, Lecce & Catania was bad enough, we then missed an opportunity to avenge our earlier loss to Udinese at home [which would later prove crucial]. The worst part was losing 3 straight against Bologna, Siena & a Roma who would finish 10th, hardly a murderers row. Despite winning our last game, we finished level on points with Udinese and by virtue of their superior head to head record they finished above us and took the title. Despite winning the TIM Cup I was still very disappointed, seeing as we had the title in our hands before gifting it to Udinese. Our main problem was goalscoring or a lack of it as we relied to heavily on Matri and our midfielder's to provide goals, whereas Del Piero, Quagliarella & Vucinic were very poor. Vucinic played 25 games last season, averaged a rating of 6.6 and didn't score a single goal. Quagliarella played less games but scored 2 goals at least while Alex provided a solid 10 goals and 11 assists. I had already taken steps to rectify our problems in front of goal in January thinking it wasn't too big of a problem. I had signed Alberto Paloschi & Yaya Sanogo to 5 year deals starting from July, but after the season ended and our newly installed board gave me €50M to play with I mortgaged our future with two big deals. I firstly bought a want away Carlos Tevez for €16.75M before adding Leandro Damiao for a huge €30M. This transfers were risky for two reasons firstly Tevez's transfer was risky because of his personality, and Damiao's was risky because of the money. In order to bolster the midfield i had signed Andrea Bertolacci on a free transfer, but i relaised i would need another body to really ensure that no injuries of bad form could derail us it did last season, so i signed Ilicic's compatriot Armin Bacinovic from Palermo for a steep €11M. In order to finance these transfers obviously people had to leave with the main ones being Vucinic to Napoli for €6.5M, Quagliarella to Valencia for €5M and Krasic to Palermo for €5M. For this season we start as the favourites for the title and also play in the Champions League after a brief abence. Due to our absence we were put in a pretty difficult group alongside Sevilla, Dortmund and Man Utd.
  10. FM12: Juventus FC - Welcome Home

    Lichtsteiner has got 8 yellows & 2 reds in 17 games so yeah its slightly worrying, i have got my eye on Bertolacci, because as you said he would be a great fit for me. In terms of Elia he was bought for €9M and sold 6 months later for the same price, he didnt play any games for me and he kept complaining of being homesick so i was happy to get the same price for him [despite it being a loss due to his wages during the 6 months]. Valencia can buy Pepe for €2.4M any time during his loan so hopefully they take that option. Milos Krasic is proving impossible to shift as all the teams keep saying his wage demands are too high [€3.2M p/a], so I'll have to try my best during the summer to shift him and it's most probably going to be at a bad loss, the same goes for Iaquinta, teams are being put off by his wages so he's another one ill have to take a loss on. When it comes to Toni & Amauri they both said they are going to leave on a Bosman in the summer so i''l look at it as a €12.25M coming in, because that's their wages combined!
  11. Josip Ilicic - Slovenian Maestro

    @moon_goat: You are exactly right, i've lost count of the amount of times he's scored a game winner or just bossed a game completely, just a class player!
  12. FM12: Juventus FC - Welcome Home

    As a fan of La Vecchia Signora I was reluctant to play as them because we're playing so well in real life and so i didnt want to tamper with the team in FM. However i eventually got sucked in and so here i am sharing my story with fellow Juventinis! Here are my transfers: Some rationale: Luca Antonelli In real life Chiellini has been playing left back this season but i prefer to play him at DC, so I signed Antonelli to compete to be my left back with De Ceglie. Lorenzo De Silvestri I signed Silvestri to provide some cover for Lichtsteiner as i dont feel Motta is good enough for that. Davide Astori Despite having a solid pairing of Chiellini and Bonucci/Barzagli, i felt it would be better to acquire a DC with potential, as you need more than 3 DCs in a squad,but also as a nod to the future with Barzagli hardly being the youngest in the squad. I know there is Sorensen & Gouano in the youth teams but i feel Astori could be one of the best DCs in Europe going forward so i made the move. Josip Ilicic I liked the look of this player as a central midfielder who could provide an attacking dimension. Giacomo Bonaventura I see him being played in the same role as Ilicic, either alongside him or as a replacement for him. Federico Casarini Another young central midfielder who i feel can provide energy and creativity from the bench this season. In terms of transfers out i am sure the sales of Pepe and Elia will raise eyebrows but my tactics will explain. Here are my tactics: As you can see the tactic requires 4 central midfielders hence the signings of Ilicic et al and also doesnt need any wingers, hence the sales of Elia & Pepe. Here is the league table after 23 games: As you can see we have a pretty impressive defence made up of Buffon-Lichtsteiner-Astori-Chiellini-Antonelli. Stats so far: As mentioned above our defence has been outstanding but a couple of other players who have impressed so far are: Ilicic- 9 goals and 9 assists and an Avg Rating of 7.50 which is the best in the league! Matri- Has been our main striker with 13 goals and 6 assists along with 4 MOM awards. Marchisio-Has been our driving force all season with his energetic displays and goalscoring form. Pirlo- Has been pulling the strings as evidenced by his 8 assists. A couple of questions for you guys, Do you find Lichtsteiner collects an absurd amount of yellow cards? How on earth can i sell any of Toni, Iaquinta, Amauri?? Their wages combined are €17M p/y!!!
  13. I bought Ilicic for Juve for roughly €5M from Palermo, and he has been a revelation in central midfield. I have his instructions set to Adv Playmaker who attacks and he's responded with 10 goals and 10 assists in 22 games, and been generally outstanding with an league leading Avg Rating of 7.50. I think €5M for a then 23 year old, with these attributes and performances is an absolute steal. Anyone else have any experience with Ilicic, whose name i haven't really heard being mentioned?