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  1. I'm not sure what that is, Where would I find it? Appreciate the reply.
  2. I put bug? in the title as the testing always fails and the pictures below show why its wrong. It says 4 are relegated from the Premier League in Ghana and the error is saying only 2 are promoted BUT there are 2 groups and 4 promotion places. (2 from each group). Am I going mad or is what I have correct?
  3. Started this around a month ago in Greece with AO Kavala. I initially lost a bit of interest and then decided to just plough through and we're now in 2026 so I have a fair few updates to post, this being the first one. Season Review 2020/2021 I could of chosen Niki Volou, Olympiakos Volou or Panserraikos but where would the fun be in that? So Kavala it was and a long hard struggle began. Predicted to finish bottom in the 2nd tier. Never in trouble of relegation the first season but also never troubled higher up. No Transfers as always!
  4. I'm having huge trouble getting backgrounds into the game this year, never had a problem before. I have cleared the cache, I have unticked it also. I have re-loaded the skin. I have downloaded the dark skin with background support and even used the thread to change the opacity of the backgrounds. I have your file in the correct position in graphics/backgrounds but nothing is showing, not even one stadium. No idea what to do. The screen below is what I have.
  5. I thought you had to pick a team promoted up to the 4th division as that one is now playable.
  6. Started in Greece but lost interest quicker than I would have liked as I think I wanted to do Scandinavia firstly and I keep getting pulled back there. So Denmark it is! Anyone know the date so I can get different teams by any chance? Quick edit.... As shown below after I holidayed to June 30th (the date in the OP) there were no teams listed as promoted in the season summary and also no P next to the teams in the preview. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. AO KAVALA Decided to try this challenge out in Greece, did around 6-7 seasons in Portugal last year and got to a 7th place finish in Liga NOS before time ran out and FM21 arrived. This time we are AO Kavala who play on the coast in Greece and are easily the worst team in the league which will make it a massive challenge with no obvious quality at the top end of the pitch. Manager Profile Season Preview As you can see from the picture below we are easily the worst team in the division. I nearly chose to take over Niki Volou who are also ne
  8. @XaWFor Norway do you have to holiday 2 years? I saw something on the first page along those lines but not 100% sure how it works.
  9. Does anyone know when the Greek reset dates are? Can't find them on the OP and no-one seems to be managing there!
  10. Been wanting to try this challenge for a while but between streaming every night and just general life not seemed to have time. Going for Portugal with a small team based in Lisbon called Alta De Lisboa. Made some new kits in Photoshop and here we go! The manager screen
  11. Is this database playable right now? Just wondered as you are releasing some new fixes. Thank you.
  12. Just dont want to put all the effort into it, make my own kits etc, live stream it all and then gets to 6 seasons in and I hit a few issues that may kill the game and the enjoyment of the viewers.
  13. Okay so my plan is to start as an amateur team in the 7th tier of Germany. I will put the U19 team into a playable league in the modified database as that's an important part if that doesn't become playable. I will however get to the point where I can ask for a B team. Would you recommend I wait until i'm higher up the pyramid so the B team get placed into a higher division or is that not how it works?
  14. I have read through this thread and there's some great research but so I can be clear, if a German B team is generated in the 5th tier (unplayable) will they ever be able to get into the 3rd (playable tier)? Or can they only reach the 3rd tier if they were placed into the 4th straight away? If that's unclear I want to make it a bit easier to understand, can B team be promoted from one unplayable league to another?
  15. Hi guys, very long term FM/CM player and member of this board however I have never taken up this challenge but I think it may be next on my list. From the guys that do this a lot what would you say is the easiest nation and which ones the hardest? Also any pros and cons that you can think of. Thank you.
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