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  1. FM17: Southampton FC - #WeMarchOn

    Yeah i'm gonna change that right now, so annoying.
  2. I've done the last 3 or 4 for Barnsley so will do ours soon.
  3. FM17 / FMT17 BETA - missing pics ?

    Anyone found any pictures yet? Found the DF11 ones but you have to use Megasync and it annoys the life out of me. Can only download so much GB for free.
  4. [Barnsley] (Official) Data Issues

    I just don't get why it wasn't in for the beta? I know it sounds daft but i've been excited for FM for ages and now it's sitting there and I can't play it because there's no editor.
  5. [Barnsley] (Official) Data Issues

    All things account wise is here mate where you looked. That one was published in February so hopefully that's not when last seasons is done. About proof no I have none that it has been paid off but at a few fan engagement forums that we do with the chairman and manager themselves they have said it will go towards securing the clubs future to make sure we can go forward on a sound footing. Either way the loan stays on the game but there should be more money in the club as a whole as we have had 2 very big windfalls for a club like ours or the loan isn't there anymore (more likely knowing Patrick) and we have less money than the first scenario but still more than what is currently in game. At the moment we have the worst of both worlds, still a 5m debt and money that has seemingly just disappeared giving no point to the Stones money whatsoever. It's like he never played and benefitted us, sporting wise or commercially.
  6. [Barnsley] (Official) Data Issues

