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  1. It definetly has an impact, I was manager of Spain after resigning from Real Madrid, world class rep, applied for loads of jobs, but never got them. After I resigned from Spain, the jobs came flooding in. Try resigning from USA, and see if you get the job.
  2. I just finished an all nighter of FM. Winning the quadruple with Arsenal, the league, FA, League Cup and 1st Champions League. This is definetly my best career game of FM, having started unemployed with Sunday League experience. I wanted to move up the leagues and win everything in England, Spain and Italy. I began at Bradford, lost in the playoff final in my first season, half way through the second season, i was offered Ipswich job. Saved them from relegation and in my third season, brought Ronaldinho to the club, 36 but still amazing. I lost in the playoff final, absoultely gutted. I didnt take it well lol and resigned. Luckily Bolton got relegated and offered me the job. I won the Championship in the first year, and survived in my first year in the Premier League. Following season amazingly finished 3rd, pushing eventual winners Man City to the last day and runners up Man United. Brought players like Adu, di Maria and Rakitic My first season in the Champions League, won my group including a win at Real Madrid. Lost on away goals to eventual winners Juventus in the quarter final. Was doing well in the league, 6th and also won the League Cup. Then.............. with 3 games left, I was offered the Real Madrid job, why????? I have no idea lol I had continental reptuation, Spanish second nationality. Won League Cup and Championship, did beating Real Madrid in the Champions League make a difference? Pelligrini retired in May? Weird. Well I didnt hang about and took the job. Had 3 games and a Spanish Cup left, won all of them, but Barcelona had won the league already. My first full season, had £140m transfer fund, wow!! Brought Sissoko, Ballotelli, and won the league and Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo still smashing them in at 32. Second season won the league again, but lost in the semi finals of Champions League and won Spanish Cup. Took Spain job and resigned at Real Madrid, as managing in Spain was too easy and I had completed what I wanted to do, and missed English football lol Lost in the quarters at the world cup, got sacked! Waited a year for a job, but a good one it turned out to be, Juventus. Had a lot of ageing players like Cristico, Chiellini, Luiz, Marchisio, Diego, Dzeko all on the wrong side of 30. Finished 3rd in my first year. Second year, won the league and went to the final of the Champions League, lost to Man City on penalties. Third year, won the league again and won the Champions League beating Liverpool. Then came the best moment in the game, Arsenal manager retired having won the league 5 years in a row. I landed my dream job, being an Arsenal fan. Again, a lot of ageing players, Pato, Fabregas, Ramsey, Belfodi, no English first team players and no full backs as they played 3-4-3. Had a lot to do, but won the league and FA Cup, lost in the Champions League final 2-1 to a 119th minute penalty to Man City, managed by Jose Mourinho. Current season won quadruple, beating Man City in the final of Champions League and FA Cup as Arsenal won 7th successive league. Cant wait to start again, bring through my young players, including 4 wonderkids and 5 England U-21 internationals. I'm in 2025 as the last of the real players start to retire, players like Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey all 35+ So my career achievements - 2 English Premier Division 2 La Liga 2 Serie A 3 Champions League 2 FA Cup 2 League Cup 2 Spanish Cup But what next? I dont know what to do, stay at Arsenal? Be the first team to defend the Champions League? Bolton got relegated, should I go back to them? Go back to Bradford, where it all began, they're in the Championship and I always accept loan offers from them, got soft spot for them lol, go to Ipswich? Take the England job? Any ideas? Sorry for the long post, hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed playing it. PS. I LOVE FM LOL
  3. Thanks for your reply, Im gonna take a look at the Advanced editing thread. Cheers.
  4. Hi, Ive read most of the stickies on the top of the forum and done searches but still a bit confused and wanted some help. My plan is to start a career game in the Premiership only buying African players. But I realised that by doing that i will risk losing all my players to the African Cup of Nations in January, thus ruining my game. Ive read you cannot edit international competitions, i was going to change the start date to June. I'm 99% sure i cant do that. Is that correct? If yes, it is possible to delete the competition or edit it in such a way that it doesnt work and it is not recognised as a cup competition. But still maintain that the game doesn't crash. If there anyone who can shed some light into my issues, I'd be very grateful. Thanks.
