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  1. Haven't updated since our title win in our 2nd season in the Bundesliga.

    After our transfers in the summer, we signed one further player in January (not including youth players) - 


    A great name, and hopefully a great player. He cost an eye-watering £26m, our 2nd biggest transfer of the save. He's got a long way to go, but if he's half as good as Rivaldo, we've got a star.

    We cleared a few out on loans over the winter, so we look forward to pushing on.

    We started...indifferently. Eventually, we were trailing RBL by a considerable margin, and had as good as written off the title for this season. 


    I'll take that...another really good season, and we consolidated ourselves at the top end of the table. 

    We got through the groups of the CL, topping our group. We also managed to get beyond a resilient Inter side, turning it around in the second leg right at the death, before coming unstuck against Liverpool in the 1/4 finals - 


    We also won the DFB Pokal, and the Supercup :) 


    Money is literally no object now, huge transfer budgets and shrewd spending mean we're able to compete. Here's the incomings for the new season;


    Kaan Uysal, Lilian Buelens, Filippo Schnetzler, Pascal Dolling, and Alex Gattoni are all prospects, who will hopefully improve over the next few seasons. Óscar Marí looks to be a really good young ST, who will continue to improve over time, and his £3.2m fee is a steal. Srdjan Micanovic looks to have the tools to be a class AML in the future, and another great price. Oliver Batista Meier will be no more than backup, but being club HG, will fill a void for us this term. Daishawn Redan has been signed to loan out and then sell, a quick money making deal for a solid BuLi ST. Torsten Fluss looks solid already, but I am sure will become the club's first choice DR in a few seasons, and also will be club HG! 


    Vagner struggled to break into the side, and eventually wanted out. I feel he had reached his level, and when Watford bid more than twice his value, it was an easy choice. Cacciabue had been OK, but not close to the team, so a £3.5m profit after a season. Moller, Politano and Lusnickis didn't look like they'd make it, however there are buy back clauses in Politano and Moller's deals. We've also loaned out 13 players, generating an income of just over £10m for this season, along with all wages covered. 

  2. Kinda lost my love of the Bari save for now...managed to get to Serie A, and get a good finish first season (7th). Got through the first two weeks or so of the transfer market, making some great signings (Moriba on a free being the main one), but then suffered a crash dump :( 
    Tried to re-do the transfers, but all but two of them decided to go elsewhere on the second run, including Moriba. I was sooo looking forward to my new look Bari challenging for a Euro spot :rolleyes:

    Not dead, will go back to it in a couple of days, once the anger and disappointment wears off.

    *Yes I do have autosave on, but only every 4 weeks - due to a mix of speed and the fact I'd never came across a crash dump on fm20.*

  3. 332.png?lm=1536916058
    SSC Bari Season 3 Summer Window

    We're finally with the big boys. Back to back promotions sees Bari finally return to Serie A for the first time since 2011. With a lot at stake, we needed to strengthen some key areas of the pitch, so we could stand a chance of staying up this season;-


    *I have extended the loans of Tomasso Pobega, Tibo Persyn, Gabriele Capanni, Lois Openda, Luca Ranieri, Stanislav Ivanov, Valenin Antov, and Marco Carraro*

    Our first and biggest signing was that of Sebastiano Luperto, who joins on a free after his contract finished with Napoli. He was a rock for us last season, and I'm sure he'll be a star this season. Gianluca Gaetano look the part, and I am confident we can get the best out of him again. Still not quite ready to talk about moving to Bari, but maybe a decent Serie A season will do the trick. Lorenzo Venuti strengthens our DR area, which was an area of concern coming into the new season. Neneca could improve a huge amount, and we are sure to make money on him. Simone Scuffet may not be the star he once was, but he is a massive improvement on our current GK options. 

    Misael Lopez was found by my scouts, who earned their money with this find. Already looks the part, and I am sure he's a world-beater in the making. Our final first team signing is Simone Palombi. I am still not totally convinced that Openda will score the goals at this level (and there are no assurances he'll be around after this season), so Palombi comes in.


    Tope two are no longer of the standard to help the team. Plitko goes out to get game time, as does Tonin.

  4. Does seem that way! Considering their recent history has been yoyo between A and B.

    First match of season was Coppa Italia match v Genoa, managed to field a side consisting of 10 Italian players :)  

  5. 332.png?lm=1536916058
    SSC Bari Season 2 Review

    After a strong 1st season, we looked to keep ourselves going with Serie A just a single promotion away.

    We'd signed well in the summer, and we added a couple more in January 


    Nikolai Frederiksen will add some quality up top, and give Openda some real competition. Volpatto and Cuoco were u19 signings.


