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  1. [FM09] The Boys From Brazil - Fluminense

    keep it up, good reading so far!
  2. Morgan Schnederlin from Southhampton. Wasn't happy there so i snapped him up on the transfer list for 1.5M turned my average scottish team to almost world class plus sold for £40M ;-) HAD TO SELL AT THAT PRICE HE WAS WORTH 3 TIMES THE WORTH OF THE CLUB!!
  3. I want to lay a good foundation for this story, it wont be so story detail heavy in future apart from really important events. This is my first attempt at writing a FM story. The manager former know as Chris.... The 19th November 2009 the day that changed my life.... I had been managing my local scottish side for almost 3 years now, they were my lifelong club Dundee utd but i had personal ambitions. Almost 3 years now at this club and no silverware, i got the side to 5th place in my first season in charge, in the second season i did one better..4th. I qualified for the Euro Cup group stage and........lost every game we played in the group from hell, Atheletico Madrid, Sporting and Druisburg??? Feburuary and i pull up in the carpark at Tannadice and can already see how this is going to pan out. I requested to the board in writing, well demanded actually, better traing facilities both for youth and senior players. I think i was sub-conciously looking for a way outof the club and reasoned this was one way of doing it. I got a response from the board which was blah blah we already feel we have a good standard at this club. It just smaked of low ambition, I did not press it any further, but i already had a roaving eye looking elsewhere to manage somewhere else. You see i may have the dream job of my managing my boy-hood team but i am competitive and the scottish league is not. Unless you are Celtic or Rangers that is. I made some inquiries and realised i wanted to look further than the UK and europe and perhaps even further to manage a team. I had always enjoyed other cultrues abroad. I was informed the managers job at Botafogo in Brazil was a possibility, the manager out of favour with the chairman and under pressure. Even though there was not an actual position available yet. I decided to risk it. I enquired online about the possible position and continued to quietly look for another challenge. Several days later i go down to my local shops for my usual paper and pint of milk and i see....... on the the front cover of the local paper in big bold caps no less "DUNDEE UNITED FC MANAGER WANTS OUT!" I stood there feeling dizzy and sick, "how did they know?" I read the paper, turns out the Brazilian Chairman dosen't know the meaning of confidentiality, the article states the Chairman laughed at my enquiry for the role of managing the team and sent an email direct to my Chairman in response! ARGGHHHH!!!!!! I used swear words i never knew i had in that corner shop that day, holding that newspaper front page from hell. But in life we are handed our best opportunities disguised as our worst nightmares sometimes. At the time you don't see this of course The fans naturally wanted my blood and i was called in to see the entire assembled board on a cold moring in Feburary, 5 days before my birthday no less. They were arranged almost in formation in that room and fierce to behold, as i strided into the room, my head held high as best i could. After 45 minutes of being cross examined and me losing my temper with them more than once, the meeting ended and boiled down to one thing. My resignation was required. I felt angry and said "Well, if thats all what you want from me now.." i signed the document which was placed in front of me and slammed in down in front of the chairman "here you go!" I slammed the door loud enough on the way out of the boardroom to hear a picture frame crash to the floor and break. I was furious, not just with them but that damn chairman in Brazil! Well i needed to think and plan my future, i needed a holiday. I knew i was talented and i was ready to go anywhere but here.... At least i didn't claim the dole while i was out of work, 9 months of frustration looking for a position even though i was having a relaxing time i was itching to get back. I knew it would be a while but didn't think it would take this damn long to find a new club, i even was prepared to go low, as low as league 2 in England! I had gone on holiday to the south of France, it was a place that always appealed to me somehow plus i had enough cash stashed away anyway in my account to last a while; i left my PA in the UK the job of applying for all managerial positions that became available. 17th November 2009 My PA phones me one afternoon as i lay on the sun-lounger next to the swimming pool, shes telling me a club called "Shenhua" is interested in my services, i instantly think at last! work! But then i think some more wait a minute that sounds like a funny name? I ask her "Where is this club?" She replies back "Its in China Chris" I mull this over in my head "ok tell them i'm interested and will meet" "Alright i will, bye" I was giddy with the news and also light-headed with the chardonnay. I pulled out my laptop and did a little research on this club. I was shocked and pleased at the same time. They looked like a great team, 4th in the league, their season over there was winding up too. Hmmm, they have great facilities and in good financial shape. Never been to Shanghai either.....
  4. good luck and Leigh Griffiths is a corker player. snapped him up for my dundee utd team and can score bag loads in scot prem
  5. well, take him to a pole dancing club and pay for a little "extra" attention time. hic ;-)
  6. An Aston Villa Story.

    this is a great fmstory, welldone. I will be hassel the mods here to get this placed in the hall of fame!
  7. Awesome stuff Knap. I was about to give up this game for good, i was struggling with it trying to form my own tactics and i was being sacked, underperforming etc Have you got an analysis of what you have done to achieve these tactics? I like to know WHYmy teams are playing so well together now, unlike before (all i used before was the preset tactics and tweaked them and rarely got good results). Not just getting the results without understanding what has changed. Your reply to my post would be appreciated!