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  1. Just had a young American chap join after we had agreed his transfer in the middle of last season. He joins on his 18th birthday without a work permit and I have no idea how I managed to convince him to swap the bright lights of New York for the wind and rain of South Yorkshire. He's very good for his age (2*) and has big potential (4*+1 black*.)
  2. Just picked up this lad who my scouts have been raving about. He was transfer listed for 1.4m so I got him on loan as a back up with a 1.4m future fee in the contract which I only didn't do as I don't hae any cash left. He looks like he will be brilliant.
  3. Okay well as you are being nice enough to try help and offer suggestions i'll show you my first choice team. Coincidentally it was the team that played the game in question. GK : Ben Garratt DR : James Bree DC : Harry Maguire DC : Benedikt Gimber DL : Charlie Taylor DM : Jordan Cousins MR : Alex Pritchard MC : Ryan Woods (Played against Stoke) or Alex Forshaw (Had a broken leg from last season but was fantastic in the Championship so will go back in.) MC : Captain Conor Hourihane ML : Mikkel Duelund has poor defensive skills such as work rate, teamwork, marking and positioning which could be a problem. FC : Zach Clough Up front Clough has just come back from an injury he suffered in pre-season so has lost a bit of pace that will come back as he plays. I do have a solid left back on loan from Italy I could play at LB and put Taylor at LM with his defensive and attacking abilities as looking at Duelund he is very weak defensively. I initially bought him as he has lots of potential and was only 1.8m so a future profit but I didn't have any cash left so he had to start really.
  4. Yeah Vardy was a menace but we just about managed to deal with him. He was the main reason why I went to defensive as it dropped our defensive line to stop him. Yeah he hasn't played yet as he has been injured but I have high hopes for him. Yeah we are doing things the right way for the first time in ages and it's clearly paying off. We know about your interest in Alfie so keep off he's brilliant but his partner Marc Roberts is every bit as good but more the John Terry to Alfies, Carvalho. Looking forward to your update, it looks like you will win the league so i'm curious to see how you approach the Championship and the signings you make. Good luck.
  5. Good idea on the close down more, they do tend to do the shuffle thing and like you rightly say, often do lack the dribbling to avoid a tackle. My full backs aren't bad so this is something I will be trying, thanks mate.
  6. I do have a pacey CF well 14/15 for both acceleration and pace. Not lightning but he needs to be good at linking up and I can't afford nor attract a pacey striker who is good at link up play. Your exploit the flanks idea is very good, also have you tried the clear ball to flanks? Is that effective? Suppose I should try it and see. I agree about the targets in the box but what seemed to be happening up to that point in the game was either, A) Their left back crossed it in and their ST and RM was in the box and it always seemed to land at their feet or their head somehow. or B) Their right back crossed it in and their ST and LM was in the box and the same as above. Their LM in the pic is Shaqiri and their ST was Leo Baptistao so they have good players and although Shaqiri scored their first goal with a back post tap in that went past all my defenders it seemed to be their ST that the ball just went to every single time without fail and it was getting quite worrying so I asked for some help.
  7. I agree it doesn't look too bad but it seems we keep letting opposing full backs run beyond unmarked allowing an easy cross. Yeah I do want them to contain as that's our gameplan but not to the extent where the other team can do whatever they want of course so maybe hard tackling may help there? Not sure I want to increase closing down on my CM's. The tactic is the one I am using with no switches just yet.
  8. Get in there, had to micro manage a lot in this game but I suppose that's what needs to be done against the top teams at the top level. We went 1-0 down so I changed my mentality to defensive in the hope it would draw them in and we had more shots than them and more shots on target and scored 2 goals to come back and win. I also have my 2 best players coming back in Forshaw and Clough from lengthly injuries so hopefully we can push on.
  9. Fantastic update mate, always keen to see how others are doing with Barnsley. I hope they get more recognition throughout this season because tonight we have beaten a good QPR team and on Saturday we beat a very talented Derby team 2-0. We have passion, commitment and work rate and all but 2 players have never played in the Championship before with most coming from non-league. I think we are going to be the surprise package. Back to the game and Conor getting injured isn't ideal as he's the best player at the club as well as Bree (potential wise). I signed Adam Forshaw in the Championship and he was at the top of the average rating in the whole league at about 7.92, he broke his leg and we didn't perform at the same level for the rest of the season. Good luck with the second half of the season, looks like you won't need it.
