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  1. after all these years

    I love 2D and wont change its the best view to see everything that is going on.
  2. which laptop?

    dont buy either acers are shat,I bought an aspire about this time last year and its knackered a good session on FM and the screen will be flickering like mad i've just bought a new desktop from Dell cus i could'nt bear to play the new FM on the piece of junk.
  3. this might sound a stupid question but i want to download the demo via steam on tuesday when my new desktop arrives,I dont usually use the demo but this time i want make sure i have no problems with my new pc but when the game comes out i want to buy a boxed copy will i have any problems with the demo conflicting with the final game when i install that?
  4. can somebody please help me im looking for a new desktop for FM2010 due to the laptop im playing 09 on starting to go wrong but im no expert and on a limited budget so can sombody who knows there stuff tell me if any of these are good enough. http://www1.euro.dell.com/uk/en/home/Desktops/desktop-inspiron-545/pd.aspx?refid=desktop-inspiron-545&s=dhs&cs=ukdhs1&~oid=uk~en~20211~desktop-inspiron-545_d004502~~ on this 1 im abit worried about something what is stated on the processor what says its 2.6ghz 800 fsb and most processors say mhz fsb or http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/product/seo/950601#productInformationSection if someone could help it would be much appreciated
  5. im looking at buting a new desktop for FM2010 but im no expert i've looked at what people have said on this thread and tried to get everything I need and I think this desktop seems good enough but can you guys tell me what you think. http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?product_id=36255&category_id=429&manufacturer_id=0&tid=9q.w4e7z.u7p is the graphics card in this system ok.
  6. Im the same sometimes i end up playing the game for about 3 hours longer than i wanted to because im on a good streak and im worried that if i turn the game off it'll go tits up
  7. Do you ever feel like reloading?

    All the time like when i've spent the last 3 hours gettin all my team,training,coaches,tactics,friendlies ready at the start of a new game only to get smashed on the opening game of the season or when ive been playin really well then turned the game off all optimistic then when i turn the game back on lose my first game then have an awful run.To prevent myself from cheating after every game i play i instantly save so i dont have time for thoughts about cheating run thro my head
  8. How do I get FM 09 Product keys??

    Its on the back of the manual at the bottom
  9. I had this happen to me on FM2007 with Lazio,i started on a points deduction because of the calciopoli match fixing trial that saw juventus relegated,i was sitting in mid table not to far from a uefa cup spot and if i never had the points deduction would of been in a champions league spot but my job security was down as very insurcure and i was always under pressure.
  10. FM10 management pathway

    I like the sound of that
  11. italy under 18

    No the rule has'nt changed but Platini wants it changed so the super rich prem clubs dont just come in and poach the young talent,you should only have to pay compensation usually somethin like 200k.The ruling in italy is that a player under 18 can only sign a youth contract until he reaches his 18 birthday and there's a wage cap on this type of contract what is 16k a year i think but in the prem this rule does'nt exist so any hot prospect just gets poached and offered more money.In regards to Macheda Lazio treated him like dirt his father had to keep taking time off work to take him to training so he asked Lazio president Lotito to pay for some of the expenses and he refused and only offered to pay them when he heard Man u were interested so Macheda just told em to stuff it.
  12. Mine works on vista fine i use it on a laptop aswel
  13. Torres!

    I had the same problem with Cristiano Lucarelli at Parma in serie b,he has quality stats prob one of the best strikers in the division along with Nicola Pozzi of Empoli i tried everything to get him scoring praised him when he was out of form,told him i expected a performance,used player interraction and nothing worked so i just banged him on the bench
  14. How to stop wingers?

    Dont have full backs with arrows going forward cus if there up against quick wingers they'll just keep gettin caught outta position and wont be able to get back
  15. Fm Future

    Just call it GARY