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  1. In regards to uploading players mate, download Gyazo, easiest thing ever to use for screenshots, trust me.
  2. No probs mate. Sent.
  3. Glynn as I know you read my thread. I can't reply to your PM because you have exceeded your storage space apparently. Let me know if you see this.
  4. August & September|2022/2023 Started off with brilliant wins over Bayern and Nurnberg but couldn't break down Koln. Freiburg away I thought was going to be a very hard game after their surprise season last year and their 4th place finish but we ran out 4-0 winners. Man Utd dominated us with a high pressing 4-2-3-1 and then we bounced back with a slender 1-0 win vs. HSV. The Mainz game was a strange one as I had to rest 7 of the starting 11 for the Bayern game and we lost 1-0. I was initially annoyed with myself but we then beat Bayern and deserved the win which made me feel a little bit better about resting the players. We rounded off September with a 3-0 Champions League win against group underdogs Ludogorets. We are expected to beat them so no party there. We ended the month at the top of the pile, just. Koln (Who are looking good this year), Dortmund and Bayern are just behind. At the other end of the table, last years surprise package Freiburg are propping up the table without a single point. Must of been a 1 season wonder from them. Porto, to my amazement, beat Man Utd 2-0 so i'm not sure if that's a group shock or I underestimated Porto. Either way if we can take at least 1 win off Porto, we should be in a good position for the last 2 games. I need Ludogorets to get another draw against Porto. The final is at Old Trafford so Utd will be up for it. Some very tough games coming up over the next few months. Another Revier Derby which i'm sure we can get something from if we stop Bruno Leandro. The full squad is going to be called upon and i'm going to need them to play at their best. We made double in transfers of what we spent which is a good sign. This leaves the club in good shape and I may even have some money for January if anything interesting pops up and we can strengthen.
  5. I'm not so sure mate, especially after the next update.
  6. Glad we are at the top of this list but I need to get more in the national team.
  7. Got your number Bayern. 2 games and 2 wins this season.
  8. Well done with some of those results mate, very good.
  9. Not the best Champions League group to be in. We were third seeds so it was always going to be hard but Porto and Man Utd have very, very good teams in 2022. It will be a challenge that's for sure.
  10. This is how we start our season. We have beaten reigning Champions Bayern in the Supercup and non-league Luckenwalde with our talented youngsters. We play Koln next and have 2 Champions League fixtures in the next 2 months. We don't know the groups yet as the playoff games are still to get underway. We have brought in two players that were with me in Lille for a short time. Firstly we have a winger who we loaned from Barcelona, who played back up to Corchia on the right hand side of our midfield 5. It cost 3.9m to bring him back to Germany and we don't need him but i'm hoping he can force his way in. I may have to sell Brandt in order to accomodate him as he is 26 now and is at his potential. The second is a full back I signed for 800k at Lille but then out of the blue we ended up playing with a back 3 so I had no place for him and let him join Crystal Palace. He is originally from Schalkes academy and he cost 12.75m which is more than he is worth currently but has a lot of potential according to my best coaches.
  11. What a great win and we deserved it. 4 clear cut chances to their 1 and we defended brilliantly. One cup down, i'm after that league title.
  12. With Senegal there weren't many matches and even then I was itching to manage a European nation so when the chance came to resurrect the Swiss' fading hopes after 3 defeats in the group stages at the 2022 World Cup, I answered their call. We are in a nations group with France and Czech Republic. Two teams that have better squads than us so i'm hoping to not get relegated.
  13. That's how it felt rather than being very happy about it. Ah well like you say I suppose it's something.
  14. I didn't want to sell to them but he isn't German and he is stopping the development of some of my young talented players who play in DM so I had to let him go. 40m is a lot of money. Especially when I only bought him for.... That's a lot of profit from 1 season. We have a very healthy budget now if needs be. I'm hoping this means he pushes Goretzka or Hojbjerg out of the team so they become unhappy and join us at Schalke.
  15. They have hired Luis Enrique so let's hope we can start off with a win against him and try and get this title off them. Get in, only a 10k increase and a new minimum realease clause of 33.5m. It's what he wanted and made it non-negotiable so I have to accept it. The last one was 19.5m so a lot, lot more. This is a big one, the highest upgrade for youth recruitment. I'm looking forward to the next youth intake. Watch it be p*** poor now. The new clan join us. Emerson is going straight into the first team and the rest will be in the reserve team and U19's. They will be on the bench a few times to see if they can impress and improve. Oliver Apitz Ayhan Ekinci Morten Pedersen David Pumpurla Achim Sievers and the best while last....Emerson. Not sure how you show ambition in FM but I do try and he recognised it so nice touch SI.