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  1. Huddinge IF (Stockholm, Sweden) Relegation Play-off 2017 Update So the fifth tier of Swedish football isn't that strong... We went into the first game with pretty awful morale but after dominating the first half hour, our superiority eventually turned into goals and we walked it 5-0. Gotene and Sparvagens then drew meaning that the winner of our game against Gotene would be playing fourth tier football next season. We put in another good performance, this time scoring six to ensure we remained in the same division. We shouldn't have needed this play-off to stay up but at least we've ended the season on a high! With all of my signings either having a contract until the end of this season or coming in on loan, there will most likely be a huge turnover of players. It'll be a busy summer but hopefully next season will see us fighting at the other end of the table.
  2. Haha, I was thinking about adding in towns that we travelled through at the start. They may definitely have to be added in at this rate! Cheers mate. I think it automatically sacks you if you get relegated to a non playable division but I would have walked regardless!
  3. Huddinge IF (Stockholm, Sweden) August/September 2017 Update Well after such a promising start we ended up finishing in the relegation play-off spot. We looked really good in the first two games and should have beaten Sylvia to make it three in a row. We conceded some really sloppy goals away from home, especially at Eskilstuna and Varmdo and against the better trams in the league, you're going to struggle to recover. The home game against Boo HK gave us the chance to make ourselves safe but we were dreadful and the final two games were always going to be tough. Fortunately Sylvia lost both and so did we meaning we finished 12th - the same position we were when we took charge. It looks like we go into a group of three with the other two clubs coming from the league below. I've no idea how strong they'll be so it could well be the end of our Swedish journey already! You play against the other two clubs once and with only the top side staying in the fourth tier, there isn't much room for error. I was looking forward to building a strong squad for next season so let's hope we can safely navigate it!
  4. So after leaving Fana, I remained in Bergen for some 'me time' and mainly because I had nowhere else to go... I had realised it would probably take me a while to get a club that matched the criteria, especially with my loaded leagues starting at different points of the year. I had an interview with Zenit 2, Zenit St Petersburg's reserves in the Russian second tier, and I was also wanted by Flora Tallinn. Zenit went with somebody else and I decided against Flora as they are one of the biggest clubs in Estonia and despite their top division having a small reputation, I didn't feel my performance in Norway warranted such an upgrade. With my savings running out and ten months after leaving Fana my phone (thankfully) rang... Huddinge IF (Stockholm, Sweden) Unsurprisingly Norwegian clubs wanted to steer clear of me so we head next door to Sweden and the wonderful capital city of Stockholm (note to self: do not visit the fantastic Ice Bar too much...). Huddinge IF are far from a household name but they are one of the oldest clubs in Stockholm County. Formed after the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games, Huddinge have spent the past century doing little of note. The club have only one piece of silverware to their name - the fourth tier title from 2013. However, after two seasons in the third tier, they were relegated back down and the fourth tier is where we now find ourselves. Like Norway, the league structure is a bit strange. The top division (Allsvenskan) runs with 16 teams while the second tier (Superettan) does the same. The third tier (Division 1 Norra/Sodra) has two divisions of 14 and the fourth tier (Division 2) operates with six leagues of 14 - all champions win automatic promotion. Got it? Good! We took over at the start of August with the table not looking so great. The squad looks strong, however, and there's much more to work with than in Norway. I also had a week of the transfer window left to strengthen the squad so ahead of my first game I signed the following players... Rickard Gothberg (GK) - Truls Verngren (DR) - Gabriel Awrohum (DL) - Mika Lindroos (DC) Sherko Faiqi (MC) - Chris Makindu (MC) - John Bjorkengren (MC) Marcus Mitander (ST) - Anatoli Ponomarev (ST) - Andreas Backmark (ST) Those additions, along with the strong players I inherited, will allow me to play my preferred 4-5-1 while also giving us the option to go with a few different setups if we want to. The board want me to finish mid-table so it's now my job to bring some success to the rather sparse looking 2,500 capacity Källbrinks IP stadium!
  5. Cheers mate. I've found my next club so here's to a bit more success!
  6. Great job so far, seems you've had a lot more success in Norway than I have ever achieved on FM!
  7. I own a Shetland football shirt for some reason so will be following along with this. Expectations of a promotion push?!
