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  1. What role, duty and instructions do you use for the full backs/wing backs to get the wide midfielders to move inside?
  2. Have you has any experiences with Get Further Forward? Also, I assist this is using a Wide Midfielder on Attack duty? Or do you also use Support? I'm also wondering if any PPMs could be used to get the wanted behavior. I'm guessing "cuts inside" and "Gets forward when possible" isn't much of a point because you can just use the respective PIs?
  3. Hello everybody, I'm currently setting up a Defensive 4141 tactic. Defensively, it seems solid. However, I'm wondering how I get enough players in dangerous positions, more specifically how to get the wide midfielders closer to the box when not on the ball. Do you have any tips? What combination of Cut Inside/Cross Less Often/Roam From Position/Move Into Channels/Play Narrower etc. seems to work to get them in dangerous positions?
  4. Hello, I play a 4312 formation. When playing against big sides, I'd like my strikers to mark the opposition full backs. In open play, the marking works. However, when the opposition has a goal kick, the strikers don't move to mark the opposition full backs until the keeper plays the ball. If the opposition keeper has Defender Collect (which the big sides often have), what often happens is that the keeper plays the ball to a full back (who is not marked), and before my striker gets to the full back, he plays the ball on to a MLR or AMLR. Is there a way to actually have players on the full backs before the keeper plays the ball, while still using strikers? I don't want to change to a formation with AMLR just to mark full backs against big sides.
  5. This tactic is effective, but most importantly a lot of fun. I used to play a 4-4-2, but I got sick and tired of seing the wingers failing at passing their man. I really like all the forward runs and through balls I'm getting out of this tactic. Luckily for me, I had two very good WBs and a lot of AMCs to play around with. My major concern is what to do when the opposition switches to 4-2-4. What happens is that the midfield will hit direct passes to the wingers, who run onto the ball and pass into the box. Also, the strategy seems more effective at home, but it seems every tactic has that problem.