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  1. For years, my policy for picking my team for a match has been to avoid choosing players who are "Tired", i.e. Condition below 90. I'm currently playing FM17 (Touch), and The AI seem to have little qualms about starting tired players. Often, I see little change in the player's performance. What are your preferences when you select your team? Do you play Tired players?
  2. I always assumes training Quickness trained both Acceleration and Pace. However, when I choose Quickness as a training focus, only the Pace attribute is marked. Is this a bug? Does Quickness train both Acceleration and Pace?
  3. Hello everyone, I've just started on a new FM Touch save with Leeds, and I'm looking for potential replacements for my Chief Scout. His Size of Scouting Team is 4. When I go looking for new Chief Scouts, I see that some of them has a scouting team of 0 - especially people without a current job. If this is the case, I have to get a Chief Scout that currently has a job somewhere else. My questions: 1. Will the people with a scouting team of 0 gain a scouting team if they start working for me, or will they continue having 0 scouts? 2. I can't seem to find a way to search or sort by size of scouting team. I have to click every person to see their Size of Scouting Team. 3. Do you know if the Chief Scout's Adaptability and Determination will affect his scouts' performance? I've only played regular FM before, and there it was important to have scouts with high Adaptability and Determination in addition to JPA and JPP.
  4. Hello everyone, a quick question about the PPM "Plays Short Simple Passes": I have a player with this PPM that I want to be the deep pivot in my team. I want him to be a deep lying playmaker - also passing long when the ball is on. Do you have any experience in how much the PPM affects his passing? I just tested having him as a DLP(d) with More Direct Passing and More Risky Passes in a friendly. I'm not sure about the results, but he didn't once try a through ball to one of my three attackers (playing 4132). Do you have any experience of getting those longer passes from a DLP? Should I train him in Tries Killer Passes or Likes to Switch the Ball?
  5. Blurry players

    Hello Alex, thank you you for the reply. It's a bit disappointing, but at least now I know there's nothing I can do about it.
  6. It worked! Wow, that was really helpful. Thank you for taking the time to write out that long and complicated answer.
  7. It worked, thank you! Is it possible to set the attribute thresholds in FM Touch, now that it's a separate game?
  8. Hello everyone, I'd like to bump this thread. I really like how Touch allows me to play a faster version of FM without removing the most fun parts (tactics, transfers, player development) ... but I really want to set the attribute colours and, preferably, thresholds. I tried editing settings.xml myself yesterday, but the changes didn't show ingame. Why aren't the new colours showing up? Are they hardcoded - in that case, why make them editable in the settings.xml file? Is there a skin cache I'm forgetting to empty?
  9. Blurry players

    Hello Alex, thank you for the quick reply. It turns out I have an iPad Air, not Air 2. My model name is MD793KN/A. Is it supposed to be this blurry with the iPad Air? FM Touch 2016 was both sharp and had no lagging.
  10. Blurry players

    Hello, I have the same problem with blurry players. My FM Touch 17 version is 14.2.0 (updated today), my iPad is an iPad Air 2. Look at these two pictures. The one with Norwich vs City is FMT17, the one with Barcelona vs Valencia is FMT16. Both pictures are from just now. I have rebooted my iPad, but I still get the blurryness on 14.2.0. What can I do? Edit: Just look at the ad boards. On FMT16 they are so sharp!
  11. What role, duty and instructions do you use for the full backs/wing backs to get the wide midfielders to move inside?
  12. Have you has any experiences with Get Further Forward? Also, I assist this is using a Wide Midfielder on Attack duty? Or do you also use Support? I'm also wondering if any PPMs could be used to get the wanted behavior. I'm guessing "cuts inside" and "Gets forward when possible" isn't much of a point because you can just use the respective PIs?
  13. Hello everybody, I'm currently setting up a Defensive 4141 tactic. Defensively, it seems solid. However, I'm wondering how I get enough players in dangerous positions, more specifically how to get the wide midfielders closer to the box when not on the ball. Do you have any tips? What combination of Cut Inside/Cross Less Often/Roam From Position/Move Into Channels/Play Narrower etc. seems to work to get them in dangerous positions?
  14. Hello, I play a 4312 formation. When playing against big sides, I'd like my strikers to mark the opposition full backs. In open play, the marking works. However, when the opposition has a goal kick, the strikers don't move to mark the opposition full backs until the keeper plays the ball. If the opposition keeper has Defender Collect (which the big sides often have), what often happens is that the keeper plays the ball to a full back (who is not marked), and before my striker gets to the full back, he plays the ball on to a MLR or AMLR. Is there a way to actually have players on the full backs before the keeper plays the ball, while still using strikers? I don't want to change to a formation with AMLR just to mark full backs against big sides.