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  1. I hope you're right mate. They mentioned being able to change clothes... I have faith they'll put it in
  2. Thank you both for your replies. My issue is the black silhouette; I don't have a manager picture at all
  3. There's a pecil icon on the image your manager profile screen... I'm guessing we can add it at a later date? Can anyone confirm?
  4. ...and does it mean I'll have to start a new game upon full release if I want a manager picture?
  5. Same. There are lots of angles to this; favourite players, old team mates, certain styles etc.
  6. Apologies for the bad res. Nostalgia inc! this amused me (Sheringham's my favourite footballer) i liked Lukaku before it was cool TACKLE HIM
  7. lol took me a moment. looks more like a converted prison than a purpose-built stadium. broken Britain eh sortitoutsi
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