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  1. I'm seeing a ridiculous amount of shots hitting the woodwork for both me and the AI. I started my new season after downloading the patch and in 20 games we've hit the woodwork 22 times. I'm constantly getting the 'you saw your side hit the bar x number of times today...' question in the post-match press conference. It may just be bad luck but injuries, especially long-term ones seem more frequent too.
  2. I've just had one my own players who is out on loan play against me despite the fact I didn't (and never do) include 'can play against own team' in the loan deal. It was the UEFA Super Cup if that makes any difference.
  3. Interesting. What skin do you use if you don't mind me asking? Also, do you use match plans?
  4. Let the AI make subs for you when you use Instant Result - ridiculous that no subs will be made even if you've gone to extra time! Also, PLEASE, put in some kind of mechanism where by if I'm on holiday and a player wants to talk to me about something, it gets delayed until I'm back. I like to holiday to my next match to make it quicker but always tend to miss a player moaning which then kills morale... You could just place a time limit on it so if you're not back off holiday within, say, two weeks of him approaching you, he can kick up a fuss.
  5. I play on only commentary now as I've got to the point where my side win most games comfortably and the majority of goals we concede are those dreadful ping pong crosses and other ME flaws which I'd rather not see. I'd prefer to instant result but it seems no subs get made when you do?
  6. My world class centre mid has just completely broken down. He came back from his latest injury, I nursed him back to 100% match sharpness with a number of sub appearances and then he twists his ankle with nobody around him during a game. Another four weeks out. To go from perfectly fine to perennially injured is just bizarre, especially when they're different injuries each time. Luckily he's still worth £50m and PSG are interested so he'll be gone soon. It's a shame as he's already an icon at the club, is still only 23 and could have retired with us.
  7. I've been nurturing the two players in question since and have been using them sparingly. I brought them both on for the last 20 minutes of a league game at Palermo which was four days before my CL first leg at Real Madrid to get their match sharpness up over 90%. In typical FM fashion, both picked up knocks in the final ten minutes that keep them out for, you guessed it, between five and eight days. You can bet they would have got injured in training had I not brought them on - ridiculous!
  8. Has anybody else noticed any of their players become injury prone extremely quickly? Two of my players (incidentally two of my better ones would you believe!) have turned into Daniel Sturridge this season and it's very worrying. The first, a 23-year-old central midfielder, had only one injury that kept him out for more than ten days in the previous season. I'm at the beginning of January and already he has had three this season; two weeks with a groin strain, six weeks with strained knee ligaments and another few weeks with a calf strain. He has phenomenal physical attributes including 18 natural fitness, 16 strength and 20 stamina and while I understand being physically fit doesn't protect you from injuries, his breakdown has come out of nowhere. The other player is my 27-year-old striker, again with pretty decent physical stats including 16 natural fitness, 17 strength and 15 stamina. He had no injuries keeping him out for more than a week last season but has this term been sidelined by three. A twisted ankle kept him out for three weeks, a thigh strain for ten days and he just suffered another twisted ankle. Both now have the 'Injury Proneness - Might have problems with injuries' listed in the Cons section of their coach report. I have used the same team and personal training at all of my clubs and have never received a lot of injuries - I've been very lucky with the low amount I've had actually. So, is this now just me being unlucky? Is there something I can do to refrain these players from picking up more knocks apart from resting them (what about them picking up injuries in training)? Will they just get worse from here? It might be worth me cashing in if so - they're valued at a combined £90m!
  9. Won another Serie A and two more Italian Super Cups but still no move. Ungrateful sods!
  10. In the in-game 'latest scores' widget, I'd like to be able to remove certain scores and just focus on the one(s) that I want to keep an eye on. Ideal for title and relegation run-ins and would mean you wouldn't have to constantly scroll up and down to find the score you want to know.
  11. I'm currently managing Inter Milan (took over in 2029) on my save after starting out unemployed with Sunday League rep and no badges - I don't particularly miss the Portuguese third tier! The club finished eighth the season before I took over. In my first year we finished a creditable second, qualifying for Europe again. Since then we've finished second again (Juve were unstoppable...), won the TIM Cup, finally won Serie A and also won the Champions League (losing in the final 12 months after). Two Italian Super Cups and a UEFA Super Cup were also added to the trophy cabinet. Despite all that, I'm still only listed as a 'favoured personnel'. What irks me is that Jose Mourinho is a 'legend'. I've achieved more or less what Jose achieved at Inter (I should win my second Serie A this season, my fourth at the club) and have actually stayed at the club longer. I know Jose is a special case (or should that be Special One!) but what will it take for me to become a 'legend'? Just more trophies?
  12. My best story from this year's game was from a Champions League quarter-final. It was my second season in charge of Inter Milan and the club was competing in Europe again after years of exile. We took the lead at the Bernabeu against the formidable Real Madrid but two very late goals from a monster regen meant we lost 3-1 and I had pretty much given up hope. Quarters in our first year back in the CL wasn't bad, right? Well, we scored early on in the return leg but struggled to break them down and we were heading into the last five minutes when a highlight pops up... However it's a Madrid free-kick. They take it short and make an absolute mess of it, my defender hacks clear and my Spanish striker races down the line. He's got a sea of black and blue supporting him, he lays a ball off to my talismanic centre midfielder Aristide Bamba, an awesome Ivorian regen in the Yaya Toure mold. I hold my breath as he receives the ball, willing him to pass it on to the player open to his right who would have been one-on-one with the keeper. Instead, he takes one touch and then blasts a scorching effort from 25-yards that smacks off the inside of the post and in! Inter are through! What makes the story better is that we beat PSG on penalties in the semis and got lucky against Bayern in the final, winning 1-0. The CL was back on Italian soil!
  13. Looks very nice, can't wait for release!
  14. I get that and it's a fair point - I do tend to stand my ground unless they're not a key player. I upped my bid to £40m on deadline day and they still didn't budge. Are there any recently relegated teams that would turn down £40m for a right-back in real life? I'd say almost 100% no.
  15. Is there any point of unsettling AI players? The amount of players I've made bids for and unsettled yet the clubs NEVER back down and sell them. Case in point is a right-back from Palermo who I want to bring in. He's 21 and looks to have great potential, valued at £6m. Palermo have just been relegated to Serie B and I've offered £30m, he's complained to his manager saying he wants to go and they won't budge! It's an absolute pain when one of our players moan and unsettle the squad but the AI just don't seem to care and shrug it off.