    Another easy season. We led pretty much from the opening game, and it wasn't until January we first tasted defeat in Serie B. Some luck on our side, with Sampdoria, Empoli and the 2 Verona teams really not hitting their stride, with Chievo shockingly dropping to Serie C!

    We've got £8m to spend this summer to negotiate Serie A. We're in need of five signings minimum!

  6. 6 hours ago, jonathan44 said:

    This is really cool, same team but we went in very different directions (I bought Luperto on FM19 but he wouldn't come to me in Serie B with Bari). Flippo Costa was my favourite loanee from Napoli, although Leandrinho was a great signing for Serie C. Have you still got Filppo Berra? I sold him this summer as he was unhappy but he gave me 3 great seasons as Mr Dependable.

    Just wanted to also comment on Daniel Maldini, I brought him in as a RW/LW cover and after losing Vignato and Costa to injury, he's come in and played really well. His attributes aren't amazing but he's really pushed his way to first choice. Has anyone managed to prize him away from Milan?



    yeah I have still got Berra, he's been solid. I was very lose to signing Maldini on loan as well, however I think his wages were higher than other option

  7. 10 hours ago, Weston said:

    Ranieri! Another longterm player of mine. I brought in Luperto to Bari on FM19 too.

    That's a LOT of players to lose for free, though! I sold them all but Antenucci before their contracts ran out so I could net a couple million, which made a huge difference.

    I had tried to sell them all but nobody was biting unfortunately! Finances are not too bad at the moment, and the "no debt" is a rare thing for an Italian club, so I am not complaining at all!

  8. [center332.png?lm=1536916058

    SSC Bari Season 2 Summer Window[/center]

    After a 1st season promotion, we needed to strengthen the squad as much as possible before our return to Serie B. 

    Valerio Mantovani - free transfer from Salernitana - DC
    Ebrima Darbo - free transfer from AS Roma - DM/MC
    Riccardo Tonin - free transfer from AC Milan - ST/AML
    Fausto Rossi - free transfer from AC Reggiana - DM/MC/AMC
    Davide Buglio - free transfer from Padova - MC/DM
    Pietro Beruatto - free transfer from Juventus - DL/WBL/ML


    So along with the extension of loans for Laribi, Antov, Ivanov and Openda, we added quite a few loans to the squad to bulk it up before our season. Standout arrivals would be Luca Ranieri, Marco Carraro, Sebastiano Luperto, and Gianluca Gaetano (who can be signed for just £1k at any point of the loan!). Now our team is looking very good, with plenty of depth in every area.


    So quite a few released players, along with Scavone, who moved on a free to Catania. 


    So a really good pre-season means we go into the season with high morale and already on a good run of form. We're expected to finish 18th, but I think we will finish well above there

  9. 18 minutes ago, Weston said:

    If you're Bari and affiliated with Napoli you can sign a lot of their players for free, actually. I've asked SI about this and they say it's working as intended, though it does feel a little exploit-y at times. I've just made a personal rule for myself that I will only use it to sign players below Squad Player status.

    It makes sense though, you share the same board. Udinese and Watford do similar things. Sign Gaetano, I did!

    Yeah, the more I think about it, the less I feel I'm cheating the game haha. Gaetano looks like he will be an absolute star. Not interested in permanent move at the moment, but have got on loan with £1k buy fee, just in case they change their mind!

  10. 332.png?lm=1536916058
    SSC Bari - Season 1 Review

    So, one season down.


    5 first team signings made in total. Stanislav Ivanov and Valentin Antov join from Bulgarian clubs Levski and CSKA Sofia respectively. Lois Openda from Club Brugge, bringing some electric pace with him. Augusto Lotti jets in from Argentine club Atlético Tucumán, providing depth in wide and forward areas. Solitary signing of January was the capture of Eduardo Rezzi, who I think could be a decent player

    We've agreed 4 pre-contract signings;

    Valerio Mantovani - Ebrima Darboe - Fausto Rossi - Riccardo Tonin

    Mantovani I think is a good squad player, who could be a solid player. Darboe could excel in a simple ball winning role. Rossi may be injury prone, but managed to stay injury free for a season, so we're taking the risk. FInally, Tonin could be a very  useful forward with a little more work.



    A relatively easy season! We won the league at a canter, not tasting defeat until game 33, by which time we'd already wrapped up the title. Averaging just over 2 goals per game, and conceding every 2.7 games.

    We also won the Serie C Super Cup, defeating Monza and Carpi. (Super Cup is basically the 3 winners of the three girone/divisions to crown an all out Serie C winner) 


    It was impossible to choose a single player who made the biggest impact, so I've chosen 

    Karim Laribi - Giovanni Terrani - Filippo Costa

    Laribi ran the midfield, the engine room of our campaign. Quick to the tackle, creative (14 assists) and a pass master (90% completed). Terrani sent shivers down the spine of every fullback, with 22 goals and 8 assists. The final name is one that probably would be the type of player that goes unnoticed on almost every single save of every FM player. Costa was Mr consistent, a steady hand on the flank. Every team needs these kind of players to succeed.

