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  1. Cheers guys! The Premier League cash is going to be used to build us a new stadium... While that is being built, we will spend our first, and probably only, season in the Premier League at Bristol City's Ashton Gate. It's a very good ground so the board have done well. I was kind of looking forward playing at the Woodspring in the Prem though and getting in touch with Man United, Man City, Arsenal and Chelsea and saying 'alright lads, you can have 250 away tickets - that ok?'
  2. Well this is just bonkers!
  3. Very true! Just a simple flat 4-5-1 that I posted a couple of pages back. I'm amazed how well it's done but I think it's more my players fit the system and have good personalities than the tactic being particularly OP. Sheffield United and Barnsley both away and I've struggled at the lesser teams. Villa have two home games... This team continues to amaze me. They have absolutely no right to be where they are!
  4. Thanks to Mark Hughes ditching Villa for Wolves, they've absolutely crumbled. Two games to go. We couldn't, could we?
  5. Weston-super-Mare AFC EFL Championship 2022-23 (Februrary/March update) We recovered really well from the two defeats in February at Hull and Brighton to finish March really strongly and strengthen our place in the play-offs. The goals still haven't been flowing but we've defended really well so it's not been too much of an issue. I thought the run of three away games in a row would kill morale a bit but the win at Ipswich was vital for us and allowed us to push on from there. The 2-2 draw against Sunderland was ridiculous. The first goal we conceded was absolutely horrific. My right-back took a throw-in towards my centre-half, who was under no pressure whatsoever, near the penalty spot who controlled it before then freezing. My keeper came charging out and proceeded to trip over the ball which allowed their striker to score into an empty net - it was gruesome. Thankfully we grabbed a late goal to get a point and we then put in two great showings on the road to beat Huddersfield and Brentford. Unfortunately we couldn't end March with a victory as Sam Allardyce's Preston came to sit back and frustrate us and they did exactly that. We just couldn't break down their five at the back so we go into the final eight games with a ten point cushion from Burnley, who are the first side outside the play-offs. Big Sam offered me a pint of wine after the game which I duly turned down... As you can see in the post above, the youth intake was awful as usual. Despite improving junior coaching and the youth facilities and also hiring different heads of youth development, the standard hasn't increased at all really from when we started and none from this season's intake are worth talking about. We did however beat the free transfer deadline to bring in experienced former Burnley midfielder Scott Arfield. I like his mentals, he's currently still an international and has agreed to sign until the end of the season so he should be a good addition for us.
  6. Bit of a different challenge for you compared to Munster! Brilliant start for you though, well done!
  7. Looks like Wrexham have the title wrapped up but hopefully you can end the season in good form and attack the play-offs. You may even be set for a trip to Wembley in the FA Trophy!
  8. We are never, ever, ever gonna produce a good player...
  9. Well their wage budget is over ten times bigger than ours so it's a bit embarrassing for them that we're so close! It is if the tax man asks
  10. It seems that the way the game calculates errors is still a bit broken. I conceded a goal in my last game that was absolutely horrific. My right-back took a throw-in (they really need looking at) back to my centre-half, who was under no pressure whatsoever, near the penalty spot who controlled it before then freezing. My keeper came charging out and proceeded to trip over the ball which allowed their striker to score into an empty net. It really was as ugly as it sounds and this was in the Championship, not the lower dregs of Non-League! Anyway, my poor right-back got given the 'key mistake leading to a goal' - how on earth can the game calculate that it was his fault when two other players made horrendously buggy errors?
  11. Weston-super-Mare AFC EFL Championship 2022-23 (December/January update) Well at least we're not drawing! Five wins and five defeats in December and January although we probably deserved a couple of draws/victories from those losses. The back-to-back home defeats to QPR and Charlton were very unlucky - we hit the woodwork a combined five times in those two and paid for our wayward finishing. Hitting the woodwork seems to be a bit of a theme this season (and this save as a whole) so I'm assuming it's more match engine based than anything. At least we're getting shots off I guess?! Despite the defeats, we picked up some impressive victories and completely outplayed Barnsley and Nottingham Forest while we also picked up tight wins against Sheffield United, Bristol City and Blackburn. Forest and Bradford came up with us and they've won a combined four games so far - 11 less than us! I think that shows how much we've overachieved with a pretty average set of players for this level. Even though we had an up and down couple of months results wise, we haven't actually lost any ground in the table - the Championship is a strange old division! We didn't do much in January despite having over £1m in the transfer budget. Our balance has fallen into the red and I didn't have any players I was really keen on signing so decided to not splash the cash for the sake of it. We did sign free agent keeper Raphael Spiegel as our number two Cillian Kelley got injured for a few months. We also brought in full-back Ray Brown and striker Marc Howe in on loan. Brown replaces our back-up full-back Matthew Grice who has gone out on loan as he was constantly moaning. RJ Pingling has also departed on a temporary deal as he wasn't getting much game time so Howe will compete with Chaplin and Kodjia for the striker spot. FA Cup The less said about this the better. I rotated most of the team and we put in a pretty poor performance, losing to a goal from a corner. An away game at a league rival doesn't exactly scream 'FA Cup magic' so I wasn't too bothered about losing this one. The Championship is now our only priority.
  12. Cheers guys! In terms of the stadium, it's a real problem for the club. Due to our increased wage bill this year (still comfortably lowest in the league), we're losing money quite rapidly with just the 5,000 at home games. I think we'll just keep expanding it by a couple of thousand every few years as I can't see us ever having the money to build a new stadium. We groundshared with Bristol Rovers when our ground was being expanded last time but their capacity is only 12,300 - the south west of England isn't exactly blessed with fantastic facilities!
  13. fm2017 skin

    Brilliant as always, thank you!
  14. fm2017 skin

    The only other thing I'd like on the player overview page is value - not sure what it could replace though.
  15. Weston-super-Mare AFC EFL Championship 2022-23 (October/November update) Not quite the form we had in the first two months but we've still had a really good run of results, winning five of our eight games in October and November. With our early EFL Cup exit, we've not had many midweek games so the squad has been able to remain nice and fresh which has definitely helped us. The only game we played poorly in was the defeat at Preston, we never really got going and lost to a 25-yarder. The Aston Villa game was a shambles. We conceded two really awful goals - one an own goal from keeper Stanton who decided to parry a tame shot into his own net and the other saw centre-half Preston hit his own team-mate with a clearance before the ball slowly trickled past Stanton who somehow didn't notice it was going in... This of course would only ever happen against Aston Villa, the World's luckiest football club. The pleasing thing has been that we've won every game at home and rather convincingly as well. We tore apart poor Brentford, Bradford and Derby with Jaiyesimi, Harper and Chaplin causing teams a load of different problems. The defence has also performed very well so far, that Villa game aside, and we continue to fly high in the table. I can't see this continuing for much longer but we've almost got to a point already where relegation won't even be a passing thought!