  8. Fana Fotball (Bergen, Norway) September/October 2016 Update Just when it looked like things were finally falling into place, we crumbled. We scored two late goals to beat Stord for my first victory in charge of the club. We played with ten men for most of the match but in truth deserved to win. We then got another three points on the road against bottom side Fyllingsdalen which had me looking towards the top seven again. However, we were outclassed by strugglers Floro and were poor against both Lorenskog and Lysekloster as we lost three in a row. Unfortunately that run meant we were guaranteed a bottom seven finish and according to FM, we are down! Which inevitably lead to... Disappointing but expected. I can honestly say we didn't play that badly overall. Just silly mistakes and a lack of being able to put the ball in the net which is of course quite important in football. Our stay in Bergen was brief but hopefully our next club will be in a slightly better situation when we take over. Final record with Fana Fotball P 12; W 2; D 3; L 7; WP 16% F 11; A 21; GD -10
  9. Fana Fotball (Bergen, Norway) July/August 2016 Update So yeah, that has gone well! The team was hugely overachieving in seventh so it was perhaps a tad unrealistic to expect us to stay there. The fixture scheduling gods were clearly against me as my first three games all came on the road and five of my first seven games overall have been away. The first three were against teams in the top four so picking up just a point was to be expected. We've conceded some really awful goals including FIVE which have included my keeper coming for, and subsequently missing, crosses. I've tried three different keepers so it must be something in the Bergen water. We've improved over the past few games against some of the lesser sides in the division but we've not been able to get that first win. I've had to go with a narrow 4-1-3-2 formation as the club had no natural wingers in the squad when I took over. I hate not playing with any width but needs must and all that. Sondre Liseth is the only player capable of finding the net and he's been injured for a few weeks so our attack has been as toothless as an old people's home. Liseth is back and we've got a few home games coming up next so hopefully we can start putting some substantial points on the board. We had a brief transfer window to try and improve the squad but with hardly any room in the £6k a week wage budget, we were only able to bring in two players. Nobody wanted any of our current top earners and who can blame them - they're bloody awful! We strengthened the centre of defence with Magnus Ueland and midfield with Erik Sandal so I'm hoping their experience will help guide the team to a few more positive results. At least the people of Bergen have been welcoming...
  10. Cheers guys! Haha, apologies! Unfortunately it was a fixed itinerary or I would have definitely included Lithuania and Latvia!
  11. Fana Fotball (Bergen, Norway) The first offer I received was from semi-professional outfit Fana, who currently sit mid-table in Norway’s third tier. The club, formed back in 1920, has had a pretty pedestrian history. It looks like they have won the Norwegian third tier twice but have never played in the top flight. The Norwegian Pyramid is a bit strange. The Eliteserien is the top division and has 16 teams. Three go down to the OBOS-ligaen (which also runs with 16 teams) while four are relegated from the second tier to the third division. The third tier is then split into four separate leagues of 14 and it looks like just the top team in each goes up - simples! Fana play their games at the 1,200 capacity Nesttun Idrettsplass which sits just 10km or so south of the centre of Bergen which is Norway’s second largest city. It’s very picturesque (similar to every other place in Norway) so I’d have no problems with living there. SK Brann are Bergen’s number one club and were runners up in the top flight in 2016. I join Fana at the end of June 2016 and they are currently seventh in the table out of 14. It looks like the bottom half of the table go through to some sort of relegation play-off so it would be nice to avoid that with a top seven finish although the pre-season prediction had them finishing in the bottom three. I’ve signed a six-month deal on £200 per week (not too shabby at all!) so it may only be a short stay here in Bergen but what better place to start our journey?
  12. Hello and welcome to another FM17 career mode thread from yours truly. You may remember me from a thread based on my journey with Weston-super-Mare in which I took the club from the Conference South to the Premier League. Unfortunately, I lost interest in the save (like I do with most one-club careers) and gave up on it after a terrible start in the top flight. I haven't played FM since January but got the itch to have another crack so here we go! Grab Life By The Baltics The Baltics? Huh? - I've been very lucky to do quite a bit of travelling over the past 12 months. I have just returned from a trip across the Baltic Sea in which I visited six countries. I thought it would be interesting to start a game with only those six countries loaded. To make things a bit more personable to me, I will only be allowed to manage in the towns/cities I actually visited. So what countries/leagues/places will be available? - Norway (Bergen, Stavanager and Oslo), Sweden (Stockholm), Denmark (Skagen and Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki), Estonia (Tallinn) and Russia (St Petersburg). I will start unemployed with a National C Licence and Sunday League rep, taking the first job offer I receive from a team based in any of those places. I have loaded all six countries (using Claasen's league pack for Estonia) down to at least the second tier. Norway and Denmark go down to tier three while Sweden goes down to four. What are your aims/goals? - Like most of my FM saves, I will just go with the flow. I like journeyman saves so this will probably include a lot of moving around. I will most likely begin the journey in Estonia's second tier, Sweden's fourth tier or Norway's third tier. Personally, I see FC Copenhagen and Zenit St Petersburg as the two biggest clubs available to me so managing both of those would be great in the long run. The save game is all set up so I will post my first update once a suitable club has been found. Cheers! Our Journey So Far... Fana Fotball (Bergen, Norway) - (Norwegian Third Tier, 30/6/2016 - 1/10/2016) - P12; W 2; D 3; L 7; WP 16% - Sacked Huddinge IF (Stockholm, Sweden) - (Swedish Fourth Tier, 1/8/2017 - Present)
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