    There is a lot of work to be done with the squad this summer to keep our heads above water. A few will stick around, however I'm not certain they're all up for the challenge of Serie B.

    We've agreed 4 pre-contract signings;

    Valerio Mantovani - Ebrima Darboe - Fausto Rossi - Riccardo Tonin

    Mantovani I think is a good squad player, who could be a solid player. Darboe could excel in a simple ball winning role. Rossi may be injury prone, but managed to stay injury free for a season, so we're taking the risk. FInally, Tonin could be a very  useful forward with a little more work.


  11. 332.png?lm=1536916058
    SSC Bari - The Opening Salvo

    It's always been said "start as you mean to go on". And it's true. A bad start would mean certain failure. With a pretty decent squad to hand, not a huge amount was needed to get us on the right track.  Karim Laribi and Mirco Antenucci are surefire starters, and with a plethora of players that will surely be among the best in the division.

    *green highlighted transfers are youngsters*

    Stanislav Ivanov and Valentin Antov both fly in from Bulgaria, strengthening two key areas for us. Ivanov will be our tricky winger, whilst Antov will shore up an already strong defensive line. Lois Openda looks incredible for the level, and adds some much needed pace to our team. Our final signing of Augusto Lotti is not a great player, but he will provide cover for ST and also AMR. 


    We're keeping it nice and simple with our tactic. Nothing fancy, just the right style for our level I think :) 


    A strong start! Our only defeat so far was against Ascoli, who are at same level (different Group), however this was a game where many of my rotation / backup players got a game, so not too worried. Rende are expected to go back down, whilst Casertana are looking like amid-table season awaits.

  12. 1 minute ago, quee said:

    Welcome back! :D

    This is a bit random? But I loved it :lol:

    Let us know how you go with Bari! Will be interesting to compare to the other Bari saves. :D

    it was to signify the death (and then rebirth) of the club!

  13. I'm back in Italy :) 

    I've started again in Serie C, this time with a former Serie A club, who have the 3rd largest stadium in Italy;





    SSC Bari


    I Galletti are well-known across Italy and Europe, where Antonio Conte (arguably) got his big break, and once boasted a defence of 2 future Italian internationals of Bonucci and Ranocchia. Also the club saw the emergence of well-known talents such as Gianluigi Zambrotta, Antonio Cassano and Nicola Ventola to name just three.

    The club's fortunes (literally) have been up and down. with the club almost always in heavy debt, they became known as a "selling club", losing all of their key players to other teams in Serie A. Despite the sales, the club did eventually go bankrupt, having folded twice and re-formed both times. Most recently, this saw the club relegated to Serie D, soon after a solid 7th finish in Serie D.



    Having clawed their way back to Serie C (or Lega Pro), the club are embarking on a new, hopefully more prosperous future, under new owners. Under Filmauro, who are owned by Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis, the club are debt-free. In his place, Aurelio has placed his eldest son Luigi Jr. in control, with the mission of "to bring the club back to Serie A as fast as possible"


    Stadio San Nicola should have been the crowning glory of 1990s Bari side. Built for "Italia 90" World Cup, it is Italy's 3rd largest stadium, with a whopping 58,270 capacity. Such a stadium doesn't belong so far down the Italian Football Pyramid...




  14. @bendixkunert2 scouts on my Depor save reckon the Partizan lad is a world-beater as well. I have to say I wasn't convinced by him, purely as there wasn't a single attribute above 14. That being said, I hope he works out well for you, maybe it will even change my opinion if he does!

  15. On 17/04/2020 at 19:25, Weston said:

    If you still have access to the old hard drive there are guides on how to successfully transfer everything over! I did it last year without too much difficulty.

    Unfortunately my laptop hard drive died, so unable to access any of the old files :( Took me an age to get my graphics downloaded again! Luckily none of my "important" stuff is saved on laptop, keep it all on a external SSD

  16. Louis Munteanu looks a decent ST for mid-table up to top 5 maybe, starts at Viitorul Constanta in Romania - 


    Another Viitorul player worth a look is Virgil Ghita, a DC - 


    Rodrigo Tarin is another one worth keeping an eye on. Currently with Leganes, in three separate saves, they've either been relegated, or he's been transfer listed. I picked him up for just £600k - 


    Agustin Palavecino cost me just £1.5m from Deportivo Cali, and has all the tools to be a very handy MC for most teams - 


    Final one from me (for know) is Mujaid Sadick. Looks decent at the start, and has the potential to be a really good DR. I am sure he can be picked up very cheaply at the start of game - 


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