    I can deal wuth the attributes of players if they're under rated or over rated, more the former for us but i'm just wondering why we still have 5m of debt in the club? Over the last 3-4 months we have accumulated 15% of 47.5m from John Stones minus the 2-3m Everton paid us so that makes it about 9m altogether. Then we proceeded to sell Alfie Mawson for 5m rising to 6.5m. It was quoted 3-4m but our chairman on facebook replied saying it's more than that. Not sure on the last one but we also received some money as Mason Holgate played his first, first team game at the start of the season. Even discounting the fee for Mason that's at least 13m. We had 5m of debt on last years game which was a gift from the chairman and interest free and originally he said he would take it back when we reached the Premier League (ambitious I know) but we came into a lot of money so it was right that he took it back at that point. Now that made us debt free with 8-9m left over. Now i'm not expecting Barnsley to ever have a 'warchest' as it's just not us but on the game we have only 3m in the club and 1m to spend and hardly any wage budget. Now my maths aren't bad and it just doesn't add up. I could understand if we had no debt, 5-6m in the club and 3m to spend but even then it wouldn't add up. If the researcher forgot to take the debt off then apologies but I was excited for FM yesterday and now I can't play it until I can alter it myself. To add to GravyChips' proposal as well I would agree wholeheartedly with it, Aidy looks like someone you should never play and sell A.S.A.P but we always look so much more of a threat down that left hand side when he plays there with his pace, dribbling and how he always seems to up Adam Hammills game. Now onto Adam Himself, he's had a massive decrease to his work rate. Not sure why? His teamwork should of decreased as he should pass it a lot more than he does and maybe his decision making reduced too very slightly but when he does lose it he does his upmost to get it back, he did it Saturday when Odoi from Fulham took the ball off him on the halfway line and again last night when Anita from NEwcastle took the ball off him. I'm not saying give him 15 he runs around like a maniac but 12 would be adequate enough. Apart from that and a few 'personal opinions' that others might not agree with and I can change myself that's all I have to say.
  7. Earnie is exactly right. It's due to being part time mate.
  8. So with £44m to spend and a few positions to strengthen as we are in Europe again the first news of pre-season wasn't something I was anticipating. It came about very quick and ended within a few days. It wasn't totally surprising as Lewis Cook, the player in question came to me asking to join Arsenal as they had shown an interest around February and I said if they make an offer he can leave as we were doing well and I didn't want an unhappy player amongst the ranks. Anyway in the summer they did bid and it totalled £33m but it was in bits and installments so I asked for £40m up front and they accepted and off he went. A main part of my team had gone so with £84m behind me I needed a replacement for him. In came more than a replacement in my eyes.... Cook's replacement! :) He's a fantastic player and cost £5.75m. Yeah you read it right, £5.75m for someone as good as him. So a £34m profit and a player as good if not better in his place. The next person I saw was a striker and as much as I was impressed with his stats and what he could bring to the team I don't need another forward. With that said I bid anyway and got him as he was a little bit different to my other strikers. He only cost £9.75m which is nothing with the money I had left and he is homegrown as well which helps. Still very young, with good finishing skills, good pace and good dribbling. His vision, passing and teamwork need a bit of work but when he plays his sole job will be to put the ball in the net and be clinical which is what we missed last season. It may be a case of I need to fit 2 strikers into my formation this season. Last season I only had 1 left back in the squad after I couldn't find any worthy players to battle Charlie Taylor for the position so he had to play almost every single game, in fact after checking he played every single game last season. 38 in the prem and 22 in the cups so a 60 game season with no injuries is fantastic. This pre-season I found a player that is probably better than Taylor but out of loyalty will start as back-up. Baba Rahman has arrived on loan from Juventus and i'm not sure why they've let him go. He is unhappy with the lack of first team games and they do have Alex Sandro but defensively anyway Baba is better. They have also just brought in Andy Robertson originally from Hull but has been at Liverpool, Wolfsburg and now Juventus so has had some big moves. Rahman is transfer listed for £11.75m so I will probably make that permanent in January if everything has gone to plan and he isn't injury prone or disruptive, which I doubt but, you never know. I already needed another central midfield player before Cook left so with Kimmich coming in I still wanted another and so this guy arrived for £14.75m who I have been after for ages because I had him in my previous Barnsley save and he was beyond excellent. Ivor Fossum is an all action, complete midfielder who will add a lot of energy and athleticism to the team. He has been unhappy at Bayern Munich for 2 seasons now but they wanted 20m which I wasn't willing to pay. With the 40m from the board and the 40m from Cook's transfer I decided to go for it to try and upgrade the team. He's our highest earner on 60k a week but for a player of his calibre it isn't that much. Adalberto Penaranda joins on loan from Dortmund ironically as it's the place we loaned Malcom from last season who was brilliant. He isn't as good as him and to be fair was my 2nd choice as Malcom, my first choice went to Valencia for 13.25m. I tried to get him but he opted for Spain which is disappointing. Iuri Medeiros is another loanee and a stop gap before I find a top class option on the wings. He will be back up initially and he may end up playing out of this world but at the moment he's just an short term option. I don't particularly like his low work rate and teamwork but we'll see. He is brilliant in other areas, especially when he has the ball and being left footed is different to what we have now. Moreto Cassama joins for just 2m after being transfer listed by FC Porto. He's a brilliant attacking midfield player and as I sold captain Conor Hourihane as he wasn't playing anymore, Ryan Woods who, again was only playing when injuries occurred and Ante Coric who didn't develop as I had hoped I needed another attacking midfield player and Cassama more than fits the bill. He has all the stats needed and more coupled with being just 21 years of age I can feel he is going to be a massive player for us.
  9. Another very good budget for the coming season. Pleased with the ambition from the board. I didn't even need to ask for the upgrades. A very good season that was disappointing right at the end. Lost in 2 domestic semi-finals which is frustrating but hopefully this year we can go further and win one. I may need to expand the stadium too in line with the success of the club. Bree won the fans player of the year with a massive 70% of the votes and rightfully so. Rashford weren't in the top 3 which is surprising. Marcus scored the most goals despite playing in a variety of different positions. I ended up with 5 players that scored over 10 goals so the goalscoring responsibilities were shared out which is good to see. No red cards is a massive positive as we have players with cool heads. Malcom who was on loan from Dortmund had a fantastic season and got the most assists and got in the Premier League team of the season. Will be looking to bring him in permanently.
  10. Well we went out of the season with a whimper. We deserve all we got and finished 5th. After the position we were in, we should be playing in the main European competition not the baby brother one. There will be a lot of changes this pre-season.
  11. As I knew would happen we collapsed in one of the most important games of the season and gave up ground in our search for Champions League football! Yet again we can't seem to create many chances against the teams that sit deep and not allow us space. It's something I really need to address. So it looks like we have thrown this away at the last hurdle which is infuriating. We don't deserve 4th place anyway as we haven't performed consistently all season performance wise. Our last game is against already relegated Norwich which means absolutely nothing the way we are playing recently. It's by no means an easy win and it might not matter anyway even if we do get the 3 points.
  12. It says they got lucky and chance wise it was probably even but the chances we gave them was disgusting defensively. Annoyed is an understatement as it was a very winnable game with them being 17th in the league. Makes no sense how they are there as they still have a top 8 team but I was expecting a lot more and we let ourselves down. Still no trophy.
  13. Just played both the Chelsea games and Liverpool games and these are the results. Neither team deserved to win this, hardly any chances created for both teams. Really boring match. As the header says we were winning until the 81st minute when Sheyi Ojo looped a header over the top of the goalkeeper whilst running backwards. It looked a very good finish but one the goalkeeper should of done a bit better with in truth. We were holding on in the last 10 minutes so i'm glad to get a point.
  14. As I approach the end of my second season in the Premier League I thought I would update a little bit as I have been trying to get through the season with the new Football Manager soon to be out. So we lost to Sevilla on penalties after they scored a late winner in the 2nd leg. Was a bit of a sickener as we should of put the game out of sight but if you don't put your chances away in Europe, that's what happens and we only have oursevles to blame. So after a fine run of 5 wins in a row including a 2-1 win over Man City it has led us to been in this very good position. Not sure we 100% deserve to be where we are to be honest. I have used a different tactic to how I usually play FM which is tight at the back and build on clean sheets but as you can see from the goals scored and goals conceded columns I have decided to just try and outscore teams and it makes me more nervous as a result haha! These are our remaining fixtures which, after the Chelsea and Liverpool games are a lot easier than the other teams fixtures. Although saying that we have been very good against the top teams and not as consistent against the teams that sit deep and make it very difficult to break through.
  15. Good choice for a last save mate. Rossiter is a fantastic signing. Not only is he a very good player but we also lack a defensive midfielder in the starting squad. I would also recommend Packwood as he is very versatile, young and has potential. Looking forward to the update.