  5. I'm about to start this challenge with England, hoping to win something. How is everyone getting on? http://s806.photobucket.com/albums/yy346/mizanur86/?action=view&current=overview.jpg : overview of England @Thfc Joe - it is meant to be a XML file, after downloading, extract it into the editor folder --------Your Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\editor data-------- When creating a new game, choose the edited database and should work, hope this helps.
  6. Firstly I want to say thanks for the Sergio Aguero replies. Interesting to see the difference in opinion. Maybe it is my tactics, however all my other strikers seem to score. But they are all strikers and not AM/FCs. Will try making him play closer to the midfield and see what happens. Secondly I think Physical Attributes are very important in FM. To have a player with Strength and Pace is a lethal combination and from my experience I have seen players with only 15 on Finishing averaging 15+ goals a season in the Premiership. I cant recall Aguero's Strength in my game, but might look into that. Cheers for the help.
  7. Not a lower league observation, Micah Richards was my top scorer last season with 24 in 35 in the league. Its a shame that the bug exists. Ruins the game.
  8. Excellent discussion guys, cant wait to get stuck into training schedules. Question- Sergio Aguero doesnt perform for me, he drifts in and out of games. Looking at his attributes I wondered why. He has everything you want in a striker, but he has 10 on concentration. Could this be the reason for his poor performances? How would I improve his concentration?
  9. Tutoring does stop, it usually finishes after 6 months. I dont know about 9.3 patch, definetly watching to see if the OP is correct.
  10. I updated the patch in pre season. 9.2 Richards scored average 10 in a season 9.3 December Micah Richards 12 goals in 12 games. Also Ignacio Camacho had to play CB due to injury for the last 10 minutes of a match, scored 2 goals!! Corner bug, back?!
  11. Funniest player name

    I had a regen come through called .......Dean Dean!!!
  12. what day do the regens appear?
  13. Transfer records

    £70m for Torres £94m for Messi I'm Man City! ps. my mate on our online game bought C. Ronaldo for £120m!
  14. I started with Man City in a network game with two mates, ones Arsenal and the others Chelsea. I'm in my 4th season. Currently top. 1st season- finished 3rd 2nd season- finished 2nd 3rd season- finished 1st, won FA and League Cup and lost in Champions League final against Arsenal! Considering all three of us know who the best players are, my team looks like this- GK- Akinfeev (£19m), Asenjo (£6m), Fiorillo (free) DR- Heitinga (£17m), Zapata (£11m) DL- Bale (£17m), and a world class regen DC- Fazio (£16m), Richards, Dunne, Kompany MR- Messi (£90m), Dos Santos (£16m), Assulin (£2.5m) ML- Ribery (free), Jovetic (£15m), DMC- Veloso (£11m), Mascherano (£24m), AMC- Camacho (£9m), Kaka (£35m + Fausto Rossi), Diego (£24m) ST- Torres (£70m), Adebayor (£30m), Aguero (£50m) Vela (£40m), Eto'o (exchange Robinho), Ched Evans I missed out on Balotolli who is an absolute goal machine, Santon, Sakho and a few others. My mate at Arsenal signed Cristiano Ronaldo for £120m and is scoring a goal a game!! Any ideas for improving the team? And anyone gone further than me? Does the money run out?
  15. I started off with Arsenal in FM09, got bored instantly! Having read the challenges forum, thought I'd give this a go. Started unemployed with Sunday League experience, eagerly waiting and hoping to get a job. Due to slow laptop, only chose all the English leagues. Hoping to work my way up the leagues and be offered the Arsenal job eventually! Only waited a few days, before getting the Hyde job in the Blue Square North Division, a mid table club with no money or hope, right? After signing a few loan players and reducing the wage bill, managed to finish 2nd and win the playoff and get promoted. A young regen Richard May, at 16 was one of the best players at the club, potentially a League 1 striker. 2nd season- Signed quite a few experienced Blue Square Premier players and getting MANCHESTER UTD as a parent club, signed Petrucci on loan. Started badly, didnt score for 4 games. Turned that around in a 3-0 win over Mansfield, with a hat-trick coming from a centre back from 3 corners!!! Never looked back, lying in 12th and a Conference League Cup final to look forward to. Can't wait to go home and start playing! Good luck to Twellman24, fellow Hyde manager and all other managers starting out. Much more fun and enjoyable, playing lower league football and starting unemployed.