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  1. Deos Bakermush come with the Corner Set-Up as I dont want to be using it
  2. I'm thinking about using a different Match Prep, other than 'None'. I'm thinking Defensive Movement or Defending Set-Peices? Only becuase tthe natural attacking play is great?
  3. Thought I put my update of my experience of this tactic... Managing with AS Saint Etienne, who are predicted to finish 15th; however with their team they are capable of a 7th-10th. I use Bakermush's (Liverpool 2026). I managed to win the league, and finish the last 13 games unbeaten and winning the league by 7 points Once the players go used to the tactic we were absolutely rinsing everyone, and my players aren't the best players in the league To finish 1st was actually insane, considering that my striker for the 1st half of the season only has a Finishing rating of 12. I use no OIs. Match Preparation is left on 'None' and on the standard intensity. I used it as a Plug and Play, however making sure that my Playmaker (MCL), whoever I decided to play; was able to pass. Therefore, when I picked my 3 Cental Midfielders, the best passer of the three would be the Playmaker. I used Chrsitope Landrin, Alan Dzageov, Tomas Horava, Marko Vicinjovic and Laurent Battles. Alan Dzageov was the best, however the other 4 played very well too. When using this tactic do not put the middle MC to DMC. People who do this probably experience success as they are Barcelona or Real Madrid. So that would be my advice; however is someone has been able to do this please do fill me in Viva Tic-Tac Magick!!!
  4. RealMadrid, how are the new versions that you were looking into going. I finally got my team back on track pushing for the Title
  5. Anyone else finding this tactic hot and cold? At times I will rinse teams, then at others I get rinsed. Just lost 4-1 to Marseille and only managed 2 shot on target!
  6. Another question , do you put the playmaker into the playmaker list?
  7. I been popping up with the occasional question and havn't had any luck with any answers... 1) I was wanting to Move the defensive MC to DMC, if so would there be any tweaks that I would need to do? (ie. Forward Runs?) 2) Also which is the better version, Bakermush's or TIK-TAK 'Orginal'? Answers would be lovely
  8. Bakermush, could moving the central MC to DMC work in your tactic?
  9. Whats better, Bakermuch's version or Tic-Tack Orginal?
  10. RealMadrid, What do you say to these tweaks? especially the DMC part?
  11. Okay Brilliant, and finally, any useful OIs to help this tactic?
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