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  1. As I test my continental rules for my new world league, I get a message saying World league championship - total number of teams entered for this competition (0) is different to number of teams set in the cup (20). I can't solve this problem, any ideas?
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way with editors to force a takeover to be a tycoon takeover?
  3. 1 Year after signing them I just had 2 regens picked for the england team at the 2016 European Championships, They are aged 19 and 18 and before this they had 0 Caps between them and only 16 caps at U21 level. 18yr Old MC/DM played 16 games for me in the season, 6 were starts, 1 goal 2 assists, average rating 6.98 I was very surprised at him getting the call. 19yr Old AMC/MC/ST 18 games, 9 starts 3 goals and 3 assists average rating 7.06. Both have CA of 1 and a half stars. This is while at Man Utd so I assume it is down to them playing for the Prem Champions but would like to think its the england manager putting his faith in them as they have some amazing attributes.
  4. Awesome advice guys, got all my 18 to 21 year olds who show potential being tutored and the ones who currently look closest to the 1st team in terms of ability and age are all playing 1 in 4 games roughly which is a good count considering my team has about 70 fixtures a year if I stay in cups
  5. Hi, I was looking for some advice on the best way to develop my 18 to 21 year olds especially the ones ive bought to the club and want to keep at the club to gain homegrown status if possible. How many games should they be playing? Does being on the bench mean anything to them etc Thanks
  6. Theres your problem, with the current match engine to win those kinda games you need to reel your team in a bit, less offensive, try and control the game keep the ball in their half and wait for gaps. You dont want to be throwing everyone in all at once. Its a very realistic situation actually even though it frustrates us all so much.
  7. Teams will play differently against you taking into account how good they think you will be, so QPR as a predicted bottom 5 team will find it easier to score goals than QPR as a predicted top 4 team who last year came 2nd and have a higher rep and are in the champions league etc, teams will be playing more of a counter attacking tactic and long balls is one of the flaws of the current match engine, I suggest switching to 3 CBs and playing a more narrow formation from midfield to attack with wingbacks doing most of the work. Look in the tactics sharing section and you will see that these types of formations are getting the best results and will find goals easier against teams that park 11 men behind the ball and use route 1 to attack
  8. Yes indeed so you have a narrow front 3, you do tend to concede every couple of games but these are mostly down to the match engine flaws. Expect poor ratings from not scoring strikers
  9. I like this tactic, using V3 but have pulled the wingers into striker positions and its getting me good results with all the strikers looking deadly
  10. I feel your pain man, it seems even those like yourself who have made really good formations hate the ME and wish they could do more with it, I dont know how this got through their testing. If they used people like you to test (i know youve asked) then they would probably be in a much better position with it right now. I miss wingers, and I miss strikers being able to score goals.
  11. Oh my bad, sorry, i did look but didnt see one, kept finding the transfers bugs sections, hopefully a mod will see this and move it
  12. wooh, well for me in my first game i managed to talk him into asking for a move in the first window and in my 2nd game I waited till the start of season 2 when he naturally asked for a move as everton hadnt done well. You just have to use sneaky manager tactics and hope you are higher up in the league than everton
  13. I have been using this tactic a while, just started a match against Chelsea, My team kicked off, completed 27 passes with every player touching the ball atleast once and scored, 2 minutes 100% possession 27 passes 1 shot 1 goal. Now that is awesome Mr Hough you have done very well!
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