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  1. Ive got 2 different versions of this tactic somehow on my save and im need clarification as to which one it is i should be using. is the keeper meant to be Sweeper Support?
  2. I find going to Contain to see out games works very well for me. Has worked 90 per cent of the time for me. Putting my full backs on support when up against it has worked a certain amount of times for me but Contain works very well.
  3. The football that this tactic produces is poetry in motion. Such a joy to watch! By far one of the best tactics ives used in any version of FM!
  4. Well having decided to go verbatim with what is in the OP this is how I'm getting on. Not bad at all. The 4-3 defeat against Celtic could easily have been 10-4 for us but we miss an incredible amount of chances, not just in that game. Strange pattern of scoring 5 then 3 then 5 then 3 and so on in the run since following the instructions precisely.
  5. I need to ask again as its confusing me. In the instructions for Hustler v3 it says anything other than favourites at home then change passing to shorter. So I read this is as use Hustler v3 away against Celtic with an attacking mentality. Surely thats suicide in the SPFL Premiership. It doesn't make sense. Do we not use the standard and contain versions anymore?
  6. This is probably a daft question but I take it the standard version and contain version are now redundant?
  7. On a tactic I created last night post update I noticed my two central mids and my dm operating a nice compact triangle. Also noticed players were doing exactly what I had asked of them. Maybe I just got a tactic right for a change!
  8. In tactics screen the pitch is massive. Impossible to use as I can't fit in much in the way of stats!
  9. How do i download this? That mega site won't let me just download the file! On a MacBook.
  10. You sound an awful lot like me a few months ago, loads of wants regarding how the team is going to play but not an idea about roles and duties. As I've said in other threads this version of the game is where I want to learn about all that stuff. The way I'm doing it? Reading the plentiful posts and blogs out there by the likes of Cleon and others. Like anything in life you need to study to to learn. How great would it be to see your idea play out on the screen. This sounds patronising but it really is a case of reading up on the game. It has helped me greatly and it will you as well!
  11. Thanks guys for the replies, much appreciated. I'll get back to the game soon and try out these suggestions. One thing I do need to work on is better analysis from myself. This is something I aim to improve greatly on in this edition of the game.
  12. Having read up on FM17 and the much clarified point about the formation simply being the player positions when without the ball i decided that i like the 4-1-4-1 formation for my Hearts save. I like the existence of a DM and wide players getting forward in support of a "lone" striker as it suits my squad. Captain American cult hero Perry Kitchen is great at DM! So the way i have set up is as follows: G: GK (d) DL: FB (at), DC: CD (d), DC: (d), DR: FB (at) DM: DLP (d) ML: W (s), MC: CM (a), CM: BBM (s), MR: W (s) ST: DLF (s) Control mentality and Flexible shape TIs: Slightly higher line, Play out of defence & Shorter passing as i feel I'm getting more shutting down of the opposition with the line, and no wasted balls lumped to their players. I am finding this quite solid at the back, i am getting lions share of possession but my my problem is i am struggling to get goals and even clear cut chances. Something just isnt clicking. I am hoping someone here can see where its going wrong?
  13. This is brilliant. I've decided, rather belatedly I admit, to read up on how the game actually works tactically and this thread is a great place to start. FM17 has had me on the verge of smashing my MacBook Pro to pieces so something had to give. I cant justify a new mac so it's time for me to go "back to school"! I might actually start to enjoy the game!
  14. 442 seems to work very well on FM17. Not this exact version just in general.
  15. Yeh got it after trying again the next day. My MacBook was to blame. So having downloaded all three tactics and using them in my Heart of Midlothian save i can only say congratulations! Best tactic set in FM16 by far! Have played a couple of friendlies, 3 rounds of UCL qualifying and 4 Scottish Premiership games and have won them all. Absolute domination. Hit the jackpot here!
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