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  1. Ok. This has been bugging me for a while.

    What is the relation between team instructions and the player instructions? I would have thought that if you put in specific player instructions, then it overwrites any team instructions, ignoring the team instruction? Otherwise, what it the point in having the option to follow the overall team instruction or have a specific player instruction?

    Or is it the case that the team instructions merely influence the "level" of the instruction.

    Example, if I had my attacker with mentallity high up on attacking, and the team mentality set to defensive, does the fact I have set the individual players mentality means that that player ignores the team instruction, keeping with his original mentality level or does it just influence his set mentality, and have a slightly more defensive mentality (ie set mentaility is combination of both).

    Anyone know?

    I've often wondered this myself.

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