  10. 3 loanees are probably my final signings to provide extra quality for injuries, suspensions and fatigue. Adalberto Penaranda is on loan from fellow Premier League side Watford and is a very talented wide midfielder/striker who can also operate behind the striker so very versatile. His high work rate is a massive bonus to how we are going to play. Federico Dimarco is a LB/LM who joins from Inter Milan. He has fantastic pace and is still very young at 19. If he does well I can see us putting a bid in for him. Simeon Slavchev comes from Sporting Lisbon in Portugal and he is a very all round central midfield player with very good physical attributes as well as strong mentals. At 6ft 1' i'm hoping he can become a big presence in the centre of the park.
  11. Once I posted I had an idea that I may get that response as I sort of rushed it before I had to go out but now i'm back, here it is : Thought i'd go for a simple system to start with. I hate my defenders smashing it long to no-one unless, obviously they have to so that's why play out of defence is on. Regarding the roles and duties, I have a runner in midfield and the flase 9 is designed to drag the defenders up the pitch as he comes deep so we can run in behind. With the wide men I was very reluctant to put in an attack duty as it has risky passes by default and I don't want them to waste possession on a chance pass. The team shape is on flexible but i'm gearing towards rigid so they stick to the instructions to the letter and not deviate from it.
  12. I'll not say too much as I have an image that illustrates my problem/query. I had to re-size it so sorry if it's a bit blurry but basically Ekdal has the ball and i'm trying to sit deep and hit them in the gaps they leave. I.e the full back positions, as highlighted, they are both bombing on. Now my question is, what's the best thing to do so I can get out? My initial thought was let it be and then they scored their goal from it as perfect crosses seem to quite popular in this game. In real life you could maybe allow it more if you have CB's that are very good in the air. I have two possible solutions which seem obvious but there could be more that I am missing and that's where you lovely lot come in. 1. Assign my LM and RM to mark their RB and LB so that they follow them back. Now the drawbacks to that is that my wide men can't get out to exploit that space and therefore we will just be penned it for however long. Secondly on this point is that whichever phase of play they are in my wide men will always be man marking their full backs so if we come up against a top class winger in Hazard or Sanchez it will be 1v1 and I don't fancy our chances. In that instance i'd like my RM and LM to offer a double up option but then the initial issue rears it's head. 2. I could use opposition instructions to funnel the play through the middle. I.e I could show both the RB and RM onto their left foots and both their LB and LM onto their right foots and into traffic in the middle. Not sure the draw back to that but as with everything i'm sure there is one. It still wouldn't stop the pass that Ekdal is attempting on the image though if he does get it. The match is paused at the minute so i'm going to think outside the box now and finish the match. It's more how you guys negate this situation so I can take on some advice for the upcoming season as it's going to be a long one I feel.
  13. My pre-arranged signings have arrived and i'm happy to have them. Harry Maguire arrives from Tottenham for 5m and is already a very good CB for the Premier League. He's no stranger to Oakwell as he spent time here as a young lad before he joined Sheff Utd and broke through to their first team. Ryan Woods is a very good, versatile player from relegated Brentford who are heading to League 1. He can cover a lot of different positions and is definitely good enough to be a starter which is invaluable in our first season here. Charlie Taylor comes from our rivals, Leeds who were adamant they didn't want to sell but he put in a transfer request and eventually I got my man. As well as LB he can play at LM and LW too if needed which again is going to be really important. Freddie Davidson came to my attention via my UK scout and has some very good stats at 18 years old and was transfer listed as he wanted first team football at Charlton who will be joining Brentford in League 1 this coming season. Kieron Goode was another player from Charlton who was transfer listed and his initial scout report was higher than what you see above but at 31.5k it's a risk free transfer. If I can get him tutored and improved he may become a good player.
  14. These were my signings for the season. A lot of late loans to deal with injuries and to add depth. A lot of them are regens for the future, I tried to stick with a lot of the original team as we didn't have much money. Unsurprisingly Forshaw got 65% of the votes, surprisingly Aidan White came 2nd where I thought Hourihane would be and Hammill 3rd. James Bree is good enough for the Premier League now so no surprise he got his young player of the year award. This coming season I am going to be targeting a domestic cup as I feel an early trophy in the cabinet would be brilliant.
  15. Just wanted to show Gary Todd off as he has come on leaps and bounds and is very close to my first team. His stamina needs a bit of work and then he will be there but he only cost us 13k from Boston at the start of the game and every month I seem to be getting reports on him saying everyone is pleased with his progress. His stamina, teamwork and composure need to improve but at 18 I can't really ask for more. He has very high tackling, marking, anticipation, decisions which is a very under rated attribute. He's really quick and strong. I'm also posting him so I can look back after a few more seasons to compare. I owe my director of football for spotting him.