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  1. Nah tried it for ten games, tweaks and all and no dice, this game is literally baws
  2. I will give it a go with a stuttering arsenal side that includes Falco, Lewandowski and Baines, something must work
  3. I typed it in paragraphs so it wouldent be a wall of text, it came out like that, not that I care what you think, I was just getting a point across
  4. Yes I do and I have used it, you continue to suck up lads, its everyone else thats wrong not your beloved game
  5. Even your forum is knackered I did not type my thread like that, sums it up really
  6. Hi FM Lovers and Haters alike, I start firstly with my observation that the only tactic to get anyone success is a 42211 or similar, no one has had any joy with a typical 442 or any classic tactic. This does not seem realistic and shows another flawed match engine. Second is the clear lack of beta testing or what I suspect as SI using sycophantic testers that just want a free copy of the game and are too scared to tell SI the game is rubbish. Thirdly the game is a cluttered mess and is becoming lessof a joy to play, I havent tried the watered down classic version as I decided to just stop playing as there was nothing to be had in the joyless mess. I have to confess that I had vowed never to buy an FM game again until it had been patched at least 3 times and was working, however I got drunk and bought it fromsteam. I really do regret wasting the £30 quid as it just fills SI`s pockets and they get away with the same crap each year. For this version I have uninstalled it from my laptop and intend to leave it that way, SI has lost its way and you dont seem to listen to people that have bought your games for years, you seem to just listen to the fan boys that clearly can dedicate a third of their waking lives to the game, I for one dont have the time or the interestanymore, is sad but FIFA campaign is getting better each year and I hope they make a push and knock you off your pedestal. When will you learn that the bread and butter fans dont have 8 hours a day to spend tinkering with a flawed system, your classic version isnt needed, you need to simplify what you offer, get it right and make sure change isnt just for change sake but as a step forward. Until then you are another customer down, I will happily take my money elsewhere.
  7. Just starting a new career, after that result tonight think I can improve on it ;-) saying that the full game on fm 2013 seems a challenge have spent 3 hours setting up and not kicked a ball
  8. Great thread and looking forward to another year of FM and taking Celtic to the top, FM2012 was good but I only managed to win the super cup and UEFA cup, was tempted by a move from spurs to go to the premiership after 3 seasons. This year its all about the Champions League applause:
  9. I started a new career due to the patch, it is a lot more difficult to get anyone decent, I only managed to get Bressan, Tom Cairney, Chris Gunter, Caruzzo, Petrucci and Mouche. Have cleared out Brown, Ki, Wilson etc. One issue is Hooper clearly cant handle lone striker so he hasnt scored in 5 games, which is a pisser. Cheered me up seeing Rangers bankrupt though, will report back
  10. I am still trying to get steam to update, on the Rangers thoughts, I doubt they will get a tycoon with a 75 to 100 million tax bill landing soon
  11. Great Idea SI, make steam mandatory to stop piracy, annoy your whole client base of which the majority buy the game anyway, end result is everyone will think twice before buying the next version. I know I will, steam is garbage, you feel like you are paying for a game you dont own
  12. I have read all of the above and respect wwfan for his devotion to the game and his support he has offered but the bottom line is this game is no longer fun. I am 31 years old and have played the games since CM96 onwards. I used to love that you could either get into detail with the game or just have a plug and play experience. These days it has morphed into a ridiculous series of mistakes and become as complex as a system for predicting the stock market. I am afraid that FM2011 is the last game I will be buying from SI as really dont have the time or the patience anymore. Regarding the games shortcomings always being blamed on tactics, as well as developing my own and trying in different saves all of the top tactics, I have had little consistent results. I have had teams that have been bedded in for 3 years, all morale is very good, the training is fine, everyone is happy and then just out of no where the team falls to **** and the results go out the window. No changes made, just how it is. Dont tell me the AI has learned the tactics or I have done something wrong. What is wrong is the programming and the likes of super keepers getting 9.4 and wingers that have play an average of 6.2 all season suddenly having 3 assists and a goal against you. As I said this is meant to be a game and it seems that the only people these days that get any enjoyment out of the game are people that see very little daylight, people that send hours looking at hundreds of variables before the next game. Sorry I am not one of those people, to xbox I go,see ya SI xx
  13. I started at had punted Sammy, Hinkel, Loovens, trying to sell Maloney and Murphy but no joy, important point for anyone starting a new career on the 11.3 patch, ask the board right away for bigger revenue on the transfers as is set to 35% of revenue. I ask straight away and they increase it to 95% for about a month then it varies if you go low on funds. Milan Badelj is a cracking signing however will cost 3.9 Million flat and you need to offer him 29k a week so swallows a large part of the wage budget. If you want to build a Scottish spine in the team, which I do them team up Benitez with Leigh Griffiths of Dundee for about 550k and Zander Diamond for about 800k, he may look like plug out the Beano however helps with the Scottish heads for Europe and averages a 7.45 a season. Denis is a good signing for 50k he is 16 and a hot prospect, easy to sign and the second season starts to improve if loaned out, have sold him for 3million after 2 seasons of doing nothing but punting him out on loan. DeMerit is a freebie american cb, good for backup does a job Marko Livaja, same as Denis but can develop into a cracking player. Just starting a new career at the moment as had a crash dump last nite, lost all of the pre seasons signings ;-(
  14. On paper this looks great but is very inconsistent even with some super teams in sub par leagues, for the record in one game it produced some of the un sexy football I have ever seen with my man city team falling 2 behind to preston in the first 5 minutes. Not for me but thanks for the effort
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