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  1. I'm currently playing Sunderland, and we overachieved in our first season in the PL (21/22) and finished 6th. Hooray, we're going to the Europa League! But then Tottenham wins Europa League, Everton wins the Conference League, Liverpool wins the FA cup ... and Sunderland isn't going to Europe? Currently it's 22 June in-game and I have to compose my squad. If I'm playing in a continental cup, I need extra depth. But it seems I'm not playing there. I don't have any EL matches in my schedule, I see that Liverpool have these matches. Does this mean I'm not playing in a con
  2. Hello everyone! I'm struggling to understand which parts of the scouting report I should pay more attention to when it comes to player potential - especially stars vs. the actual words. Potential ability is found three places - in the "Potential Ability" stars, in the words of the Recommendation and (sometimes) in the Observations. Look at this report: If he has the potential to be a Premier League player, does that mean that his actual "stars" are more like 3,5 than 2,5? Compare to this one: This player also "has the potential to be a Premier Player in
  3. How does the Hidden Attribute "Pressure" apply in FM Touch when there is no team talks or individual talks except for the occasional media question?
  4. (Not sure if this falls under player development, please let me know if I should take this to the General forum) I'm a bit baffled by this scouting report (and others like it). When it says "potential to be a Premier League player in the future", that sounds pretty good. But the stars and the recommendation is pretty low. What should I pay more attention to? Also, when does the game use "potential to be a EFL Championship/Premier League player" and when does it use "could improve a lot"?
  5. Is there any way of making sure that the Training Intensity is set to the Physio Recommendation? If I choose "automatic" Training Intensity, it just becomes Normal all the time. I'm playing FM Touch mostly to save time, I still want to maximise player development, so I find myself changing the Training Intensity to the Physio Recommendation every other day. It become tiresome, even if I have a Player View that allows me to change the Training Intensity for several players at once.
  6. Hello everyone! I want my players to develop as well as possible, and I see that my Physio often recommends Double Intensity for players with ~90% Condition and above. Choosing “automatic” for intensity means it will always be normal. Is there any way to automate intensity changes, or do I have to do it manually? I’m afraid of forgetting to change it back and then having injury issues related to matches.
  7. Based on experiences from previous FMs (I'm talking the first half of the 2010s), I almost have no faith in 24-year-olds (and older) to do any significant developing. This is within the context of a club with good training facilities, coaches etc. I remember seeing 21-year-olds take giant leaps, but 24-year-olds barely improving. So my question is: How much development would you expect from a 24-year-old in general?
  8. When I replace my Chief Scout with another, I lose all my scouting reports. Is it supposed to be this way? It doesn't seem logical that when you fire your Chief Scout, he deletes all the scouting reports. This makes me reluctant to get a new (and better) Chief Scout with better attributes or a higher Size of Scouting Team.
  9. (I'm playing FM Touch) While playing a game, the game (or assistant manager?) is able to analyze which roles your opponent's players have. It's shown on Analysis - Formations. 1) Is this something that the assistant manager does for you? 2) If yes, is this affected by your assistant manager's "Tactical" (under the Coaching category) or "Tactical Knowledge" (under the Knowledge category?) 3) Are there any ways of knowing the opponent's player roles when the game starts?
  10. Hello everyone! I'm managing Sunderland and won League One in the first seasons. Right now it's July 2020 and I'm preparing for the Championship. Do you think this guy is good enough to play as a backup striker (Deep Lying Forward) in the Championship? By that I mean as a second/third choice, meaning I have a clear first choice and another guy that also can play striker pretty well, but it's not his primary position. I play a possession-oriented 4141 (41221) where the striker is meant to receive balls and distribute them, and also try to get on the end of chances. A
  11. If I fire my Chief Scout (and replace him with one with better JPA but worse scouting knowledge), will it reduce the numbers of players in my Player Search?
  12. If I replace my Chief Scout (who has a lot of scouting knowledge but low JPA/JPP) with a new Chief scout (who has low scouting knowledge but high JPA/JPP), will I lose a lot of player knowledge in Player Search?
  13. Assuming I want to take charge of everything I can in the club (in Staff -> Responsibilites), is there a guide to what attributes are important for the things only the staff does? I've tried looking online, but all I find are guides to the full game. For instance - newgen recruitment for the Head of Youth Development, or scouting players' potential for the Chief Scout. I don't really trust the game's evaluation of the staff or the recommended attributes, because I dont' know what responsibilites it assumes. Therefore: 1) What are the things that only the staff can do besides youth
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