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  1. I understand that it may not be aimed at me. Yet, I was just asking a question, not 'ripping him to bits'.
  2. I don't want to discuss, but High D-Line only works for strong teams or heavy favourates. This is due to Mental stats of your defenders being higher than your attacks in order to perform the Line better.
  3. I say no to a High D-Line. The oppenents get at least 3 CCC a game.
  4. Okay Deos this mean you'll be relaeasing two tactics? or not bother with the AMC tactic?
  5. Ow, also how did that variant where you had one of the ST as a AMC?
  6. Mr Hough, would your new tactic not work with Defoe and Agbonlahor up front? as you said this tactic works by using crosses....
  7. A realease Tonght perhaps, or tommorow? Debating whether to stay up
  8. Yes!, then it will truely make FM10 for me, as I use your tactics as a plug and play for all teams I manage on FM10 Need the use of a AMC esq player
  9. Therefore creating the Dutch/German World Cup system
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